The Immortal's Wine Store

Chapter 13 - Store Expansion Package

Chapter 13 - Store Expansion Package

As Jiu Shen was calmly sitting on a chair, he suddenly heard the solemn voice of the system ringing beside his ears.

- Ding!

- Mission Accomplished: Earn 1000 True Crystals

- Loading Rewards!

- You received 'Store Expansion Package'

- You received Frozen Origin wine-making method

Jiu Shen remained calm on the surface after seeing the prompts in front of him, but he was pleasantly surprised inwardly. 'System, what is this Store Expansion Package?'

- Ding!

- With this item, the host will be able to commence an expansion of the store. Do you wish to use it now?

'No! Not at the moment. Remind me after we close the store.' Jiu Shen spoke in his mind.

The system remained silent after that.

"Gulp! Gulp! Gulp! Gulp!"

"This wine's taste is almost on par with the emperor's most cherished wine, the Phoenix's Godly Flames Wine! And to think that there is still something much better sold inside this store! Now, I'm looking forward to the taste of that Deep Sea Spring Dew. Even imperial father might be infatuated with this wine..." The fourth prince smiled foolishly as he kept on praising the wine. Defender Duanmu nodded his head from time to time to show his agreement.

"Wine Master Jiu, it's time for us to leave. Thanks for the wines and dishes, because of it, some of my brothers broke through a minor realm." Boss Scar smiled happily as he cupped his fists towards Jiu Shen. The latter merely nodded his head with no change in his expression.

Boss Scar and the other mercenaries then bowed respectfully towards the fourth prince and Defender Duanmu. "Your highness, it's a pleasure meeting you today. I hope we will see you again in this store..."

The fourth prince waved his right hand and nodded his head. "Of course, how could we not be here? Such fine wines, and even the only dish in this store is comparable to the best dish of Crouching Dragon Pavilion."

"With Wine Master Jiu's skills, he could surely make something much better than this. Perhaps there would be more wines and dishes in the future." Boss Scar said with a small drool escaping his lips.

The fourth prince nodded his head to show his agreement. "Indeed! Although Wine Master Jiu Shen has an eccentric personality, the wines and dishes that he makes are true gourmet delicacies. It even has the effects of stimulating the true essence within our bodies. Truly amazing!"

Defender Duanmu was lost in his own thoughts. He did not even glance at Boss Scar and the other mercenaries. He only focused his senses in his dantian. 'What the hell?! It actually improved my cultivation by quite a bit! Then if that's the case, I might even be promoted to the 8th-Rank Divine if I continue visiting here in the future. The emperor must know about this store...'

After Boss Scar and the other mercenaries left the store, only the fourth prince and Defender Duanmu remained. They still wanted to order, but Jiu Shen shook his head firmly. "You are not allowed to order more dishes..."

The fourth prince frowned, but then he remembered the other party's strength, so he hid his displeasure in his heart. Defender Duanmu felt aggrieved and he could not help but ask. "Wine Master Jiu, why are you not allowing us to order more? Are you still harboring resentment because of the earlier events?"

Jiu Shen nonchalantly glanced at Defender Duanmu, making the latter's heart skip a beat. 'Damn! I forgot that this man can kill us with a mere flick of his fingers!'

"The wines and dishes sold in my store contain large amounts of true essence. You have already ordered a lot today, and the true essence inside the little kid's body is already full. If he consumes more..." Jiu Shen did a motion with both his hands while mouthing the word: 'Kaboom!'

Defender Duanmu stood up in alarm. He then hurriedly placed his hand on the fourth prince's back to check the true essence inside his body. And indeed, after checking it, he found a huge amount of true essence inside the fourth prince's body. If he consumes more, then he will surely explode from over-accumulation of true essence.

A human's dantian can hold a certain amount of true essence depending on their cultivation strength or body strength. Although the fourth prince was a rare genius who was already at the peak of 4th-rank Knight Crusader, his dantian still had a limit on how much true essence it can store. Defender Duanmu did not realize it since his dantian was still not full, and he was also preoccupied with the small leap in his strength.

"Wine Master Jiu, thank you very much. This old man is blind and did not realize the immensity of heaven and earth." Defender Duanmu thanked Jiu Shen gratefully. If he gave them another order, the fourth prince would have exploded from over-accumulation of true essence. He can't shoulder that kind of guilt in his life, so he was infinitely grateful towards Jiu Shen.

The fourth prince never realized it himself and he only realized it after hearing Jiu Shen's words. His body turned cold and he hurriedly checked his own dantian. He was scared out of his wits after finally sensing his full dantian.

Because the true essence from Jiu Shen's wines and dishes was calm and tranquil, he failed to sense that his dantian was already full. It was unlike the fierce and violent true essence from the pills made by the alchemists from the Alchemy Hall.

"Thank you for your reminder, Wine Master Jiu Shen." The fourth prince cupped his fists respectfully. He actually harbored displeasure to someone who only cared for his well-being. He was now angry at his own self.

"You may leave now. And don't worry, I have no plans on conquering this empire. If I had that in mind, then I would have done it already, considering my strength." Jiu Shen's words were somewhat arrogant, but the fourth prince and Defender Duanmu did not think so. The man in front of them really had the strength to conquer their empire, so he had the capital to be arrogant.

The fourth prince and Defender Duanmu sighed in relief after hearing his words. They then left the store afterward. Of course, they will report to the emperor about the emergence of a strong expert inside their empire. He was like a bomb that could explode any minute from now.

Jiu Shen did not know what was in their minds, even if he does, he did not care one bit. He closed the store after everyone left and ask the system to give him the Store Expansion Package.

- Do you wish to use it now?