The Sovereign's Ascension

Chapter 2124: Lin Yun’s Choice

Chapter 2124: Lin Yun’s Choice

The Dao Yang Holy Son sighed after seeing that Flower Burial did not show up. The champions of the other eight Heavenly Paths also showed pity on their faces. After all, Flower Burial shone the brightest amongst the nine Heavenly Paths, and they were suppressed by Flower Burial’s fame even though they were champions of their Heavenly Paths.

None of them were convinced, even if they said nothing about it. They were invincible ever since they arrived in the Kunlun Realm, defeating all the holy sons and maidens of their domain in just a few years. Who wasn’t ambitious, wanting to trample on the champions of other Heavenly Paths and become the champion of the nine Heavenly Paths? But Lin Yun’s appearance outshone everyone’s reputations.

A dazzling radiance suddenly shone from the secret realms. They all had different colors, making this entire region look like a dream. There were nine secret realms, seven divine dragon secret realms, an Azure Dragon’s divine realm, and a True Dragon’s divine realm.

But anyone could see that the radiance coming from the Divine Dragon Secret Realms were more dazzling. The Azure Dragon Realm was slightly dimmer in comparison, but its aura wasn’t inferior. Instead, the phenomenon it created was even more terrifying. Only the True Dragon Secret Realm was much dimmer in comparison.

“Looks like the True Dragon Secret Realm is weaker than the Divine Dragon Secret Realms.”

“The Azure Dragon is also slightly inferior. The Divine Dragon Secret Realms are dazzling, meaning there must be many precious treasures.”

“Hehe. We’re not fools, and who can’t notice that? The True Dragon Secret Realm is meant for those who aren’t well prepared.”

“Yeah. After all, who doesn’t wish to be on the Divine Dragon Elite Ranking? The competition is slightly smaller, but this is good news for me.” While the secret realms were shining brightly, they soon attracted everyone’s attention. Someone was enduring the dragon aura as they quickly charged at the secret realms.

“Dao Yang Holy Son, what’s the trial about?” Lin Yun turned to look at the Dao Yang Holy Son.

The Dao Yang Holy Son explained, “The secret realms will be open for seven days. You can make it through the trial if you can kill the Quasi-Saint Realm demonic beasts that are in there. The time flow inside is different, and seven days inside is about four hours in the outside world.”

“It looks like the trials aren’t that difficult,” Ye Feng smiled. Quasi-Saint demonic beasts were nothing to golden-generation geniuses like them. It might be difficult for ordinary geniuses, but it’s possible if they spend some time to accomplish it.

Right then, those cultivators who tried to approach the secret realms threw out mouthfuls of blood. Their outcomes were horrible. The secret realm vortexes hqd heavily injured them, and they couldn’t get up while being under the influence of the dragon aura. They could only crawl their way back. Everyone else was looking at the vortexes, not willing to help those who were heavily injured. Lin Yun knew that the first trial had begun, and the entrance of the secret realms would eliminate many people.

“Dao Yang Holy Son, what secret realm should we pick?” Bai Shuying asked.

The Dao Yang Holy Son was the leader of the Heavenly Dao Sect here, and whatever secret realm they chose would be equivalent to their choice in groups, and they would have to attempt the trials together.

The Dao Yang Holy Son was cautious and wasn’t in a hurry to choose. Not only he, but the holy sons from the other ancient holy lands weren’t in a hurry to choose either. This was because they were waiting for the champions of the eight Heavenly Paths to choose. After all, they didn’t want to run into them.

The nine dragon mountains were equivalent to nine groups, and choosing different groups could avoid those you didn’t want to encounter.

Suddenly, a white-clothed youth soared to the sky, releasing a dazzling radiance and powerful aura. When he dashed forth, everyone who was in his path chose to open the way for him, making him the center of attention.

“It’s Gu Xiyan. He chose the Blue Dragon Secret Realm!” The white-clothed youth was the champion of the First Heavenly Path, Gu Xiyan. He was like the protagonist of this world and made everyone feel greatly pressured. After he chose the Blue Dragon Secret Realm, those who were heading to the Blue Dragon Secret Realm greatly decreased. This was the intimidation of a Heavenly Path’s champion.

But some people still insisted on entering the Blue Dragon Secret Realm. One of them was the champion of the third Heavenly Path, Situ Yan.

“Hehe. Gu Xiyan, let us compete and see who can obtain the Blue Dragon’s Head,” Situ Yan said with arrogance.

“You will be defeated,” Gu Xiyan said as he charged into the Blue Dragon Secret Realm.

“Don’t be so sure about that!” Situ Yan waved his hand and followed behind Gu Xiyan. Because of the Blue Dragon Record, many people were looking forward to the Blue Dragon Secret Realm. But after seeing two champions of the Heavenly Paths enter, many people retreated.

Even so, there were still some who persevered and entered the Blue Dragon Secret Realm. This was a grand occasion, and there were bound to be people unconvinced by the fame of champions from the Heavenly Paths.

After Gu Xiyan and Situ Yan made their choices, more people started making their choices. They were all geniuses under the age of thirty.

