The Divine Nine-Dragon Cauldron

Chapter 11: The Silver Assessment

Chapter 11: The Silver Assessment
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Thinking back to the longbow in her hands, he thought it might be the latter, and with such high privilege, she must be either rich or powerful.

The celestial being's hair was wet, as if she had just gotten out of the shower. Her fragrance spread in bursts and her fair complexion was like a lotus after the rain, glowing and smooth.

"Go on in, no one is there now." The celestial being waved her hands slightly, a hint of smile in her clear eyes, as she invited Su Yu in.

Su Yu was surprised. "This is the upper class training room, and I am just a silver student with no right to enter, but I appreciate your kind offer."

"It's alright, I'll allow it." The celestial being smiled and walked away.

Su Yu was not a pompous man, so he said his thanks and swiftly entered. In the middle of the training room was a small green pond with white fumes pouring out from it, like an emerald gem.

The fragrance of the celestial being lingered in the air. Su Yu got ready to take off his shirt and enter the pond.

Suddenly, a gust of strong wind came from behind, so fast that Su Yu could not react.

He felt his eyes blur, and it seemed like someone had taken something from the side of the pond. At a crucial moment, Su Yu activated his double eyesight and entered a sped-up time zone so that he could see everything clearly.

It was the celestial being!

Her face was flushed and there was a hint of shyness in her eyes. She was biting her lips slightly as she rushed in and grabbed her skirt that had been left beside the pond. It was none other than the skirt that she had just taken off but forgot to pack away!

Her entrance and exit happened in a flash, and normal people would have no way of seeing it, instead just perceiving it as a gust of wind.

Su Yu's expression was uncomfortable as he closed the stone door like nothing had happened.

After taking off his shirt and entering the pond, Fang Yu was still in shock. The celestial being is so powerful. Her speed of light is far higher than a level that I can match! Besides having a privileged identity, is her level also very high?

With doubts in mind, Su Yu entered training.

Su Yu submerged his whole body inside the green pond and an indescribable sense of comfort entered every inch of his muscle. He could almost feel his body slowly improving.

"No wonder this is the upper class training room! The effect is fascinating!" Su Yu exclaimed to himself softly. He immediately took out his Spirit Elixir, coordinated it with the Spirit pond, and started to train intensely!

The silver students' assessment was only three days away. He had to hurry and upgrade his powers in order to get a higher placing.

After one day, the secret chamber remained silent.

After two days, there were occasional punching sounds in the chamber.

After three days, a breeze was blowing about the chamber, as if there was a shadow floating around, with sounds of moving sleeves.

Wow! The effect is amazing in the upper class training room! Su Yu was satisfied as he felt his blood surging through his body.

Under the coordination of three Lower Class Spirit Elixir, one Middle Class Spirit Elixir and the Spirit pond, he had reached the peak of Level Two! He was only an inch away from Level Three!

At the same time, the Universal Stroke had reached Level Three Top Tier, and his fists could continuously hit 16 times! 16 consecutive hits can be blocked by only a few people.

Once the third level is completed, he fists would be able to hit consecutively with no limit. Then who can block it?

The Cloud Shadow trick also had great improvements with the completion of Level One. Su Yu could easily jump over three meters, his body light like a swan and graceful like a swallow. His agility and speed could be compared to a Level Three member!

"Brother Feng, tomorrow is the silver assessment, I wish to enter an upper class training room. " A couple approached the training room.

The female possessed the beauty a fox fairy. Standing beside a handsome man, the fox fairy spoke slightly flirtatiously.

Qin Feng was satisfied with the fairy's dependence but was slightly embarrassed. The martial arts training institute was extraordinary, but even he did not have the rights to own an upper class training institute.

"Qing-er, let's wait. The lights are on in this upper class secret chamber, which means the person inside will leave once he finishes training, and then I will ask him. How about that?" Qin Feng tidied his attire, believing that as the junior duke, he could convince the other party.

Jiang Xueqing was happy, as she felt that as long as Qin Feng was around, anything was possible. Thinking back to her year with Su Yu, she shook her head lightly. If only she had met Qin Feng earlier and had his financial and power support, she might be a golden student now.

My past self was so ignorant, Jiang Xueqing sighed to herself.


The door opened, and a young man surrounded by water vapor stepped out. Qin Feng smiled lightly and extended his hand politely. "Sir, I am Qin Feng, and my father is the duke. I was wondering if you would let us borrow your secret chamber?"

Su Yu had just come out, and turned around upon hearing the noise his face showed his wonderment. "Oh, sorry, this is a friend's. I don't have the right to lend it," Su Yu replied as he closed the stone door and walked past them.

