The Genius Mage

Chapter 90 - Was Exposed

Chapter 90: Was Exposed

Lance was slightly taken aback. “Miss Audrey, what do you mean by that?”

Audrey observed Lance’s expression and was delighted. Finally, the fish had taken the bait.

However, she still had a bitter look on her face. “My body is good-for-nothing. It’s not that my mother hasn’t thought about improving my body. She had already fed me the medicine she left behind when I was still five years old.

“The three bottles of level 10 medicine were left untouched because I’ve already tried the rest. There’s really no need to continue trying.”

“In fact, a good-for-nothing’s body can’t be any worse. I don’t want to leave the medicine to the Davis family, nor do I want to waste it. Thus, I only have the Lisi commercial building as a place to go.”

Lance fell silent for two seconds before saying, “Then I’m really sorry. I’ve brought up your sad memories.”

“It’s alright. I’m already used to it.” Audrey shook her head. “Now, the city lord actually doesn’t mind my low level and even invited me to the main city for a meal. I’m already very grateful.”

Lance nodded casually. It was hard to tell if he believed what Audrey said.

Since Audrey had already said so much, there was no point in probing further.

Lance casually flipped over the page and asked Audrey, “I wonder if Miss Audrey has any dietary restrictions?”

Audrey shook her head. “Lord Lance, you can go and prepare it.”

He called over a few attendants and instructed them to take good care of Audrey. After that, he casually found an excuse to deal with official business and returned to the study.

Shadowless Ghost Hand was already waiting quietly in the study. When he saw Lance enter, he cautiously closed the door.

“Sir, your guess is correct. We’ve arranged for people to follow Calder Davis and confirmed that all of Miss Audrey’s mother’s belongings are in Calder’s hands. He has never heard of any level-10 potion.”

Shadowless Ghost Hand respectfully placed an image stone into Lance’s hand.

The scene that appeared was Calder’s conversation with an old lady.

This old lady was someone Shadowless Ghost Hand had sent to impersonate her.

“Old lady, What did you say? Audrey is auctioning a level-10 potion at the Lisi commercial building? That’s impossible. She never had a level-10 potion on her.”

Calder was slightly surprised. He did not understand why the old woman would suddenly say such a thing.

The old woman held the firewood. She smiled awkwardly. “So this is a misunderstanding, Mr. Calder. I’m really sorry. They all said that Miss Audrey’s mother left something for Audrey. I thought that if I didn’t go to the Lisi commercial building’s auction house, it would be cheaper, so I came over to ask.”

“Something left for Audrey by Della? That’s even more impossible. Della was not an alchemist, to begin with.”

Calder did not know who had released this disturbing information. What if those members of the Davis family came to find Audrey again.

“That’s such a pity…”

When the scene came to an abrupt end, Calder had a furious face.

He did not seem to understand why someone would believe such a clumsy lie to cause trouble for Audrey.

He also did not understand how his daughter, who had a useless constitution, had suddenly become the most sought-after person in Spark City.

Shadowless Ghost Hand watched as Lance unconsciously stroked the image stone. He thought that Lance did not believe the truth. “The image of this old woman has always appeared in the surrounding forest. We gave her a sum of money so that she could have a good rest at home today.

“Calder and the old woman are quite familiar with each other. The words he said should be the truest.”

Lance smiled and said in a comforting manner, “I didn’t mean to say that I don’t trust you. It’s just that this matter is too strange.

“If Audrey had become an alchemist long ago, there’s no reason for her not to tell Calder. He’s her biological father.”

Shadowless Ghost Hand thought about it and agreed.

Even if the Davis family owed Audrey something, Calder did not lack in any way.

“Then I guess miss Audrey probably has her own plans.”

Lance curled his thin lips. “This matter is getting more and more interesting to me…”

Shadowless Ghost Hand had a thought. “Sir, do you need me to send a few people to follow miss Audrey?”

“No, you don’t need to send people to keep an eye on her.” Lance stretched, ignoring all of his official duties. “I’ll keep an eye on Audrey myself.”

“She should be strolling around in the garden right now. I’ll go look for her later.”

In fact, Audrey encountered trouble wherever she went.

Audrey did not like having people following her while she was strolling around, so she found an excuse to have a few guards leave.

As she walked into the garden, she happened to meet a woman with fiery red hair reprimanding her maidservant.

The red-haired woman was very flirtatious. It was obvious that she was not easy to get along with.

Audrey did not want to meddle in other people’s business, especially Lance’s.

Just as she was about to sneak away, she was caught by the woman. “Hey, is that the new maidservant over there? Why are you so rude? Why don’t you greet me when you see me?”