The Divine Nine-Dragon Cauldron

Chapter 3: Space-Time Manipulation

Chapter 3: Space-Time Manipulation
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"Screw you!" Su Yu was normally calm. However, when angry, he was really angry; when he needed to fight, he would fight. If you endure something silently when you are not supposed to, that is not enduring, that is cowardice!

Whatever happened in the corridor had attracted the attention of the other silver students, causing many of them to pop their heads out.

"Ha! Am I seeing things? Su Yu actually had the guts to go against Wu Song?" some people mocked.

A few people leaned against the wall with their arms crossed to watch the show. "Who knows? Maybe because his girlfriend was stolen from him he turned into a different person?"

"Haha, interesting. I heard that bastard Su Yu even helps Wu Song with his urinal pot in the middle of the night! Now, he dares to go against him."

Wu Song let out a cold laugh. "Now that you've become more gutsy, you want to fight me?"

Su Yu ignored the mockery of the others and quickly made the first move. "Continuous Jade Leaf Kick!" Su Yu moved quickly like a fleeing hare. With a force as great as a thunderbolt, he launched his attack.

He stood on one leg and moved in an agile manner. As he moved, he raised his other leg. The attacking and withdrawing of his foot was very elastic and smooth, making it very difficult for Wu Song to avoid them by confusing him.

However, Wu Song easily dodged the kick after retreating half a step.

"Drunken Mantis Fist!" He squatted down a bit and became as sturdy as a rock. He bent his knees and filled with explosive force, ready to leap forward and launch an attack that could both harm the opponent and defend himself.

He positioned his arms like a sickle and held his fingers close together. He rocked back and forth, and was firm like a mantis preying on a cicada. This allowed him to defend himself and prepare for the attack.

Wu Song's right arm moved as fast as lightning to block the kick before it hit him.

As he heard the sound of his sleeve being torn open, his right arm went on the offensive. The right arm was aimed at the sole of Su Yu's shoes, repelling his kick.

The onlookers shook their heads and sneered. "Are you an idiot? How can someone who is at Level One Peak beat someone who is Level Two?"

"Even if Su Yu had achieved Level Two by chance, he would be unable to match Wu Song, who achieved Level Two a long time ago."

However, Su Yu was not discouraged. He continuously launched fierce attacks using his legs. Wu Song blocked his attack again, but with a bit more difficulty. He knew that the power of the next few attacks would give him a hard time.

He started to feel pain in between his fingers. What was going on? How can a mere Level One have such frightening strength?

Both of them were tangled, continuously exchanging blows.


The noise generated from the fight attracted more attention.

"Uh, what is going on? Su Yu actually lasted this long against Wu Song? Is it because Wu Song was holding back?" Some onlookers eventually realized the situation and stopped mocking Su Yu.

"I don't think so, Wu Song seems to be having a hard time!" a particularly perceptive onlooker observed.

They were locked in battle and refused to yield to the other.

At that moment, Su Yu was surprised to discover that Wu Song seemed to have taken a drug that slowed him down; he was thirty percent slower than normal.

"Uh… What is going on?" Su Yu was astonished.

I don't care anymore!

When his opponent slowed down, Su Yu found there was an opening around his chin. Immediately, he launched a fierce attack with his right leg.


Wu Song took a heavy hit to his chin. His body felt as though he had experienced electrical shock, and was sent flying across the room. His back hit the edge of the bed, which was made of solid wood, causing excruciating pain that made him scream a few times. His forehead was dripping sweat.

"You… How is it possible?" Wu Song gasped with astonishment. As he was fighting, his opponent suddenly became three times faster and he threw a kick at him.

"You have achieved Level Two of the Martial Path!" When Wu Song sensed the inner strength of his opponent, he concluded that the abnormal change was due to him making a breakthrough to Level Two.

The people surrounding Su Yu observed the power of his inner strength, causing them to gasp with astonishment.

"What? This bastard… Su Yu actually reached Level Two?" One of the students who was at Level One Peak changed his tone as his heart quivered with fear.

Among the silver students, Su Yu's talents were medium-level. He was neither poor nor outstanding; he was average.

Master Chen, who taught them, had assessed that Su Yu would need at least two more years of training before he would achieve Level Two. The fact that Su Yu had already done so was an achievement that surprised many. For silver students, achieving Level Two indicated that they had surpassed a large number of students. Most of the students watching the show had only achieved Level One.

When Su Yu sent Wu Song flying with a kick, he caught the attention of the noisy onlookers. At the same time, the onlookers withdrew back into their rooms.

"Seriously! Su Yu has actually achieved Level Two? Oh no! I bullied him once!"

"Darn! This kid has kept his abilities hidden for so long! Looking at the way he defeated Wu Song, he might have achieved Level Two a long time ago. He might have kept this a secret, so that he could lure out his bullies! I might already be on his radar!"

"Heaven is blind! If he could achieve Level Two with his kind of talent, why couldn't I? The silver assessment is almost here!"

At that moment, everyone kept quiet out of fear. When Su Yu became a Level Two student, he had become an outstanding figure who was admired by the rest of the students. Those who had caused him trouble in the past were uneasy, as they were afraid that he might seek revenge.

As Su Yu felt the difference between now and the past, he quietly sighed. This was indeed a world where you were honored and respected based on your abilities!

His gaze then fell on Wu Song, who was groaning in pain on the floor. "Take your bed and get out! From now on, the corridor will be your home!" Su Yu swung his arms and threw Wu Song's bedding out of the room.

He treated his enemies without any mercy.

Wu Song refused to accept this. However, he had suffered a minor injury, and combined with the extraordinary change in Su Yu, he could only grit his teeth, submit to humiliation, and move out. In the blink of an eye, Su Yu disappeared into the darkness.

