Trapped with the CEO

Chapter 176 I Am So Flattered

As was expected, Jordan refused. "No, thanks. Just take good care of my sister."

Harry made his promise and hung up the phone on Jordan.

Lola then closed her eyes, pondering with a throbbing heart. He knew a general from the army? And it also seemed that they had a nice relation.

At the Sea View Hotel.

Harry lifted her up into his arms as she got out of the car and then walked together towards the Sea View Hotel. He asked the hostess for the key and then opened the door of the presidential suite he had booked.

Lola only had to bury her face in his chest on their way to the suite so that no one would notice her in the corridor.

Not long after they entered the room Harry threw her onto the king size bed, and flung his coat on the sofa.

Lola then sat up from the bed. "Hi, Mr. Si." She raised her little hand into the air to greet him. Actually, Lola wasn't that drunk, just a little bit dizzy, but only just a little bit...

"How much have you drunk?" asked Mr. Si. He went to put on his disposable slippers and noticed the woman's eyes roll in their sockets while she was trying to remember.

Lola decisively raised three fingers in the air.. "Three!"

She then deliberately kicked off her high heels and said "I want slippers!" It was so obvious that she was playing coquetry with him.

The man raised his eyes and looked at her. Good, it seemed that now she had found the guts to command him.

Soon, a pair of disposable slippers was put in front of her. But meanwhile she seemed to changed her mind when she was putting them on. "I want to go out and see the sea!" she said.

The man paused as he unbuttoned his shirt.

He came over to her. "What's to look at there? You can always just look at me."

He came over, supporting his forearms on both sides of her body, his half-unbuttoned shirt revealing his masculine chest, making her briefly gulp. Someone like Harry were designed for love making, and she would have to apologize to his nice face and body if she didn't bang him!

She grabbed his neck and pulled him towards her. With a scent of booze in her breath, she whispered deliberately in his ear:

"Don't you want to play at the seaside, Mr. Si?"

The man's dark eyes were really attractive. Harry buttoned up his shirt without saying a word.

But Lola grinned and grabbed the man's hand to stop him.

"Oh no, I've changed my mind now. I've got to take a shower now" said Lola naughtily. She wouldn't bang him now, as he seemed to refuse her. Hehe...

Harry sneered at this. Did she really decide to make a fool of him like this, or was she just drunk? Did she really start to make decisions now and be in control?

He buttoned his shirt, crouched down, lifted the woman's little feet, and put her high heels back on.

Lola looked in disbelief at the man who was half crouching in front of her. Their CEO, Mr. Si, was helping her put on her shoes...

The faint sound of the waves breaking outside the window and the man's serious face made her seem to be like in a dream.

Soon Lola was dressed back in her high heels. The man looked at her stunned face and gave her a gentle smile and a gentle kiss on her lips.

"You're welcome, " he said. Looking into her eyes, with a deep smile, he was determined to be good to her for as long as he lived.

Lola flushed, and she pretended to despise him: "How very narcissistic of you, I was not going to thank you." She then suddenly jumped out of the bed.

Yet her forehead hit that of Harry's when she jumped off the bed, and a muffled "dong" sound burst out as they collided with each other.

Lola's mouth was twisted, but when she looked at the man immediately blowing air in her now painful forehead, all protests like "Your forehead is so hard!" got stuck in her throat and never came out.

At that moment he was so kind, gently blowing air into her forehead; they truly looked like they were a couple in love...

But, unfortunately, they weren't a couple. They were at their best... Well... Friends with benefits!

Feeling that she was beginning to feel down, she immediately took a deep breath and told herself not to think about the sad things.

In fact, as long as she could be with him, as long as she was happy now, in the moment, it would eventually work out, no matter whatever she was to him.

She grabbed his neck and kissed his lips: "Let's go out and play!" Her eyes winked and sparkled like twinkling stars shining in the night sky.

With a smile on his lips, Harry walked up to the phone and called the front desk, asking them to bring to the suite a woman's swimsuit and men's swimming trunks.

After hanging up the phone, he went back to bed and pulled the little woman up to him, touching her loose long hair.

"Got any hair clips to tie up your hair? Or maybe a rubber band?"

Lola nodded and quickly pulled out a black rubber band from her bag.

The man took the rubber band from her hand and placed it in front of the dresser and then stood behind her.

"You don't want to comb my hair, do you?" she asked. She was surprised to see the man in the mirror nod as if he was saying "of course".

"You should be honored. It's my first time combing a woman's hair."

Lola twitched her mouth to that and giggled. "Alright, great Mr. Si, I'm so flattered! Now, do it quickly."

Harry smiled. Lola was stunned again. How was it that he had such a handsome face! It was such a shameful waste that he didn't smiled more often!

The man took the comb and brushed her hair, then clumsily held it in his big hands. He tried to fix it with the rubber band, which sprung uncontrollably from his hand and then off the table and onto the floor.

Harry frowned at the vanished rubber band.

Lola chuckled, picked it up from the floor where it fell, and skillfully pulled her hair into a bun on the top of her head.

Her neck was bare, and Harry kissed it from behind, and she was frightened right away.

This man really knew how to hit on a woman. She was already into him without even knowing it! "Well, I..." began Lola, who was now completely sober but speaking incoherently.

The man smiled to her embarrassment as someone knocked at the door.

He strode to open the door. The bellhop had brought what he asked for earlier.

He took the swimwear, leading Lola to the changing room behind the hotel.

Lola was speechless as she looked at the black bikini prepared for her. Did this now mean that she would be later be eaten up by the beast?

Her only purpose this evening was to be alone with him, and she would not hesitate and turn back for nothing in the world!

She changed into the black bikini without hesitation, and put on a white hotel bathrobe with a sash tied around her waist.

When she went out, Harry was also waiting for her in his hotel bathrobe of the same color.

He offered one hand to her as she came closer to him.

Lola ran joyfully to him, put her hand in his and walked with him along the beach.

She remembered that last time when they were on the beach he told her that he was going to pick a wedding dress with that other woman...

But she wouldn't let him go until the very last minute. She just didn't know if he would also do the same thing as her...

But it was now getting late, and only two or three couples were at the seaside.

The smell of the sea came up blowing along with the wind, and then a wave lashed and wet her small feet. The sea water felt cool, but not freezing cold.

Holding his hand, she remembered the time she jumped into the sea a few years ago.