The Genius Mage

Chapter 19

Chapter 19: It Turned Out to Be a Level 10 Beyonder Item

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Mack had never expected the origins of this alchemy potion to be so great, but as he looked at the eager Master Merci… he could only shake his head in regret. “Master March, I’m sorry, but I don’t know where the master who refined this alchemy potion is either. Perhaps you can ask Miss Audrey.”

As he spoke, Mack looked at Audrey with anticipation in his eyes. He also hoped that Audrey would know who refined this potion. Of course, it would be best if the master was in Spark City.

When Master Merci heard this, he immediately looked at Audrey. He had not noticed this 18-year-old girl at first.

“Miss, did you bring this potion?” Master Merci asked.

At this moment, he understood that the origin of the alchemy potion should be related to this little girl.

Audrey nodded slightly.

“Do you know who refined it? Is the master who refined this alchemy potion in Spark City?” Master Merci asked expectantly.

“I don’t know. This is a relic left behind by my mother.”

Audrey shook her head faintly. Of course, she knew who refined this alchemy potion. It was her.

Mack immediately told Master Merci about Audrey’s mother’s situation.

“That’s such a pity.” Master Merci’s eyes were filled with regret when he heard that.

He had heard some of the rumors about Audrey’s mother. Back then, her name had shaken the entire Spark City.

“Master Merci, is the appraisal result out? Is this potion really that magical?”

Mack looked at Master Merci curiously. It was only a Tier 1 alchemy potion, but it actually made Master Merci so excited and shocked. Of course, this made him very puzzled and curious.

In his opinion, with Master Merci’s ability, if he spent some time, he should be able to refine a similar alchemy potion, right?

“It’s more than magical.”

Master Merci looked at the alchemy potion in his hand, his eyes full of amazement and admiration.

When Mack heard this, he became even more curious. “Then what grade of alchemy potion is it?”

“Level 10.”

Master Merci said without hesitation.

When Mack heard this, he was shocked. “What! Level 10! Master Merci, are you sure?”

Previously, he had not felt too excited about Master Merci, but he was truly shocked this time.

That was because he knew too well what a level 10 alchemy potion meant.

As everyone knew, Beyonder items in the world were divided into levels 0-100.

But sometimes, high-grade Beyonder items were not necessarily more precious than low-grade alchemy potions.

For example, a level 11 alchemy potion was far less valuable than a level 10 alchemy potion.

That was because level 10 represented perfection, peak, and supremacy.

Any Beyonder item that was 10 or 10 times more perfect was the epitome of perfection.

A low-grade Tier 1 alchemist could refine a level 1-3 Beyonder item.

An intermediate Tier 1 alchemist could refine a level 4-6 Beyonder item.

A high-grade Tier 1 alchemist could refine a level 7-9 Beyonder item.

However, there was no level 10 Beyonder item because even high-grade alchemists could not refine a level 10 Beyonder item.

Similarly, a Tier 2 alchemist could refine a level 11-19 Beyonder item, but it was nearly impossible to refine a level 20 Beyonder item. This was because level 20 represented the perfection of the Tier 2 Beyonder item. It represented the peak of the Tier 2 Beyonder item.

“Master Merci, are you sure it’s a level 10 alchemy potion?” Mack asked once again.