"How was it? How did the plan go?" Out of the darkness, Qin Feng's familiar voice could be heard.

In a respectful and careful manner, Wu Song said, "That guy achieved Level Two of the Martial Path, so I was unable to break his ribs. The plan was a failure."

"Achieved Level Two? Him? That good-for-nothing?" Astonished, Qin Feng muttered to himself for awhile and swung his hands. "You can leave now. You are no longer of any use to me in this matter. I will look for people that are more powerful!"

"Who?" Wu Song refused to accept this. If he had time to prepare, he was sure that he could defeat Su Yu.

Qin Feng uttered sarcastically, "Chen Feng!"

"What? Poisonous Widow, Chen Feng?" Wu Song's expression of dissatisfaction suddenly turned into an expression full of fear.

Chen Feng was a strong martial artist who had achieved the Level Two Upper Tier of the Martial Path. Among the silver students, she was in the top 100. She excelled in poisoning techniques, making it difficult to get within three inches of her. This also meant that it was difficult to go against her. In a duel, whoever faced her as an opponent would experience many difficulties. What was frightening about her was that even though she was a girl, she was cruel and ruthless.

She would always launch ruthless attacks. None of her opponents escaped unscathed. Puking blood and getting your limbs broken were considered minor injuries when fighting against her. Her poisoning techniques were top-notch. Many people were unaware that they had been poisoned, and it was too late for them by the time the poison took effect.

There was once a pretty female student that Chen Feng was jealous of. During an official duel, they happened to face one another. As the other student's abilities were slightly superior, she won the duel.

At the time, there was nothing wrong. However, one month later, the poison concealed in the student's body started to take effect, causing ulcers to form on her face. Moreover, there was no cure for it.

Dejected, she withdrew from school in the end.

Even though her family elders managed to find a remedy which helped her regain her appearance, she had missed her opportunity to be recruited by the martial arts training institute, ruining her future.

Within the training institute, many silver students possessed indescribable hatred for her, yet no one dared to take revenge against her, because Chen Feng's brother was Chen Tiannan.

Chen Tiannan's abilities were so frightening that he was comparable to gold students. None of the silver students could match him. Hence, he was fully deserving of the number one title among them. The number one silver student would earn a title that was exclusive to him alone: the King of Silver. This honor meant that he was the king among the silver students, as well as the most powerful person in the training institute!

Similar to Chen Feng, Chen Tiannan's flaw was that he was ruthless. Who still dared to seek revenge against Chen Feng?

Thinking about the existence of scary people such as the King of Silver, Wu Song's face turned pale. If Su Yu met her… Wu Song shivered with fear. He felt remorse for Su Yu. No matter the outcome of their battle, there would be dire consequences.

The next morning, Su Yu felt slightly tired. He had been filled with excitement the entire night. The small bronze cauldron had changed his life, giving him a chance to rise to the top. He spent the whole night thinking about the change in himself.

He set the small bronze cauldron aside; it was entrenched in Su Yu's mind and it wouldn't budge a bit. The greatest change in Su Yu was in his eyes. The hidden crystalline pupils not only gave him the ability to see in the dark, they also gave him the unusual ability to increase his speed.

For the people of the Shenyue continent, this might be hard to understand.

Su Yu possessed great knowledge about science, allowing him to understand the principle which allowed him to increase his speed — space-time manipulation!

By situating himself in a space which allowed time to accelerate, Wu Song would feel that Su Yu was 30 percent faster. Knowing that he possessed an ability that defied nature, Su Yu was unable to sleep for the whole night.

This meant that if his opponents' abilities were only slightly greater than his, he would still have a chance at victory.

In regard to his new abilities, Su Yu did not become arrogant or complacent; his abilities were still too weak!

For him to achieve a breakthrough to Level Two the previous night and then defeat Wu Song thereafter was largely due to his persistent training, which had allowed him to build a solid foundation.

However, his enemy was not Wu Song. It was Qin Feng, the gold student who was way above the rest, as well as the son of the powerful and influential Duke Qin!

"In order to get stronger, not only must I train to a higher level, my cultivation technique is also important! Tomorrow, I will choose one!"

After dawn, Su Yu immediately rushed to the Depository of Buddhist Scriptures, which was inside the martial arts training institute.

With a student identification card, you could access the training institute. However, silver students were only qualified to enter the first level. The second and third levels were still above it.

For the second level, only the gold students were qualified to enter. For the third level, only the ten demon students who never showed themselves were allowed to enter. Although Su Yu was envious of the two levels above, he was not qualified for either of them. Hence, he could only enter the first level.

"There are 101 assault cultivation techniques and 1,001 auxiliary cultivation techniques. You can learn one at a time and you cannot learn another one for six months," advised an old man who was stationed in front of the staircase. He looked at Su Yu indifferently.

When the students started to practice their cultivation technique, they did not have a firm resolve. When they did not see the strength of the cultivation technique after training for some time, they would change and learn another one.

As such, they wasted a huge amount of time and energy, only to achieve nothing in the end. It was estimated that results would only show after six months of training.

Students would have to consider their choice of cultivation technique carefully to avoid picking the wrong one and regretting the next six months. Second, after the students made their choice, they needed to possess determination to train and master the technique. Su Yu thought it was a pity that he could only learn one cultivation technique in the next six months.

The cultivation techniques were categorized into three levels: basic-level, medium-level, and advanced-level.

Continuous Jade Leaf Kick was considered basic level. Moreover, among the basic cultivation techniques, "Continuous Jade Leaf Kick" was fundamentally the easiest to train and master.

As Su Yu's abilities were not great in the past, he started off his training late. Hence, he deliberately chose a cultivation technique that was easy to train and absorb.