“Let’s go with the Azure Dragon Secret Realm.” The Dao Yang Holy Son voiced his decision. Compared to the Divine Dragon Secret Realm, the Azure Dragon Secret Realm wasn’t that dazzling, and no champions from the Heavenly Paths had picked it. The Azure Dragon Secret Realm was also shining brightly. The other geniuses from the Heavenly Dao Sect agreed with the Dao Yang Holy Son’s choice.

“Agreed,” Bai Shuying said.

“Sure.” Ye Feng and the Holy Spirit Son also agreed.

Lin Yun asked, “Can we change groups after the trial?”

The moment he said that, everyone turned their attention over to him.

The Dao Yang Holy Son said, “Theoretically, it’s possible. But traveling from one dragon mountain to another is dangerous, and no one will change groups if possible.”

“Ye Qingtian, don’t tell me you’ll pick the other secret realms?” Ye Feng looked at Lin Yun with an unkind gaze.

“I’ve decided to go to the True Dragon Secret Realm,” Lin Yun said. He wasn’t bothered about joining any groups, and noticed that many of the Sword Sect’s disciples chose the True Dragon Secret Realm, so he changed his mind.

“The True Dragon Secret Realm?” Everyone was stumped because the radiance from the True Dragon Secret Realm was dimmer in comparison to the other secret realms, and anyone with ambitions wouldn’t choose it.

“Don’t tell me that you plan on fishing for benefits. If that’s what everyone thinks, the competition within the True Dragon Secret Realm will be more brutal than can be imagined,” Ye Feng sneered. He was the genius of the Ye Clan, so he wasn’t polite with his words as he continued, “It might sound nasty, but the True Dragon isn’t even capable of looking at the Divine Dragons. Not to mention that you’ll become a joke if you fail to become the Dragon’s Head.”

Lin Yun couldn’t be bothered with Ye Feng and turned to look at the Dao Yang Holy Son instead.

“Have you thought it through?” The Dao Yang Holy Son secretly transmitted his voice to Lin Yun. “What Ye Feng said might be nasty, but it makes some sense. You might fail if you choose the True Dragon Secret Realm because it’s the weakest. But if you come with us to the Azure Dragon Secret Realm, we can look after each other.”

“I have thought it through,” Lin Yun replied. He didn’t choose to go to the True Dragon Secret Realm because it was the weakest.

“Alright. I won’t stop you since you’ve made up your mind.” The Dao Yang Holy Son no longer stopped Lin Yun.

Xin Yan and Bai Shuying wanted to go to the True Dragon Secret Realm with Lin Yun, but he rejected them. The radiance from the True Dragon Secret Realm was too dim, and they did not need to come with him.

Many holy land holy sons soared to the sky. Lin Yun separated from the party and headed to the True Dragon Secret Realm. As a famous figure, he naturally attracted many people’s attention.

“Ye Qingtian is really going to the True Dragon Secret Realm. Does he really think that he’s strong just because he’s on the Divine Dragon Elite Ranking? He’s at the bottom and only courting death by thinking that the True Secret Secret Realm will be easy.”

“He will probably fail miserably.”

“His reputation is too terrible, not to mention he’s ranked last. So it’s hard for him not to become everyone’s target.” Under the surrounding discussions, Lin Yun entered the True Dragon Secret Realm. The vortex that could injure ordinary cultivators was nothing before him.

After entering the secret realm, Lin Yun could sense the spatial distortion. This felt similar to the teleportation array as he flew incredibly fast. He didn’t know how much time had passed under this state, but he found himself in a marsh enveloped in black mist when his vision cleared up. This was a bizarre marsh with countless towering trees in the surroundings.

“Is this really the True Dragon Secret Realm? It’s different from my expectations.” ?Lin Yun looked around because he thought the secret realm would be ancient. He didn’t expect the environment to be so harsh with a black mist that was so poisonous that even the Quasi-Saints would need to circulate their saint aura to protect themselves.

Even so, they couldn’t stay there for long because the toxins would gradually accumulate within their bodies, and it would be dangerous if they stayed there for too long. Not even their saint aura could expel the toxin from their bodies at that time.

But Lin Yun wasn’t bothered by it because he possessed the Azure Dragon Divine Physique, and the toxin couldn’t harm him. Just when he was about to continue his journey, he noticed an herb emitting a bizarre radiance within the black mist.

When he got close, he recognized that this was a Golden Cauldron Dragonblood Herb, not to mention it even produced a flower and fruit. The fruit of the Golden Cauldron Dragonblood Herb was cauldron-shaped, and it was extremely valuable. It could only be found in places where the dragon clan’s blood was scattered on the ground.

“Is it because I’m lucky, or is the True Dragon Secret Realm filled with treasures?” Lin Yun muttered and waved his hand to retrieve the Golden Cauldron Dragonblood Herb. When the Golden Cauldron Dragonblood Herb flew into his hand, a black bolt shot out from the black mist before he could get a better look at it, arriving before him in the next second.

This shocked Lin Yun because this wasn’t a bolt of lightning but a lizard’s tongue. Not only was the tongue poisonous, it was also covered with barbs, and it would be dangerous if one was stung by the barbs.

“Don’t use your sword.” Lil’ Purple’s voice resounded from the Iris Secret Realm. But it was already too late. Lin Yun had drawn his sword, slicing the tongue into a few hundred pieces, before the fragments of the tongue exploded in the surrounding air with no room for escape.