He nodded his chin slightly towards Jiang Xueqing and walked away expressionlessly. From start to finish, he did not look her in the eyes. Even as he glanced at her, he showed no sign of recognition, as though she were a stranger.

The couple was stunned.

Qin Feng recovered from the shock and was both surprised and angry. He was surprised that a poor kid could enter an upper class training room that even he could not enter, and angry that he had made a request to this poor kid!

Meanwhile, Jiang Xueqing was also shocked. Since when did Su Yu have the right to enter the upper class training room?

"Huh! Qing-er, no need to worry, his good days won't last long! Tomorrow is the silver assessment and I am going to show him something!" Qin Feng said with a tinge of viciousness.

The mention of the silver assessment caused Jiang Xueqing to gather her attention. With the support of Qin Feng, she had managed to break through Level Three, and had hope of fighting for the top position with Silver King Chen Tiannan!

A few months from now she could even enter the ranks of the gold students and be the best of the best!

As for Su Yu, with his average skills, he could break through Level Two with some luck. Even so, at most he would return home and become a senior martial arts trainer or a hunter, living a mediocre life.

Compared to her, who was destined to be the top lady, they were worlds apart.

Su Yu, it is not me being harsh, but you are too useless and cannot provide me with what I want. Jiang Xueqing collected her thoughts coolly, and made up her mind that the path she had chosen could not be wrong.

Su Yu returned to his room, and Wu Song immediately followed him like a pug. He realised he could no longer clearly see Su Yu's details!

"Brother Yu, you are back. Haha, these are the challenge books you have received in the last eight days!" Wu Song said with respect as he retrieved a stack of five challenge books.

Su Yu had suddenly risen up and defeated Chen Feng, entering the top 100 rank of silver students. Naturally, many silver students were not satisfied and wanted to challenge him. Su Yu did not care about them, except for one letter that made him raise his eyebrows. It was a challenge book written in blood! There were just a few sentences on it.

On the day of the silver assessment, come on stage and face death! From the Silver King, Chen Tiannan!

Chen Tiannan? Su Yu's expression was cold.

Chen Tiannan, the best of the silver students, the Silver King, the elder brother of Chen Feng, a person who had to be avenged. Su Yu had hurt Chen Feng; it was within reason for Chen Tiannan to seek revenge.

Wu Song watched Su Yu's expression carefully as his reminded him, "Brother Yu, do you want to apply for a leave of absence from the martial arts school to avoid the Silver King?"

"No need!" Su Yu wrote his reply in ink on the challenge book: Silver King, tomorrow, protect your title!

Wu Song gasped. How daring of Su Yu to be so arrogant!

The next morning marked an uneasy day for the countless silver students.

The silver assessment would eliminate half of the silver students that did not meet the requirements, with five thousand people being sent home. This would mean that their martial arts journey would end and they would be marked as a commoner, either being a good hunter in a remote village or being a small instructor, leading a mediocre life.

Su Yu arrived at the assessment venue early and sat quietly in the audience seats.

Not many people knew him, and nobody cared about him.

"Look! The second and third silver powers are here!" Excitement and respect could be seen in the eyes of countless silver students.

Two silver students, one male and one female, gathered in front of thousands of eyes, like shining stars that were eagerly watched.

Su Yu had seen the third silver power, Xu Sen, before.

Eight days ago, during his fight with gold student Li Minghao, he was knocked to the ground. His childhood sweetheart Li Qian threw away their love and abandoned Xu Sen, becoming a toy for Li Minghao so that she could have a better future.

Having experienced the hardships of life, Xu Sen did not seem to be in the best condition, with an air of uneasiness.

Beside him was the second silver power, Xuan Lefei, who was on Level Three. She had a sweet face and was all smiles, but there was a hint of slyness in her smiley eyes. Although only 14 years old, she was charming.

"Xuan Lefei has high hopes of achieving the title of Silver King! At last year's silver assessment, she lost to Chen Tiannan by one move. Apparently she has been training hard this past year, even breaking through to Level Three."

"The chances do not seem great. Chen Tiannan's specialty is the "Ghost Shadow" trick, which is mysterious and unpredictable, making him extremely powerful. Unless anyone can match up to this trick, it would be scarce to find a true opponent!"

The entrance of the two people brought about a round of cheers. After the grounds went quiet for a while, there was a sudden commotion.

"Look! One of the top three beauties, Jiang Xueqing, has appeared!"

"And the junior duke Qin Feng by her side!"

The crowd was going wild.

Su Yu looked over and saw the god-like couple walking out.