Unrivaled Medicine God

Chapter 2528 - Good Brother!

Chapter 2528: Good Brother!

“Don’t, don’t, don’t! I … I’ll be brothers with you! I’ll be brothers with you!”

How could Tang Yu care about the pain? He hurriedly agreed to it.

If enmity was not settled amicably, there was no end to it!

How big a deal was having an arm severed?

It was still his little life that was important!

Ye Yuan looked at him with a smile that was not a smile and said, “Being brothers, that has to see fate! You can’t be brothers just because you want to!”

Tang Yu had a myriad of profanities running across in his head!

Just now, wasn’t it you who wanted to be brothers? How come it was up to fate in a blink of an eye?

Don’t look at how these silkpants were normally aloof from the masses, an appearance of being far removed from the masses and reality.

Actually, they had not experienced much bloodiness at all and feared to risk their necks the most.

Lower Realms ascenders, which one did not kill their way over from a mountain of corpses and a sea of blood?

In terms of brutality, ten thousand Tang Yu could not be compared to Ye Yuan.

At this time, he was long already frightened by Ye Yuan until he pissed his pants.

“F-Fate? Big Brother, we’re the most fated! From now on, you’re my Tang Yu’s big brother!” Tang Yu hurriedly said.

Ye Yuan shook his head and said smilingly, “Did your Tang Family take part in killing Yang Xuezhen’s father or not?”

Tang Yu’s pupils constricted, his head shaking like a rattle drum as he said, “No! Absolutely not! This matter was singlehandedly planned by Li Batian, setting Yang Yu up and killing him. Later, he found this young … younger brother and presented exorbitant gifts, that’s why this young brother reluctantly agreed to it. B-Big Brother, it really has nothing to do with this younger brother!”

How could the current Tang Yu care about the face of a young master? He directly addressed himself as a younger brother.

Ye Yuan observed his countenance and words, and he discerned that Tang Yu did not seem to be lying.

Of course, even if he lied, Ye Yuan did not care either.

Li Zhengqiu was greatly shocked and hurriedly said, “Young Master Yu, how can you say that? This matter was clearly my Li Family receiving the Tang Family’s instructions! Otherwise, how could my father dare to take action?”

There were wise people among the powerhouses present who could not help secretly shaking their heads when they heard this.

Li Zhengqiu’s words seemed to be intelligent in small ways, but in reality, it was unbelievably stupid.

Even if he can survive today’s hurdle, the wrath of the Tang Family was more terrifying!

Li Zhengqiu was dragging the entire Li Family down the water!

Sure enough, the moment Tang Yu heard, he immediately bristled in anger.

He did not care about the injuries on his body too, getting to his feet with a grunt, and kicking a foot on Li Zhengqiu’s chest.

“You lackey, to actually dare frame a charge and put blame on me! Today, this young master will definitely exterminate you! No! Not just you! Your Li Family will have its name removed in the imperial city in the future!” Tang Yu roared.

Under Tang Yu’s sullen anger, this foot was not light at all, he practically used his full strength!

Li Zhengqiu taking a solid hit, his two eyes immediately rolled backward, breathing in without breathing out anymore.

Ye Yuan did not stop this scene. When doing a favor, go all the way. Li Zhengqiu and the Li Family must die.

Finished dealing with this matter, Ye Yuan would be considered to have repaid Yang Xuezhen’s favor.

“B-Big Brother, you don’t listen to him make slanderous charges! This matter really has nothing to do with me at all!” Tang Yu was practically complaining through tears.

Ye Yuan switched to a smiley face and said, “We’re brothers, I believe you! But, my friend got a fright this time. You know what to do, right?”

The friend that Ye Yuan was talking about was naturally Yang Xuezhen.

Tang Yu’s head nodded like a chicken pecking for rice, hurriedly saying, “Big Brother, rest assured. This younger brother understands! Younger brother understands! From tomorrow, no, after today, Eastward Country will no longer have the Li Family!”

