Tempest of the Stellar War

Chapter 19: Everyone’s an Expert

Chapter 19: Everyone’s an Expert
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Chen Xiu scratched his head with an embarrassed look on his face. "I'm actually quite dumb. Dr Xiao Fei had already independently researched space penetration theory by the time she was my age."

The three of them turned to face Wang Zheng simultaneously. Wang Zheng was shocked dizzy just from hearing the backgrounds of these three.

What is this place? I'm just here to mingle around until my transfer to the Mecha Department is approved.

Cough "My name is Wang Zheng. I'm from the capital and I'm no one special."

At this point, the three stared intensely at Wang Zheng before shouting in unison, "YOU ARE THAT WANG ZHENG?!!"

"Uh, is there a problem?"

The three looked at each other in dismay. "F**k, who would have thought that the most mysterious individual to be specially recruited by the academy would be in our dormitory!?"

"Elder Brother Wang Zheng, I heard that you are Teacher Xiao Fei's special assistant. In the future, you must give us more guidance," Chen Xiu said, with a face of adoration as he looked at Wang Zheng.

Student Wang started to sweat. He knew himself the best, but these three individuals in front of him were the real deal.

Zhang Shan attentively sized up Wang Zheng. "That's great. My father said that the Doctor had found a rare genius. Who would have thought that he would be in our dormitory? We now have the opportunity to spend the next four years interacting with each other!"

"Wang Zheng, my aim will be to surpass you. Watch out, I will definitely become the Doctor's assistant; that is my sole meaning in life!"

Yao Ailun's small eyes began to sparkle with brilliance.

Wang Zheng had nothing to say. What in the world was happening? It turned out that his dormitory was a gathering place for the special individuals of the Physics Department, yet all he wanted to was to just get this over with!

Wang Zheng suddenly had a feeling that his university life would not be so relaxed.

When three fanatical scientists gathered together, the topic of conversation spiralled towards the direction in which the scientific world was heading. Wang Zheng tactfully excused himself. Hell, Xiao Fei must have done this on purpose. No matter how she arranged it, he was a warrior that lived to pilot mechs; everything else was just a hobby.

The school was bustling with activity. The numerous students' eyes burned with the passion of youth and their ambitions. Wang Zheng was no different, but he felt like he was just a bystander. It was all Bonehead's fault; he had trained him to become like this.

After checking the day's training schedule in his email…. Granny's leg, that liar (Solon) was indeed very persistent. He had actually sent over a hundred emails! With the mass select function, all of those messages were sent to the junk folder!

Wang Zheng did not even read a single message before getting rid of all of them. He had not battled for a period of time and he felt an urge to do so. He turned around and rushed to Brothers Net Cafe.

Wang Zheng was still considered an old customer, so the boss, who cherished old customers, gave him a 20% discount.

Recently, Solon felt as though each day was a year, and his hair had almost all fallen out. He had previously written innumerable sincere emails with the sincerity he had when he was writing love letters in university! Yet the other party did not even spare him a single look.

After Skeleton had beaten Justin, Solon had already made up his mind. This was his future; he would stake everything on it! If he failed, he would have been a martyr.

But the problem was that this gambling chip had disappeared, so what could he do?

It was really a headache!

At this point, the assistant rushed in through the door, giving Solon a fright. As Solon prepared to scold him, he saw that the assistant's face was a red as a pig's blood. "Boss, he's appeared!"

"GOD, you've finally appeared. I've waited till the yellow lily has gone cold. Immediately carry out the plan, advertise it in every way possible!"

"Yes, Boss! Everyone has been on standby and is ready to do so!"

Even the workers outside were excited. Among CT's achievements, even these eternally low level workers had finally gotten a sense of hope. CT's welfare was extremely good, but who could withstand the long working hours with lowpay?!

CT was an extremely large company, so publicity and operations were separately managed. Once you entered it, the company demanded that you produce results. If not, you would have to face the consequences. What made things worse was that the Beginner Arena was the most unpredictable one among the lot.

The previous time where Skeleton triumphed over Justin had already reinvigorated the silent Beginner Arena. Kids were even worshipping him now! However, whenever Skeleton disappeared, it was usually for a period of a month. This break also led the kids to wait for his return anxiously. It was a good thing that there would be a great show on the first day of school.

