The True Young Miss Is A Spoiled Boss

Chapter 833: The side Story ends after the marriage (7)

Chapter 833: The side Story ends after the marriage (7)

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“Master, I’ll get lazier and lazier.” The little girl sighed helplessly.

“Lazy people have their own fortune. What are you worried about?” His master didn’t care at all.

The little girl nodded.”You’re right, master.”

Her master fanned her with a fan.”When did master say it wasn ‘t?”

The mountain was not that hot to begin with, and with a fan, it was even cooler.

“Master is right.” Xing Jiu ‘an coaxed.

His master was only in his early 50s, and he wasn’t old. However, his personality hadn’t changed much since Xing Jiu ‘an came here.

Xing Jiu ‘an had always felt that his master had a part to play in his narcissism.

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After all, her master was a little narcissistic. She had grown up with her master, so it was only right for her to be more like him.

However, she could only think about it in her heart. After all, her master was somewhat different from her.

She was willing to admit that she was narcissistic, but her master was not.

As the little disciple, what else could she do other than coaxing her master a little?

His uncle – Master laughed as he listened to their conversation.

He felt that his senior brother’s life was quite good. He had so many disciples, and each of them was outstanding. They were united and friendly, like a big family with love. He would not be lonely when he grew old.

It didn’t matter if they weren’t outstanding. He could still look after his other siblings who were outstanding.

Very quickly, a table full of food was prepared and everyone was seated.

There was no such thing as not speaking during meals. At the dining table, they would chat from time to time.

Most of them were about Xing Jiu ‘an. Xing Jiu’ an was the subject of everyone’s questions every time, so she was used to it and didn’t feel anything wrong.

When summer was over, Xing Jiu ‘an went to do two more missions in the early autumn.

Lu zhichen stayed by her side the entire time.

Xing Jiu ‘an suddenly thought of their first mission after their reunion.

At that time, Lu zhichen had gone there because of that mission. However, he had not expected to meet Xing Jiu ‘an on the way.

She pressed down on Lu zhichen.”Tell me, did you do it on purpose that time?”

Lu zhichen pretended not to understand.

“Don’t play dumb. ”

Lu zhichen hugged her.”I was wrong.”

At that time, Xing Jiu ‘an thought that he was in danger, so he led him to avoid the hidden weapon. In the end, he knew that if Xing Jiu’ an had acted a little later, he would have carried him and dodged.

Xing Jiu ‘an was really angry for a while and asked him to sleep in the living room at night.

Lu zhichen felt very wronged. To them, completing a mission was a very simple task, but he did not expect it to bring him such a bad result.

Who could he blame?

Could he blame his little girl for having such a good memory?

Lu zhichen slept in the living room for the entire night, feeling aggrieved. He could not sleep for half the night.

Xing Jiu ‘an had been popular on the internet for a while. After all, the matter of the real and fake heiress had caused quite a stir, and there was a series of subsequent events.

However, she had been low – Key for a long time, and her identity was rarely exposed. There was no news on the internet, so slowly, not many people knew about her.

Xing Jiu ‘an had been lazy recently and didn’t take on many international missions. The problem of the previous missions had been solved, and a series of rules had been set. It was even more difficult to apply for an account to do missions. However, Xing Jiu’ an’s account was always idle, which made many people envious.

However, he couldn’t do anything. He couldn’t snatch it. Regardless of whether he could snatch it, the account was bound to the identity. Even if he did the quest, he would be doing it for the account owner.

However, Lu zhichen was a little more excessive than her. Xing Jiu ‘an still liked to take on missions for a few years. After Lu zhichen had an account, he could not complete more than five missions in a year. He would often do one or two, and there were also cases where he did not do any missions in a year.

But what could he do to the two of them?

He couldn’t beat her, nor could he compete with her.

Everyone celebrated Xing Jiu ‘an’s 21st birthday in the capital.

To the Lu family, this was the first birthday that Xing Jiu ‘an and Lu zhichen had celebrated after their wedding. To the Lu family, every birthday of a young girl was important, not to mention Xing er’ Yi’s 21st birthday. To Xing Jiu ‘an, this was her Second Life …

The birthday banquet was very big. No outsiders were invited, but there were already many people. The house was filled with laughter.

In his previous life, Xing Jiu ‘an was lonely and desolate, and he didn’t manage to live past his 21st birthday.

In this life, Xing Jiu ‘an was surrounded by friends and family. It was lively and full of laughter. She had a very Happy 21st Birthday.

She was only twenty – one years old and had a long, long future ahead of her.