Ye Yuan smiled without saying a word. Tang Yu’s heart quivered. His gaze landed on Lu Yuanjie and Gui Tianyu.

“Big Brother rest assured, the Lu Family and Gui Family will also disappear!” Tang Yu said with a fierce look.

Lu Yuanjie and Gui Tianyu’s entire bodies trembled, greatly shocked in their hearts.

This matter was serious!

Their momentary impulse actually brought about the demise of their family clans.

This price was too heavy!

“L-Lord Ye, this little brother had eyes but couldn’t see, and offended Your Excellency! I … I beg Your Excellency to let me off!”

Lu Yuanjie regretted it!

He did not expect that his family clan would actually directly disappear because of an ascender!

“Lord Ye, I … I’m sorry, p-please spare me!” Gui Tianyu said in fear.

Ye Yuan smiled and said, “Heh, your backgrounds are pretty good, posturing a little is excusable. But Gui Tianyu has already had killing intent aroused toward me, and he wanted to kill me several times. Just now, he even wanted to borrow Tang Yu’s hand to kill me! Huhu, do you think that I’d be so magnanimous?”


A figure flashed past, Tang Yu’s foot was extremely vicious. Gui Tianyu looked like he was a goner.

Following that, his gaze landed on Lu Yuanjie, scaring the piss out of him.

Tang Yu moved, about to act, but then he heard Ye Yuan say coolly, “Enough. Before tomorrow, the two of your great families disappear from the imperial city, and this matter will be left at this. If at this time tomorrow, you all still haven’t left, then I’ll pay a visit in person!”

When Lu Yuanjie heard this, it was akin to hearing a heavenly melody, hurriedly nodding his head like a chicken pecking for rice as he said, “Your Excellency, rest assured. This lowly one will immediately pull out of the capital!”

Finished talking, he fled in helter-skelter.

When the dust all settled, Tang Yu said cautiously, “Is Big Brother still satisfied?”

Ye Yuan smiled and said, “Not bad. Since that’s the case, you go back first then! Of course, you can also bring the Tang Family’s people to come and take revenge on me. However … I won’t show mercy the next time! Go!”

Tang Yu was akin to being granted amnesty, hurriedly bringing his family guards and scrambling away.

Very soon, the noisy Yang Family was already empty.

In the meeting hall, there was only Yang Xuezhen, Yang Jin, as well as the attractive mature lady. They were left dumbstruck with amazement.

No one could have thought that something that was originally a sure bet was actually completely overturned at the last moment!

Yang Xuezhen this isolated orphan actually relied on an ascender and completed an astonishing counterattack!

This change was seriously too fast, fast until it was already over before they reacted to it!

The attractive mature woman knelt down in front of Ye Yuan and wept, “Y-Your Excellency, spare my life! All of this was compelled against this lowly one’s will!”

But Ye Yuan did not answer and said smilingly, “This is your family affair, I won’t intervene. But, I think that with Yang Xuezhen succeeding the position of the family head now, there shouldn’t be anyone who has objections, right?”

Only a fool would object!

No one in the Yang Family dared to speak, it was equivalent to acquiescing to Yang Xuezhen’s identity.

Yang Xuezhen was still in a daze until now. She also did not expect that Ye Yuan was actually strong to such an extent.

But this scene at present, she was caught off-guard.

The mature woman instinctively wanted to object, but Ye Yuan gave her a look, and she immediately followed up at the behest of supernatural powers, saying, “Yes! Whoever has objections can very well come up and challenge me!”

No one dared to speak. It was equivalent to tacitly acknowledging it!

But Yang Xuezhen immediately said, “Ye Yuan, you should haven’t let Tang Yu leave! You don’t know the Tang Family’s power and influence. Once he leaves, the Yang Family will probably suffer a catastrophic calamity!”

But Ye Yuan was indifferent, saying with a smile, “Relax, Tang Yu is much smarter than those two fools. Of course, if he insists on seeking death, then I don’t mind sending him off too.”