The God Virus

Chapter 517 - Blanket

Chapter 517 - Blanket

"Well, I truly consider him a good friend though, that's why I want to make him see how much of a mistake he's about to commit by falling for a woman that is bound to descend into the madness of lust and pleasure." The more he talked, the more Blaze was aroused by his own words.

"Y-you…!" Truly terrified of Blaze's horrifying descriptions, Aily's body was shivering so badly that she was on the verge of peeing herself. That's how frightened she was.

"A-aren't you claiming to be his friend…? If you do this you're going to upset Vee and it may even end up ruining your friendship! Don't you s-see that?" Mustering every bit of her courage, Aily forced herself to utter those words out loud.

"Huh? It's exactly because he's a friend that I want to stop him from treading the wrong path though? You may not know this, but every time someone fell for a prostitute in the brothel, it led to a bad ending. All I'm doing is to stop another tragic ending from occurring again since it concerns a friend of mine." Holding his chin high up, Blaze was proud of himself.

"W-what a hypocrite you are! Disguising your lust as an a-act of justice for the sake of friendship! Never have I s-seen such pretense in my life! You deserve to die!" Understanding there was no persuading this guy, Aily cursed him out loud.

"Hahaha, I'm not a hypocrite though? You think friendship is to not do anything that may upset the friend while I think it is to do what's best for his future. We have different definitions for friendship, is all." Blaze said with unshakable belief.

"Well, think what you want. It won't change a thing. I'm still going to fuck your brains out in this alley until you start moaning in joy and even start accompanying my movements on your own. Let's begin!" With his nostrils flaring, Blaze's heart was beating faster and faster.

On the other hand, all blood seemed to have been drained from Aily's scared countenance who no longer hesitated to turn around and flee toward the other end of the alley.

Meanwhile, a burst of energy at the entry-level of Sublimity Emergence was unleashed from Blaze.

In spite of being considered nothing but a dreg in his clan, recently, Blaze had managed to break through to the Sublimity Emergence stage.

Still, considering his age, that only qualified him to remain a dreg since other talented people around his age were in a much higher level of cultivation compared to him!

Nevertheless, as his energy released and covered certain parts of his physique, his figure suddenly vanished before reappearing behind the escaping Aily.

Grabbing her from the back using both arms, Blaze embraced her, thus forcing her to a halt.

"Ahhhh! Let me go! You disgusting pig, let go of me!!!" Screaming with veins pulsing in her neck, tears flowed down Aily's face.

Notwithstanding, forcibly pushing her to the wall of the alley, Blaze turned her around so her mesmerizing features would be facing him when he was doing the deed.

Subsequently, paying her persistent struggles no heed, Blaze grabbed the two sides of her clothes and ripped them apart!


Now, the alluring view of a red-haired petite body in nothing but a layer of undergarments exhibited itself in Blaze's line of sight.


Taken aback at the scenery of her snow-pale skin and top hourglass body shape, Blaze couldn't prevent himself from gulping down in pure desire.

Observing her frame that was quite similar to that of an hourglass, Blaze determined Aily's waist to be the most gorgeous section of her petite body. Therefore, in an attempt of highlighting it, he imagined himself turning her around before pounding her hard from the backside taking into account how her buttocks were bigger than her hips as that multiplied her beauty to a crazy extent! 

Moreover, the addition of her shoulders that were a little round plus her proportionate body and well-shaped legs only made him go crazier at every passing second.

'Damn, this is the hottest girl I've seen so far! I feel like I could fuck her over and over again without ever getting enough of her or feeling the need to ever swap to other girls ever again. I swear… this girl is another level of heaven altogether!' Lost in his lust, Blaze's breathing rate increased.

"I want you!" Stating that with his heart palpitating in desire, Blaze forced her to face the wall once more since he was adamant about appreciating her backside first. "I finally understand what kind of valuable gem Vee was aiming for!"

Subsequently, targeting her underwear next, Blaze extended his arms toward it.

"Stop! Please, don't do this to me! Sob… Stop!!!" Tears and snot long having flooded her face, All Aily could do was to yell and cry.

In the meantime, while Blaze's bloodshot eyes were locked on Aily's underwear, his hand was just about to grab and pull it down before thrusting his rod into her at last, when, abruptly, a murderous intent, unlike anything Blaze had ever experienced descended upon him.


Next, out of nowhere, a leg connected to his face, smashing all of Blaze's teeth apart as his mouth was washed in blood. 

He was sent flying away to the other end of the alley.

Since Blaze had been dealt with momentarily, determining the priority, Virus walked over beside the tearful Aily who was currently wearing nothing but undergarments that only covered her most private parts.

"Are you okay?" Putting his palm over Aily's cheeks gently, Virus voiced in concern.

"V-Vee, I s-swear I thought you were here, that's why I-I followed h-him… sob…"

Seeing how she was still trying to clarify the situation to him despite her pitiful condition, Virus felt bad for her. "You silly girl, you don't need to explain anything to me, I already know what happened."

Taking out a blanket from within his spatial container next, Virus covered her body using it.. Although being in undergarments was a completely normal matter in most cultures of Earth, especially on the beach, that was not the case here.