"Boss, an update. Although we have yet to start, the number of viewers has already exceeded 10,000!"

"Excellent, continue onwards. Once he makes a selection, immediately take action!"

As Solon drummed his fingers against the table, his face was full of excitement. What in the world was Skeleton thinking of?

An individual like him should not lack money or fame. If it was just for fame, then he did not have to start at the beginner arena.

What was he thinking of?

What needed to be done to secure a long term partnership with him? This was a headache-inducing issue!

If Wang Zheng was here, he would have definitely shouted out just one word: MONEY!!!!!!

Sometimes, the answer is very simple.

Wang Zheng did not opt to go for 1v1 this time around; he opted for the group battle, 5v5. The last time he participated in one, he was just watching Xiao Su play, but this time he would be able to try it for himself.

Individual battles did not possess a large amount of skill to learn from. However, in group battles, there were many learning opportunities.

Entering matchmaking.

Wang Zheng's choice had caused the technicians to scramble hurriedly. Their preparations had to be changed. Who would have expected that he would have chosen to engage in a 5v5?

20 seconds later, matchmaking was complete.

Wang Zheng entered the team mode.

Teammates: "Big Sister Zhou and I," "Donkey Looking for Mule," "It's a Trap," "Raincloud Dancer".

"Hello, everyone, I am a girl. I might make mistakes, so please bear with me," spoke Raincloud Dancer. Although one could not see her looks, her voice was pleasant to hear,

"Haha, little sister, no worries, brother here is an expert. Leave your contact here so I can carry you in future!" said Donkey Finding Mule before opening up his video link. He was indeed slightly handsome. Tilting his face at a 30 degree angle, he even knew how to present his face at an appropriate angle! He seemed to be an expert at wooing girls!

"How are we going to fight?" It's a Trap asked.

"Let's just do as we please; this is not even a high level fight," Big Sister Zhou and I replied.

"Okay, as we please then. Wreck them!"

"F**k me, what is this? Why did we get matched up with military guys?"

The beginner arena also had military teams participating in it. However, for above average military teams, they would have to climb their way to the top from the beginner arena, to the bronze arena, then to the silver arena, and so on.

Although the other side also consisted of beginners, it was unfortunate that they were from the Black Tortoise Corps. This was a famous diamond-ranked army corps, so your average joe would not be able to join them!

"Hey, the opposing side has an individual with a 100% win rate."

"Hehe, coming to the beginner arena to stomp noobs; he must be careful not to get struck by lightning!"

"Kill him!"

"I love to break the hymen."[1]

Game loading... 10%... 50%... 100%...

Map: Norton Star Twisted Jungle

"The opposing side is full of professional soldiers, so be careful, everyone. Our only aim is to lose gracefully. F**k, Skeleton, do you have a mental problem? Why did you pick the Brittleskin!?" It's a Trap exclaimed.

"Screw it, a girl, a noob, the enemy is full of professionals; we are going to lose for sure. No need to be serious, just goof around," Big Sister Zhou and I replied indifferently. He activated his Demon Wolf Mark V and charged out without a second word.

"F**k, today has been full of useless people! I've lost the entire day! Now that school has started, why are there still so many kids playing around?!" groaned It's a Trap. Similarly, he rushed out with his Bata Type V.

The other two players also set off immediately after them, two to the top lane, two to the bottom lane. Only Wang Zheng went alone to the middle lane.

The mecha that spawned from the fort had already rushed out majestically. It was said that Norton Star had a gravity five times stronger than Earth's, which was also the case on this map.

However, Wang Zheng was not worried, as he had not discovered any enemies yet.

However, what the players didn't know was that this battle had a surprisingly large number of spectators! There were over 15,000 spectators watching, and the number of invitations to watch had exceeded 50,000!

Less than 5 minutes later, there was a system announcement:

Raincloud Dancer, destroyed!

Although she was a girl, the opponents did not know that. The moment she exposed herself, she was destroyed by the enemy's Hunter Type 3 with a headshot.

