The Reincarnated Goddess is Fierce

Chapter 2247: 2249 -Fancy by the Princess

Chapter 2247 - 2247: 2249 -Fancy by the Princess

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These words made Qi Xibei frown.” What is he doing?”

“The Crown Prince asked him to go to the MO Lin Kingdom to discuss cooperation. The princess of the MO Lin Kingdom…”

The captain hesitated.

Qi Xibei’s face darkened.” The princess of MO Lin Kingdom is interested in him?”

. Err… Yes.”

The captain hesitated for a long time before nodding awkwardly. Then, he quickly explained,” But don’t worry, our boss won’t be tempted!”

Their boss was so outstanding that there must be many girls who liked him.

Not to mention girls, even some boys would like him.

Therefore, it was normal for him to be targeted by the princess of the MO Lin Kingdom.

However, Qiao Yanyu kept refusing.

Previously, the captain didn’t understand why Qiao Yanyu would reject the favor of the princess of the MO Lin Kingdom. After all, the princess was good-looking, powerful, and outstanding!

Now that he had seen Qi Xibei, he realized that his boss had already found a more beautiful partner!

When Qiao Yanyu had provided them with the portrait, they had been a little suspicious.

After all, the person in the portrait was so beautiful. If she really existed, she would have been famous long ago.

However, they had never heard of such an existence when they traveled all over the world.

Therefore, they doubted the authenticity of this woman.

But now, after seeing Qi Xibei, they knew that it really existed!

It had to be said that even in such a harsh environment, Qi Xibei’s beauty was not concealed by his ordinary clothes.

She sat there, as if her entire body was glowing, making it impossible for people to 100K away.

While they were talking, the others resting at the side could not help but peek at them.

What a beautiful woman!

With such a young and beautiful partner, it was no wonder that Boss did not like the princess of the MO Lin Kingdom.

Oh, right, he’s not old, but he’s already a Martial Marquis!

He was good-looking and strong. How outstanding!

Although the princess of the Molin Kingdom was rich, in an environment where strength was respected, it did not mean that they would not be as good as the princess of the Molin Kingdom in the future.

“Don’t worry, Boss is definitely waiting for you!”the captain said sincerely.

Qi Xibei smiled.” Of course I’m assured. If he dares to fall in love with someone else, I’ll make him regret it.”

His casual words made the captain’s heart turn cold. He could not help but laugh dryly.” That’s impossible. Didn’t our boss ask us to look for you? He cares about you very much.”

After laughing, he quickly changed the topic.” However, I’m afraid that they will use some despicable means! After all, Boss was in their territory. This… We can’t guarantee it.”

Qi Xibei nodded. This was indeed a problem.

When one was under the eaves, one had no choice but to lower one’s head!

“Take me to your boss.”

These words made the captain hesitate.” But even if I bring you there, you might not be able to see him.”

“You don’t have to worry about that. As long as you confirm his location, I’ll think of something else myself.”

Qi Xibei was most worried about not being able to find out Qiao Yanyu’s whereabouts.

She was afraid that Qiao Yanyu would come back when she went over, and the two of them would miss each other again.

Now, with the existence of these people, the situation was much better.

“You should have a way to contact him, right?”

“Yes, but Boss doesn’t allow us to use it casually.”

“Now that I’m here, I shouldn’t be using it casually, right?”Qi Xibei smiled at the captain.

The captain shivered and quickly shook his head.” How can it be casual! No problem!”

Oh my god, she’s so beautiful, but her aura is as strong as Boss!