The Conquerors Path

Chapter 699-The Truth Of The Hero?

Chapter 699-The Truth Of The Hero?

The dark and weary feeling that kept clutching all around Angelina dispersed, the feeling around her turned to neutral. By now, Angelina's eyes were already red, tears already having fallen, all the emotions around her Austin made sure that it would heavily affect her, making her mind rattle in this place, where the emotions run amok and control your mind.

Finally getting a reprieve, Angelina looked forward, the blacky inkiness that surrounded her faded away as she could see Austin seated right in front of a book, the words of his father being written there, the words of encouragement, the pride he had in Austin, and finally his wish that Austin would grow up to be a bright and upright man that protects the weak and keeps his family safe.

From then on, the feeling of neutrality stayed, after which Angelina felt it, the dark eyes of Austin, those beautiful purple eyes that she always felt attracted to slowly regaining the warmth in them, life seemingly coming back to his eyes as words of promise to himself started to swirl around him, the murmurs from Austin's mouth reaching Angelina's ears.

"I promise you, father, I will be a man you can be proud of."

The last of those words brought out a boom that resounded everywhere, the colors slowly changing into a beautiful hue, the feelings shifting to a rightful dance, and the feeling of comfort after all the torturous feeling she went through making Angelina's heart light, without she knowing her whole mind and body being influenced to only see Austin's life within her eyes.

Without her knowing, she attached herself to Austin in ways she couldn't fathom yet, before she could even understand all her emotions the scene changed, a new story started to be played, and the newly renewed Austin stood up and grew with great ferocious might, the first thing Austin did is to become the pillar of the family and bring them back together.

Angelina could see it happening all, Austin going forth to mend his relationship with Nora, trying to make her straight, trying to get back his loving older sister, Austin going forth to spend more time with his little sister, giving her the warmth and happiness of an older brother he should have given her and then Austin going forth to his mother to be the son he should have been.

The story flows forward with Austin going forth to help and mend back the family, the brightness of life and happiness all bubbling forth and it influenced Angelina heavily, Austin's sadness being her sadness, while his happiness becoming her happiness, the memory of the most righteous man she will ever meet and love slowly flowing forth.

Angelina went forth to see the accidental meeting with the Bow Empress, she coming forth to take him as her student, the words of talent she tells him, the time they started to spend together, then the flow continued, happiness and greatness filled all around the mansion now and it was all thanks to the work of a single boy, who chose to change and grow.

The story of a great man slowly started to bloom with the scenes of Austin accidentally finding a slave movement, orchestrated by powerful nobles within the Dukedom, Austin found it and Austin didn't wait for long, calling upon action from his entire family, he took the lead with his own methods to lead the fight against the slave trading.

With a single stubborn demand from him, a single whole place of slavery was taken away, and the scene showed of how heroically Austin, even in his own childful innocence, went forth to save lives and then save the lives of the now-highly mentioned Clara, Mika, and Rika, the truth of where they came from coming into light.

'Now wonder they have so much loyalty to him.'

Angelina could understand it now, and somehow a great pride bloomed in Angelina's heart at the scene, a scene so similar to how a wife feels pride for her husband but that didn't last for long as she started to see the closeness of the girls getting close to Austin, it didn't take much more for Angelina to see their pure intention of heavy love for him.

And it only got worse for her to see how kind and understanding Austin was leading them all, he being their support and being the kind person she had come to understand him to be as he kept helping Clara, Mika, and Rika all around the way, the scenes making her heart crunch up with an extreme amount of jealousy.

Of course, all of this was the major push for the jealousy being put forth by Austin but in Angelina's mind, everything felt like normal, as Angelina seethed and bathed in jealousy, her expression quite coming to look like Nix's and Melvin's as the scene changed, the sea of happiness turning into sadness as Austin gazed upon the suffering bodies of his sisters.

The call of sadness and past came forth to affect him and even Angelina as she wisely watched on started to shed tears again, the scenes kept flowing faster, the call of unfairness, to everything Austin did to help save his sister, to the scenes of him challenging against Olivia, to entering the realm of danger along with his two sisters.

Each scene of the battle, each injury that he got, all of them coming to feel like attacks on Angelina's own body.


Angelina screamed out as she saw the scene of how Austin had protected his two sisters, his back being the one to take in all the attacks, the scene made Angelina feel extreme pain and jealousy and a certain emotion she couldn't place her finger on, for Angelina who grew up in her own Imperial family all this scene being something she can't connect to.

The maternal love between the family, the happiness without betrayal, and above all the condition and love of Austin, the thoughts of perhaps Austin might do something like this for her if she got together with him made Angelina's heart beat faster and faster, the truth that there lay a man like Austin out there rising her emotions higher.

Then it all played out, like destiny, similar to a hero facing all adversities to reach the top, it all being played out, Austin being chosen, his powers coming out, his single fight, and then his fainting but that wasn't the end, while Angelina danced with pride at everything in front of her, the scenes twisted darkness came and a scene of blessing started to arrive.

The scene twisting forth to see Austin floating in the darkness, his own self relieved with the fact that he had saved his sister, even if he could have died, the choices and his emotions only going forth deeper and deeper into Angelina's heart and then it happened, the scene shifting forth to see a cloaked darkness, light shining forth as the words flowed forth.


"Who are you?!"

The young Austin shouted, his voice filled with confusion as the light within the darkness spoke.

The voice resonated with a commanding presence, yet carried a soothing tone that seemed to wrap around Austin like a comforting embrace. It spoke with the weight of ages as if echoing from the depths of eternity itself.

"I am the Oracle of Fate, the keeper of the threads that weave the tapestry of destiny," the voice intoned, its words dripping with ancient wisdom. "You, Austin, have been chosen by the fates to wield a power beyond mortal comprehension, a power that will shape the course of history itself."

Austin's eyes widened in astonishment as the 'realization' of his 'destiny' began to dawn upon him. He had always felt a stirring within his soul, a sense that he was meant for something greater, but now, confronted with the magnitude of his calling, he felt a mixture of 'awe' and 'trepidation'.

"You possess within you the spark of greatness, a light that will shine brightly even in the darkest of times," the Oracle continued, its voice echoing with a sense of urgency. "But beware, for with great power comes great responsibility. The path ahead will be fraught with peril and hardship, and you will face trials that will test the very core of your being."

Austin's heart pounded in his chest as he listened to the Oracle's words, his mind racing with thoughts of the 'challenges' that lay ahead. Yet, despite the uncertainty, he felt a sense of resolve 'building' within him, a 'determination' to embrace his destiny and stand firm against the encroaching darkness.

"Know this, Austin," the Oracle proclaimed, its voice ringing with conviction. "You are not alone in your quest. The gods themselves have taken notice of your courage and virtue, and they will bestow upon you their blessings to aid you in your journey."

As the words echoed through the darkness, Austin felt a surge of power coursing through his veins, a sensation of 'strength' and 'resilience' that filled him with newfound confidence. He knew that the path ahead would be fraught with 'danger', but with the 'blessings' of the gods guiding his steps, he felt ready to face whatever 'challenges' awaited him.

"Go forth, Austin," the Oracle declared, its voice fading into the shadows. "Embrace your destiny, and let your light shine brightly for all the world to see."