The CEO’s Daring Wife

Chapter 21

Chapter 21

After chatting for a while, Mei and Ali noticed a group of girls staring at them
They decided to ignore it, deciding that those girls just wanted to admire their beauty
The whole time Mei and Ali were joking around and talking light-heartedly, the girls were staring at them .
It continued like this for a while until one of the girls walked over to their table and said almost in a whisper
"U-uhm . . e-excuse me . . . . b-but are y-you two . . . M-Mei a-and A-Ali??" It was obvious she was tense and nervous, so to lighten the atmosphere, Mei spoke in a tone as if the two had known each other for a while already
"Hey, what's up?? Yeah, I'm Mei, and she's Ali . . sooo, what's your name . . ?"
"O-oh . . I'm Ariana . . . but my friends call me Ari!!" The girl that approached them started to act less awkward as she spoke
"Well, anyways . . I saw your guys preformance . . and you two are really good!"
She paused
"And . . I was wondering if I could . . have an autograph . . please?"
Oh . That was it? That's all she wanted? Well, of course the two of them would sign their autographs for this lovely girl . .
"Of course! Here . . " Mei Koi took the notebook and pen Ari was holding and signed her name, then passed it to Ali to sign
Seeing that they were okay with giving them autographs, Ari turned and faced her best friends . She nodded at them, giving them the signal that it was okay to come over
The girls eagerly walked up to Mei and Ali and had them sign THEIR notebooks to
After signing all the notebooks, Mei realized something
'Wait . . this is technically the first autograph we have ever given any of our newly formed fans . . why not take a photo to cherish the moment??'
Mei spoke up "Can all of you let me see your phones real quick??"
A few of the girls paused a moment, wondering why in the world Mei would want their phones before finally deciding to hand them over

"What are you gonna do with our phones??" One girl spoke up and asked the question everyone was thinking
Mei Koi replied like she was stating the obvious
"I'm going to some pictures of course?? What else would I do with your phones??" It's not like she was gonna steal their phones . . .
"R-really?? You'll really take pictures with us??" The girls really couldn't believe it
"Yeah! Everybody, come here, and let's get some shots!!"
The girls rushed over next to Mei and fought a little over who would stand next to who .
While the girls were getting in their positions, Mei walked up to someone near them and asked that person to take pictures of everyone together

The person agreed to help out of good will

No way did that person expect to take so many pictures with so many different phones! Now that was crazy!
Finally, after getting photograph on each phone, the helper though that was it, but Mei handed her phone to their temporary assistant
"Finally, could you please take one last photo on my phone?"
"Of course . . " the photographer (let's just call him bob for know) was starting to get tired, atleast this was the last one!!
This photo would be the most special out of all the photos taken today
It would be the first picture Mei and Ali uploaded on their social media platform
"Okay, girls, are we all ready?!?!!" Ali practically yelled out
Several nods could been seen along with some yes's .
"Okay than, Bob, were ready!" Ali said
After she said that, 'Bob' took the picture
He handed Mei her phone back, she said thank you, and after he left, Mei and Ali proceeded to return the rest of the phones back to their owners
"Well, thank you girls for being so polite, and for letting us give you all our first autographs ever!"
"No, thank you! You two are such amazing people!! Your nice, pretty, along with alot of other stuff! From now on, we will be your official fan group, and we will continue to support you for the rest of our lives! Right, guys??" After she said that, she turned to look at her friends, and received several nods and agreements
"W-well . . I mean . . IF you will allow us to start your OFFICAL fan group . . " as she said that, the girls voice got quieter and quieter .
Mei could tell the girl was starting to get nervous again
"Of course you girls can! It would be an honor for such nice people to start our fan group!"
Authors note: today's chapter was 729 words because I just couldn't think of how to end it . . I have a lot of trouble with thinking of how to end chapters . . so it took me a while to conclude this chapter . .
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