Vampire's Slice Of Life

Chapter 744 The Universe Wants To Corrupt Lith

Chapter 744 The Universe Wants To Corrupt Lith

It had been half an hour since Lith turned into a chair.

He, for one, didn't hate it as there was no discomfort, just great pleasure.

His mother kept tightening up her insides from time to time, massaging him and threatening to squeeze him dry.

It was a great feeling and Lith enjoyed it thoroughly while reciprocating by giving her a similar pleasure.

His mother didn't talk to him until now as she was really busy.

Lith now felt curious and wondered what she was doing. He peeked a glance at her work and saw her scribbling on some ancient scrolls with a quill. The language or the inscriptions on it were something Lith hadn't seen before.

He didn't disturb her and asked what it was since if she felt he would need to be taught these things, she would have done it already.

Lith continued to watch her and when he felt bored, he would play with her big knockers while also pumping her soft insides.

Fifteen more minutes later, she put her quill down and called her maid's name out.

Qingyue teleported right away when she was called and bowed, awaiting her Madam's instructions.

Qingyue did get a glimpse of her Madam and her Prince, but she pretended as if she didn't see anything. It was just a normal day in the inner ring.

"Qingyue, are the invitations sent out?" Lilith asked.

"Yes, Madam. From sources, we've also learnt that everybody is busy preparing for the banquet. Purchasing clothes, gifts, and so on."

"Did dear decide the venue?"

"Her Majesty had selected three venues, but in the end decided it was best if the main event was hosted in the Queen's district."

Lilith nodded. "Alright. So I assume all the preparations are done, yes?"

"Yes, Madam." Qingyue said politely.

"Okay, you may go now." Lilith dismissed Qingyue. She then turned around without having Lith's shaft taken out and facing him, said while holding his face gently, "baby, as the banquet nears, you have to do a few things."

Lith nodded. "What is it, mom?"

Lilith began explaining that he would need to act in a certain manner, do certain things, and also be certain to not fool around this time.

The banquet would be out in public and there would be too many eyes. He could do all the perverted things he wanted after the people had gone.

Lith smiled and taking one of his mother's breasts out of her, sucked some milk and asked, "no milk either?"

Lilith smiled and shook her head. "Do you know baby, you're perhaps the only vampire who likes milk so much. Others prefer blood or simply water."

Lith chuckled. Now this was some good news he was hearing.

He looked his mother in the eyes and gently pinching her nipple, replied, "if word were to get out that the Prince preferred milk over blood, I am sure all the Cow Tribe ladies from the beastkins would mysteriously make their way to the Vampire Continent and sell breast milk like crazy."

Lilith chuckled hearing that. It was quite a high possibility of happening.

"Anyway, be good and no messing around, okay?" Lilith said one final time.

Lith nodded. "Yes, Your Majesty The Vampire Queen. Anything else you'd like thy lowly servant to do?"

"Yes." Lilith said and leaned closer. "The Queen's craving some dessert right now. What do you have?"

Lith took his long hair from the side and putting it on his face, created a fake moustache.

He then said like a connoisseur, "Madamé, today's special is a fresh whip de cremé . Wooud u laik sum?"

Lilith chuckled. "Yes, right away."

"Then, behold…" Lith held her hips and made her bounce on him faster.

Lilith tightened up her insides and in no time, felt her son's bulge get bigger.

She stopped riding him and immediately went down to gobble his entire length in her mouth, giving him a dreamy hot deepthroat.

She just had to bob her head a few times and made Lith groan. He held her head in place and shoved his shaft deeper into her mouth, shooting loads of cream one after another.

Lilith skillfully gulped down everything and licked Lith's shaft clean.

"Thank you for the meal." Lilith chuckled and got up, wiping her face elegantly with a soft cloth.

Lith breathed heavily and looking at his mother, did a weak thumbs up and said, "you're the best, mom. Impeccable skills. Even aunt Lucifer pales in comparison to you."

"Fufufu… feel free to ask mama anytime you want to go for a round." Lilith said and sat down on the chair opposite to Lith.

She definitely was really busy as she immediately got to work after finishing her job.

Looking at her work so seriously made Lith lost in her beauty. He fell in a daze and forgot to even cover up.

It was only when a breeze flew past did he feel cold down there and realize he should cover up.

However, instead of doing it himself, he called for Luna, who appeared in an instant.

Looking at her, Lith got up and said, "it's chilly out here, Luna. I need a warm chair while I watch mom work."

Lilith gazed at Lith, but then smiling and shaking her head, went back to work. Her son was starting to talk like a real noble, it seems. Must be the training from Mayzin.

Luna had no idea what to do and tilted her head in confusion.

Before she could ask Lith, he simply chuckled and turned the chair, then took off Luna's maid outfit and made her sit on it. Her back faced Lilith and Lith went ahead and sat on her lap.

His shaft rubbed on her abdomen and leaning forwards, he melted in his maid's massive knockers.

"Mhm… warmth." Lith said and placed his head on Luna's shoulder while his chest squished her tits.

Luna blinked in amusement as she got herself involved in some sort of weird play by her Prince. She of course didn't hate it and was actually glad he called her and made use of her.

She had been working nonstop without any breaks for the past few days and it seemed like a nice break to her.

While feeling Luna's warmth, Lith closed his eyes and diverted his attention somewhere else.


Human Continent.

Neo had parted ways with Noman and Ruben who left for the Angel and Demon continent respectively.

He was now sneaking up inside the castle of Viscount Tang Jiao to meet his two wives, Mei Li and Niwa.

As Neo made his way past the guards and entered the bedroom of Niwa, the seductress who opened an entire path for him in the Human Continent.

Glancing here and there, he found out that she was bathing.

Worried about nothing, he made his way inside and just as he had a glance at her back, his magenta-colored eyes changed to amethyst ones for a quick second and then reverted back.

Lith, who just took over Neo, was suddenly watching a lady bath.

'Damn, I thought I'll have a meeting with a lady, didn't think it would be like this. It seems the universe wants to corrupt me…'





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