The Emperor Reigns Them All

Chapter 520 - The All-out War

Chapter 520 The All-out War

Before they knew it, it was already daylight, but the gambling did not stop. The demons were in high spirits and brimming with energy.

Not all the demons joined in. Many of them could control their minds.

On the sideline, Hong Xiu looked at the mad demons with concern and said to the proprietress, “Will nothing happen if His Highness goes on like this?”

The proprietress did not care about that. “What can happen with 5,000 to 6,000 cultivators behind His Highness? Even if some demons want to make trouble after losing a lot, they do not have that ability. And the other demons, who want to win, will not allow them to hold back His Highness and stop the gambling.”

Hong Xiu thought it over and found that it made sense, so she was no longer worried.

Duchess had never worried about that all that time. She had a good time traveling around and enjoying the scenery.

Looking at the turbulent table, the sparrow sighed. “Why did I not think of this before? This is definitely the easiest way to get rich, even faster to earn Magic Treasures and Dan Pills than hunting fierce beasts or doing business…”

Then it realized that without the backup of 5,000 to 6,000 cultivators, it could not cope with the gambler’s disturbance. Maybe the casino would be smashed before it could open.

With this in mind, the sparrow could not help admiring Li Ye’s wisdom. It seemed that he had planned to gather so many cultivators.

The sparrow murmured, “This guy probably has won more than a thousand Magic Treasures and magic tools. We paid a huge price in the hard fight on Blackstone Mountain, but what we gained was less than that in this day and night… What a huge profit! This is the profiteering industry! Bloody, really bloody!”

Gradually, it got dark.

Gradually, it got dawn.

Then it was dark and light again.

The gambling had gone on for three days and nights.

Li Ye did not continue to make profits after winning several thousand Magic Treasures and magic tools. After all, if every demon was bankrupted, he would not be able to play his tricks anymore.

So later, he basically concentrated some demons’ wealth on a few demons and made them rich. These nouveaux riches became the loyal fans of the gambling and proved that he did not play any tricks.

Of course, in some observant demons’ view, Li Ye must have ulterior motives to start gambling. After all, he had won too many Magic Treasures.

However, they could not blame him. After all, Li Ye did not cheat. He won because of his techniques.

Since they were willing to gamble, they should accept the losses.

More importantly, the 5,000 to 6,000 cultivators behind Li Ye made the demons not dare to blame Li Ye without evidence.

In the Macaque King’s cave.

The Macaque King stayed in seclusion for two days before he finally eliminated the disgusting feeling caused by Li Ye’s cheating him out of ten Magic Treasures. Then he opened his eyes and began to think about how to counterattack Li Ye and regain his losses.

“You have plenty of ideas. Come and think of a solution.” The Macaque King sat and thought for a long time, but he could not come up with any ideas, so he could only ask the demon monkey’s remnant soul and discuss it with him.

The remnant soul said, “Unfortunately, it’s too late for you to think of me now.”

“What do you mean by ‘too late’?” The Macaque King raised his head with a gloomy face. He could not help feeling a little angry at the thought of a possibility. “Did Li Ye leave Macaque Mountain when I was in seclusion?”

The remnant soul laughed creepily. “If he really leaves Macaque Mountain, you should burn incense to thank him.”

The Macaque King’s face darkened. “Can you say it all at once?”

The remnant soul did not keep him guessing. “When you hear the news, you will realize how lucky it will be for you if Li Ye has left Macaque Mountain. To tell you the truth, he has won several thousand Magic Treasures and magic tools these days by gambling on Macaque Mountain. On average, every demon of Macaque Mountain has lost one or two Magic Treasures or magic tools!”

“What did you say?” The Macaque King stood up in shock. His expression changed drastically. “How could that happen? That is really going too far! How dare him!”

Magic tools and Magic Treasures were the fighting power of demons. Except for the demons with positions on their shoulders, such as a captain or a chief, the others would not have more than three or four magic tools and Magic Treasures.

For example, the demons in the Taiyi Real Immortal Realm might collect a lot of low-ranking Magic Treasures because of their strength. But they only had three or four middle-ranking Magic Treasures at the high stage, which could match their realm.

Magic tools and Magic Treasures were the fighting power of cultivators. Without them, their fighting power would be greatly reduced. In other words, the overall fighting power of the demons of Macaque Mountain was weakened by tens of percent after Li Ye won several thousand Magic Treasures!

That was a big deal. How could the Macaque King not be surprised and furious? It meant that his strength had declined and was now at a complete disadvantage compared to the other Great Sages.

Moreover, several thousand Magic Treasures and magic tools were worth a lot!

The Macaque King roared, “How did he do that? Were there no cultivators to stop him?”

The demon monkey’s remnant soul sighed and explained all the details of Li Ye setting up the gambling to the Macaque King.

The Macaque King was stunned for a long time and his expression kept changing after hearing that. In the end, he gnashed his teeth. “Did the several thousand demons not realize that it was a simple scam and let Li Ye succeed in this way? Were they willing to give their Magic Treasures and magic tools to Li Ye?”

