The CEO’s Daring Wife

Chapter 4

Chapter 4

So far the 'evil' CEO had been supervising the police do their job for about an hour now
At this point all the police officers had felt like the CEO liked to watch people suffer . .
Mei Koi had felt like she was going to lose her sanity if she had to wait any longer, but she knew that it would be dumb for her to leave under the watchful eye of all the police, and not to mention, CEO Lu was also watching everyone .
'I wonder when everybody will be free to leave?? Maybe I could send a secret message to a contact and have them make an excuse for me?? I mean it doesn't sound like a bad idea . . '
While everyone had their own opinions about Tang Li and the situation they were in, CEO Li was enjoying himself by watching the hackers misfortune, wondering what she was going to do to get out of this mess .
'Ehh whatever, first before I contact my contact I'll ask a police officer here about how much longer we might have to stay here . . but I have to chose one who looks like an idiot . I can't have any tails on me because someone ratted me out saying I left early . . '
After surveying the crowd of police officers for a little while inconspicuously, Mei Koi finally saw someone who she thought would be the perfect idiot that she needed for her plan to work . Mei Koi casually approached the 'victim' and said in her sweetest tone possible
"Umm . . do you happen to know what time we can leave?? I- I have to hurry back home real quick! You see, my little brother is sick and doesn't have anyone to watch over him currently, so I-Uh was wondering when I could leave??"
Never hurt to have an excuse, even if the person she was talking to looked like an idiot . Better safe than sorry!
The person she was talking to looked average, he had an average looking face, an average height . . basically everything about him was 'average' . . .
He looked up at her before replying "you don't know?? We're aloud to leave anytime . . . ? There isn't a bound time period of how long we have to stay, it's just that no one wants to leave, in fear of getting in trouble with the CEO . . . " he looked at her like she was an idiot
'Oh so now IM the idiot . . good job, Mei Koi!! Do I even have common sense?? I guess I have to make up an excuse now . . . what should I say?? I have amnesia?? I was in a panic so I forgot? Uhh . . '
"I'm new here!" Mei blurted out
'I need more than that! Ahh'
"Well, you see, I just joined the police force . . so I don't really know all the exact rules by memory yet! Well, thank you, kind sir! I'll be off now! Have a good day!"
'I hope he believes that . . well I gotta go now!'

'Ah . . wait . . I have to contact someone to pick me up first . . am I loosing my mind today??? It sure feels like it!'

After Mei Koi called for someone to pick her up, she was told to wait about 10 minutes until she got picked up .
That basically meant that she had 10 minutes to kill .
So what should she do?? Well she had 10 minutes to waste so why not learn more about the information the police had gathered on her so far . .
After being a hacker for so many years now, Mei Koi had basically become an expert in gathering data and observing crowds . . . she wouldn't really be that great a hacker if she didn't have basic observation skills .
So far, she has gathered the fact that the police only know that I have outside help . . .
So basically, they knew nothing . . .

It was honestly kind of sad, but at the same time it made Mei Koi feel really proud of herself . After all, the police still had no trace of her . Mei Koi smirked to herself thinking that ordinary police like them had no change against a legendary hacker like herself . . .
Meanwhile, the CEO had noticed the hackers recent movement, and saw that she had openly made a phone call .
He wasn't the CEO for nothing, after all . He was also incredibly smart, resulting in him becoming the CEO even when he was still a teenager . Obviously she was preparing to leave .
The CEO wasn't going to let her go that easily, he had already spent a while watching her, so he didn't have a plan to just let her go anytime soon . .
"Attention everyone!"
The crowd went silent as they all turned to face the evil CEO, waiting for this 'horrible person' to speak .
"You all must leave now! I no longer give any police officers permission to be in this area!"
"What?" "Seriously??" "He just wanted to watch us suffer and then force us away . . how cruel!!"
There were several murmurs amongst the crowd, but the CEO didn't care . He was only focused on what the hacker would do next . 'Surely, amongst all this traffic, she would have a really difficult time leaving!'
As the CEO surveyed the crowd for the female hacker, no matter where he looked, he could not see her . . .
'Damn! Just how good is she at escaping, huh??'
The CEO was visibly annoyed now, as he shouted "EVERYBODY HURRY UP AND GET OUT!!"
Everyone knew the CEO wasn't joking, so there was panic among the crowd . They knew that the CEO could easily make them loose their job, and he could even kill them all without problem . He couldn't even be arrested! This was a person no one wanted to mess with .
Back to Mei Koi
"Ah, thank you, Tom Hai for getting me out of that situation! That CEO had the nerve to mess with me! How annoying!!"
"Yeah Mei, that CEO sure is troublesome . . but at least he gave us an opening to leave . . who would of ever thought that he would cause a panic among the crowd, forcing everyone to leave . " It gave the two an excellent reason to leave, and heck, they didn't even need to explain themselves! Haha
The CEO had really screwed up this time . . . he accidentally let the female hacker get away easily, by causing commotion in the crowd . His plan had definitely backfired, and it was all his fault .