Unrivaled Medicine God

Chapter 3068

Chapter 3068: Repeated Unforeseen Events!

“Paying respect to Master! Many thanks for Master’s grace of inheritance. Kong Tan will definitely inherit your great cause!”

Kong Tan greeted Ancestor Heavenless and knelt down respectfully.

Everyone looked at him, incomparably envious.

Ancestor Heavenless stood with his hands behind his back. Even if it was just a phantom, he also made everyone look up to him.

His gaze did not fall on Kong Tan but passed through the crowd and looked over towards Ye Yuan.

“Ye Yuan, are you willing to become this ancestor’s successor?” Heavenless looked at Ye Yuan and said calmly.


What was Ancestor Heavenless talking about?

Everyone was absentminded and did not react to it for some time.

The person the 12 Heavenly Dao Paintings acknowledged, was it not Kong Tan?

Why did Ancestor Heavenless ask Ye Yuan?

Was there something that was mistaken?

Kong Tan’s entire person was petrified on the stop, being stunned by this sudden turn of events.

“What the hell? Why did Ancestor Heavenless ask Ye Yuan?”

“Isn’t he a good-for-nothing? Even if it’s really a mistake, there are still many people to choose from. Why did he pick Ye Yuan?”

“Could it be that Ancestor Heavenless has died for too long and became muddleheaded with age?”

… . .

After a brief silence, there was an uproar.

Everyone’s gazes looked toward Ye Yuan, full of incomprehensibility.

They did not understand why Ye Yuan, who already faded into the crowd, suddenly became the center of everyone again.

Even Ancestor Endless and the rest also had dumbfounded faces.

“This old man is muddleheaded, right? Putting so many geniuses aside, he wants to pick a good-for-nothing to be his successor?” Endless said in confusion.

“If he picks Ye Yuan, then wouldn’t what he said before become bullshit?” Hegemon Burning Sky also said in puzzlement.

Cloudneon looked at Ye Yuan with a strange look but discovered that the latter similarly had a struck senseless look. She immediately felt relieved.

It turned out that this guy also had something that he could not predict!

Ever since knowing Ye Yuan, she discovered that he had always acted after planning things out. It seemed like nothing could escape his control.

He was clearly very weak but could always play a role to the fullest.

With regards to this friend, she viewed him in a different light.

Even if it was a moment ago, Ye Yuan looked like he had ready plans to meet any situation too.

But now, he was stunned!

Mn, seemed pretty good too.

Ye Yuan really did not expect that Ancestor Endless would suddenly ask this.

But very soon, his brows knitted together.

This was a very bad omen!

“Are you going to take action?” Ye Yuan replied with a question.

Heavenless smiled and said with a nod, “You’re very clever!”

“Then are you dead now or still alive?” Ye Yuan asked again.

“You can say dead; you can also say alive,” Heavenless answered again.

Ye Yuan frowned and asked again, “I’m very curious. How did you place the Labyrinth Divine Palace into the Eternal River!”

“You actually detected it!” This time, Heavenless’ face also revealed a look of surprise.

Ye Yuan nodded and said, “I detected it from the moment I entered.”

Heavenless smiled and said, “This ancestor indeed didn’t judge wrongly! You might very likely reach this ancestor’s height in the future!”

Ye Yuan shook his head and said, “I’m a divergent cultivator.”

Heavenless said, “So what if you’re a divergent cultivator? My generation’s cultivators, which one doesn’t go against cultivation? Nobody has ever survived in the Eternal River. Didn’t this ancestor survive too? Becoming my successor, there can only be one in the world! How can you sweep across the world by learning from other people’s footsteps?”

A hint of surprise flashed across in Ye Yuan’s eyes.

It was still his first time hearing that someone did not care about his identity as a divergent cultivator.

This Ancestor Heavenless was really different from the rest.

Ye Yuan could feel his heroic spirit.

That kind of looking down at the world, not even putting Heaven in his sights.

It was also precisely because of this that he dared to resist all the heavens with the power of one sect, right?

Although defeated, it was a glorious death!