The remnant soul faintly said, “The spectators see the chess game better than the players. In our opinion, that were a scam, but for the gamblers who were involved in it, it was a shortcut to the light, a good opportunity to change, and the Great Tao to reverse their fate and become senior demons! What’s more, Li Ye’s trick was so meticulous that the demons had been trapped before they knew it.”

“After that, the gamblers would only think about how to win, and they would not have time and mood to observe the overall situation and reflect on the gambling. Even if they could figure it out, they would not destroy it. Because as long as gambling went on, they would have hope. Otherwise, they would not be able to win back their Magic Treasures and magic tools! Then they would become the real losers and have nothing left!”

The Macaque King was stunned and speechless for a long time.

It might sound incredible, but it was true. He also knew that if he hadn’t been on Macaque Mountain and restricted Li Ye, Li Ye would even not have produced the “nouveaux riches” to confuse the public.

Moreover, Li Ye was followed by 5,000 to 6,000 cultivators of the demon clan. Without the Macaque King’s orders, no one from Macaque Mountain would dare to act rashly on a large scale and cause the two sides into a battle.

Li Ye did not cheat, after all.

In the end, the Macaque King looked up at the sky and sighed. “It seems that what you said is right. It is indeed a disaster to let Li Ye stay on Macaque Mountain. It is better to let him leave…”

Speaking of this, he restrained his expression, and his eyes became fierce again. “He can leave, but his Magic Treasures must be left behind! It concerns the overall strength of the cultivators of Macaque Mountain. Even if I fall out with him, I will take those Magic Treasures back!”

The remnant soul looked at him and said weirdly, “If the 5,000 to 6,000 cultivators brought by Li Ye are going to fight for him, would you still be willing to kill the several thousand cultivators because of the several thousand Magic Treasures?”

The Macaque King’s expression froze.

That was not what he wanted to see.

At this moment, Monkey Three’s eager voice was heard outside the cave. “Great King, bad news!”

“Why are you so panic-stricken? Come in!” The Macaque King was shocked and thought, “Could it be that Li Ye has made trouble again?” He was now afraid of Li Ye. This guy had numerous means and it was hard to guard against him.

After Monkey Three came in, he quickly said, “The urgent news came almost at the same time from Sun Bofu of Zhenjiang City and several other big cities. The beast tide has broken out again! Moreover, there are more than one in each big city under our jurisdiction. The scale is unprecedentedly large. They have already rushed out of the forests and swept toward villages, towns, and cities! Roughly speaking, the number of fierce beasts in the territory is no less than 150,000!”

The Macaque King turned pale with fright. “There are so many of them!”

After the battle of Blackstone Mountain, the Macaque King strictly ordered every Lord in his jurisdiction to guard against the outbreak of the beast tide. Once they found it, they had to report it immediately and organize forces to suppress it at the same time—this was a big deal. But after Li Ye went up the mountain, the Macaque King was angered by him and cultivated in seclusion. He forgot to supervise it.

However, at this point, it did not matter anymore.

The total number of the demons in the Macaque King’s territory was only more than 100,000. In other words, the number of fierce beasts already exceeded the number of demons. That was terrible.

“It seems that after the immortals were discovered, they have no intention of hiding and are going to fight against the demon clan head-on!” The demon monkey’s remnant soul looked solemn. “It is also possible that they have prepared for it long before, but Li Ye happened to find them on Blackstone Mountain!”

“Go to the campsite!” The Macaque King flew out of the cave. “Let’s deal with Li Ye first!”

Arriving at the sky above the campsite, the Macaque King saw the demons still gambling. He became angry immediately and roared, “All of you, stop and line up!”

Li Ye breathed a sigh of relief when he saw the Macaque King. “Thank God, he has come finally.” If the Macaque King did not appear, he would be exhausted. The gambling was no longer something he could stop just because he wanted to.

Besides, after a few days of gambling, some smart demons began to study the dice, and their gambling skills soared. He was losing control of the situation.

“Macaque King, you have finally appeared. I have been waiting for you for a long time. Well, would you like to gamble with me?” Li Ye smiled and greeted the Macaque King. The first half he said was sincere, but the second half was to show his confidence.

“Li Ye! Do you still want to stir up trouble?” The Macaque King stared at Li Ye and gnashed his teeth. “The beast tide has completely erupted, and the demon clan is facing an all-out war, so I do not have time to chat with you now. Hurry up and return the Magic Treasures and magic tools to my demons. Otherwise, do not blame me for being unkind!”

Upon hearing this, all the demons’ expressions changed drastically. “What did it mean by ‘completely erupted’? What did it mean by ‘an all-out war’? Is the beast tide controlled by the immortals so serious?”

“Why should I return the Magic Treasures and magic tools that I won with my skills?” Li Ye kept smiling. He stretched out three fingers calmly. “Unless you promise me three conditions.”