Vile Evil Hides Under The Veil

Chapter 1621 Sin of Wrath: Wraith Summoning

Chapter 1621 Sin of Wrath: Wraith Summoning

The once-barren land that hosted powerful Rankers from Edinburgh and Layos became the battlefield for two newly ascended Grandmasters.

These two A-ranked entities fought without exchanging words, not even screaming to express the pain inflicted by each other.

This battle unfolded in utter silence as if the world around the two Rankers had lost all its colors, summoning them into a monochrome realm where only their attacks and weapons conversed.

The two engaged without concern for the calamities unfolding across Anfang. An unspoken agreement dictated minimal mana usage for the time being.

Both utilized their Elemental Attainments, infusing their Spiritual Force into attacks to determine the superiority of their intent-based magic.

They fought dominantly with their physical prowess, almost as if these Grandmasters weren't accustomed to fully wielding A-Rank capabilities for their own reasons. However, they were gradually adjusting, growing more serious in their battle with each passing moment.

This was a clash between two fire element specialists.

One perfected green flames, incinerating everything, while the other employed blue flames to absorb the heat from the green flames, rendering them impotent. If the green flames represented the pinnacle of the incineration concept, the blue flames were their counter, capable of devouring the incinerating heat.

The blue flames resembled ravenous beasts, relishing the consumption of the green flames. As they fed on the Enderflames, these azure blue flames burned even brighter, absorbing the heat and freezing the surrounding temperature until triggering the formation of ice in the nearby region.

Yet, the green flames seemed fueled by a source far from exhaustion. Even after being devoured by the azure blue flames, they maintained a prominent presence on the battlefield, melting down the ice formations created by the azure blue flames.

The domain of green and blue flames clashed against each other as their respective casters fought using their weapons and fists. The two had several injuries inflicted on their bodies. Yet, neither of them wanted to back out.

Eliza and Eren each had their own fire-element summons inside their domains which they used to counter each other's moves. While Eren focused on the quantity of his summons that ranged from fire-element snakes to firebirds, Eliza summoned a fire wyvern at a time, showcasing her mastery over her summoning abilities.

However, Eliza's summons were special. They were not summoned using the normal mana but using the combination of death and Wrath Mana. They had mangled flesh attached to their bodies and their skeletal figures looked menacing.

Eliza's summons were wraith-like and seemingly unlimited in number. They were immune to regular fire damage. If Eren didn't have the blue flames under his arsenal, he would have had his hands full dealing with the wraiths once again.

Of course, Eren knew that Eliza had employed another of her Sin Series Abilities by summoning these wraiths. This Ability was granted to her by the Sin of Wrath Mark, which basically allowed her to command those who had recently died on a battlefield with rage in their hearts.

Eliza could summon these rageful warriors to do her bidding after their deaths. And she could keep them enslaved for an indefinite period of time after they were summoned, allowing her a privileged summoning skill that never had a run-out time.

Eliza just needed to make sure that the undead summons she turned into her wraiths did not have more Spiritual Force than the current her before their deaths took place. Otherwise, she wouldn't be able to control these wraiths and also receive some backlash.

However, this was when Eliza's always-active Sin Series Ability granted her one more boon. It made sure that she could summon practically anyone as a wraith as long as the previously stated summoning conditions were satisfied.

One could say that Eliza's Sin of Pride Ability had a synergetic effect on her remaining trump cards. It not only allowed her to increase the might of her green flames but also enabled her to summon a special kind of summons that was always angry and more vicious than regular summons.

The wraiths carried all the rage in their hearts from the time of their deaths, making them bloodthirsty and seeking revenge on anyone who was living. Their rage was cultivated to even greater heights when their summoner woke them up from their eternal slumber and forced them to fight a fight that wasn't theirs.

As a result, the wraiths were a force that the normal army of Rankers couldn't effectively fight against. They had otherwordly mana surrounding them which could affect the psyche of the living beings. The regular Rankers would have nightmares for years on end even if they were to survive battling against a horde of such wrathful wraiths.

As the battlefield had no lack of fresh victims who had died not too long ago, Eliza had all the ingredients she needed to summon an army of wraiths. With each passing moment, she was summoning loads of wraiths who were getting crushed by Eren's summons just as quickly.

Eliza didn't like to summon her wraiths when she was not fighting against an army of Rankers. However, she didn't shy away from using another of her Sin Series Abilities against Eren now that he had a way to counter her Enderflames.

Eren had already uncovered how Eliza was able to summon the wraiths when he had visited the Purgatory for the last time. He knew that her Sin Series Ability was different from normal summoning methods.

Her summons could sustain their existence for an indefinite amount of time as long as they weren't completely destroyed by her opponents. She didn't need to employ her mana in summoning them or maintaining their existence.

The Wrath Mana's enslaving abilities had defied the logic of mana this way. It made Eliza a better wraith summoner than Eren while not negatively affecting her path as a Warrior Class Ranker.

And this was when Eren had unlocked a Summoner Class for himself that allowed him to counter Eliza's summons effectively. If he didn't have the azure blue flames or the summoning powers he had cultivated for himself, the Witch of the Enderflames would have easily defeated him.


AN: Eliza's Sin of Wrath Ability: Wraith Summoning was explained in chapter 1495.