Ye Yuan and Heavenless’ conversation did not make any sense. People did not understand what was going on.

The powerhouses of all heavens were like a bunch of fools.

As if the only clear-headed people present were Ye Yuan and Ancestor Heavenless.

Ancestor Heavenless was a clear-headed person, but what right did Ye Yuan have?

However, they also discerned it. It seemed like the place that they were in was actually the Eternal River?

This realm was actually located in the Eternal River?

The whole audience was in an uproar!

“This place is actually in the Eternal River?”

“This is impossible! How can a world possibly be hidden in the Eternal River?”

“Ancestor Heavenless’ strength is exceedingly formidable. If he survived in the Eternal River, forget it. But how can he possibly hide the entire Labyrinth Divine Palace inside the Eternal River?”

“What on earth does this guy want to do?”

… . .

The crowd suddenly burst into an uproar.

Ancestor Heavenless’ eyes revealed a hint of disdain. What a bunch of idiots!

How unparalleledly talented was this ancestor?

Even if he died, he would also have to die in a blaze of glory. How could he possibly impart his skill to others?

Everything in this world, he knew it like the palm of his hand.

The world was drunk. Only Ye Yuan alone was awake!

This boy never believed in whatever inheritance from start to end.

He came here simply to fish for benefits.

When those Supreme Hegemons, Great Beyond powerhouses, were fighting for the 12 Hegemon Paintings, only Ye Yuan was unmoved.

Furthermore, this boy’s luck was unbelievably good. He could actually find four Heavenly Dao paintings!

In the end, he was the biggest winner!

“M-Master, didn’t you say that as long as I obtain the recognition of the 12 Heavenly Dao Paintings, I’ll be able to inherit everything of yours?” Kong Tan panicked.

Heavenless looked at Kong Tan like looking at a fool and said, “What kind of character is this ancestor? Why would I need some disciples? Inherit this ancestor’s mantle? Hur hur, you’re really a toad lusting after swan meat!”

“But … But what about Ye Yuan?” Kong Tan felt like his brain was eaten by a dog.

Drawing water with a sieve; it was all for naught!

In the end, he was actually toyed in circles by people!

Heavenless said coolly, “He’s different from you!”

In the crowd, Hu Gaoshan suddenly stood up and walked toward Ye Yuan.

It was just that at this time, Hu Gaoshan’s disposition became like a different person from before!

Ye Yuan looked at Hu Gaoshan, who was walking over head-on, and could not help palpitating with anxiety and fear.

Cloudneon, who was next to him, her eyes also turned intent, her entire body going on full alert, akin to facing a great enemy!

Hu Gaoshan arrived before Ye Yuan and said with a smile, “Heavenly Saint Ye, can you hand over the 12 Heavenly Dao Paintings in your hands to me for safeguarding?”

He looked at Ye Yuan quietly just like that, not caring about the Cloudneon who was beside him as well, as if doing something very ordinary.

Ye Yuan’s pupils constricted. Only he and Yang Qing, two people, knew about the 12 Heavenly Dao Paintings.

If there was another, it would be Heavenless!

But Hu Gaoshan actually knew too!

Ye Yuan drew a deep breath and had his eyes glued on Hu Gaoshan. He already knew his identity.

“I really didn’t expect that the exalted Hegemon Samsara was actually hiding right next to me!” Ye Yuan said with a cold smile.

“What? H-Hegemon Samsara?”

“Ye Yuan has lost his mind, right? Hegemon Samsara is mysterious and hard to fathom. How can he possibly appear here?”

“This guy is merely Emperor Vast Heaven. How can he possibly be Hegemon Samsara?”

“No, wait, aren’t the 12 Heavenly Dao Paintings in the sky? Why would it be at Ye Yuan there?”

… . .

One stone stirred up a thousand ripples!

In this short 15 minutes time, there were really repeated unforeseen events, making everyone unable to take it all in.

Hu Gaoshan looked at Ye Yuan and said with a smile, “Old Man Heavenless is right. You’re really very smart!”