Transmigrated As My Former Uncle’s Sweetheart

Chapter 1231 - Two Countries United By Marriage

Chapter 1231: Two Countries United By Marriage

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Beitang You and Zhang Yu showed no signs of surprise as they watched both of them walk away.

Yuan Zheng, however, was astonished.

He had no idea that Minister Lin, who had such a domineering presence about him, was so good-natured in front of his wife, and he even allowed Madam Lin to order him around.


Long Junzhi?


Minister Lin’s name was Long Junzhi?

His surname was Long?

That name sounded a little familiar.

Yuan Zheng thought hard about this and finally realized where he had heard the name before. He stood where he was, stunned.

“He…he’s actually Long Yang, the Emperor of Great Shang?”

With those words, he turned to look at Beitang You, as if expecting to find out the truth from him.

“Yes, he is the Emperor of Great Shang,” Beitang You replied in a low voice.

Yuan Zheng was shocked.

It was no wonder he had a feeling that Minister Lin was an extraordinary character—he was the ruler of Great Shang.

No wonder!

Yuan Zheng tried to process the information.

He had received intel that Long Yang had left for neighboring Danjue’s frontier to reward the soldiers. Why would he be in the Kingdom of Yan?

Soon, he figured out the answer.

Long Yang must be here for his beauty.

“So, Madam Lin would be…”

“Big Sis is the Empress of Great Shang.” Beitang You made no attempt to hide it.

Beitang You now held absolute power in the kingdom, and even if someone found out about the identity of those two, it would be fine because he could help them leave the Yan Kingdom safely.

Yuan Zheng looked at Beitang You in astonishment. He did not expect the boy to have such a close relationship with the Empress of Great Shang.

Yuan Zheng gave this some thought and said with some relief in his tone, “It’s the great fortune of the Yan Kingdom for Your Majesty to maintain such a close relationship with Great Shang.”

Beitang You might be young, but he understood Yuan Zheng’s words.