It's a Trap was also flabbergasted. He had reminded her a second too late and she was destroyed! Before he had the opportunity to react, the enemy's Bata Type V had already appeared, savagely slicing towards him with its titanium blade.

It's a Trap still had a few tricks up his sleeve, but the sniper hiding in the shadows had already fired another laser at him.

In a few breaths worth of time, another Hunter Type V rushed out to attack him. Three vs Two, he was done for; after all, It's a Trap was basically blind in one eye.

At the seventh minute, the red side had lost yet another mech. It's a Trap, destroyed!

Donkey Looking For Mule had nothing to say. "Everyone is a fraud! F**k! Your father doesn't care anymore! Killing one of them is enough for me!"

The top lane had three mecha, so the middle and bottom lanes would definitely only had one mech each. Big Sister Zhou and I along with Donkey Looking For Mule immediately increased their speed.

As expected, there was only one Wild Beast Type 3 defending! Would he even be able to defend?

The two in the protection of their mecha started to make preparations for their attack. However, this Wild Beast Type 3 was rather rude. He depended on the fort's fortifications to ward off attacks and did not care to do it properly. Paying attention to the battle fort and killing the Wild Beast Type 3 simultaneously did not seem realistic.

The three mecha on the top lane were retreating back to base at top speed. They were planning to carry out a blitzkrieg. If they didn't, they would really be annihilated! They would have to do it regardless of the effort it took.

While they were paying attention to the fort's intense battle, a Demon Wolf Type V rushed out.

Your granny! There's no one in the mid lane? Another trap!

"Skeleton, there is no one at mid, rush forward quickly! We cannot be beaten without having a single kill!" shouted Big Sister Zhou and I anxiously.

Yet what Wang Zheng really wanted to ask was if Big Sister Zhou was his sister or his girlfriend…

Top lane's Hunter Type 3 was not as fast and thus decided to cut through the middle lane. Demon Wolf and Bata, on the other hand, took the longer route from within the base to bottom lane.

Middle lane had a noob using a Brittleskin, so even though the Hunter Type 3 was an ambush-type mech, there was nothing to fear.

Wang Zheng did not rush in aggressively, as he could sense impending danger.

On the other hand, the fight at bottom lane had turned incredibly intense with large amounts of explosions and gunfire. Big Sister Zhou and I and Donkey Looking for Mule had been surrounded.

Although the two had the advantage in numbers, they were still destroyed.

Only Wang Zheng was left.

The four who had died did not think too much of the situation. After all, this was quite normal when encountering a trap, yet the problem was…

When the four quit, they had a shock. There were so many spectators! Were they all watching their competition?

Could it be that these people were sickos that derived pleasure from watching noobs get rolled?

Sister Zhou and I stared blankly … Skeleton?

Could that be THE Skeleton?


At this point, It's a Trap could no longer stand it and shouted, "Why are you still delaying the fight!? Just surrender; don't waste time!"

He did not notice the number of viewers on the top right hand corner of the screen.


The enemy's Hunter Type 3 had been destroyed. He did not even notice where the Wargod No. 1 had come from. When he realized, it was already too late, as a titanium blade had lunged at him. He did not even have the opportunity to react.

"Hey, what's the situation? Old Hat has been destroyed by a Wargod No 1."

"This guy might be a sockpuppet. Be careful, everyone!"

"Definitely. So what if he's a diamond player? Wreck him, A!"

Four mecha rushed toward the red side's fort. Hunter was in charge of scouting, so he rushed forward at full speed. However, he did not notice even a shadow of the enemy. The rest had started to surround the fort; winning was just a matter of time.

Wang Zheng silently waited for the opportunity to strike, but the formation of the four mecha was extremely tight. So long as one was attacked, the other three would immediately be able to retaliate.

The four mecha began their assault. Explosions and ash riddled the air. At this rate, the fort would not be able to hold on any longer.

Time was slowly running out.

There was no way to salvage this. If an expert were to use a high level mech, there would still be a chance of victory, as the piloting ability and reaction time of these individuals were not high. However, the Wargod No. 1 was not capable of this; it would not be able to resist such an onslaught.

Could it be that the legend would end here?

Solon was about to burst out in tears. Granny's leg, he could have just fought a 1v1! Why a group battle!? Did he not know that the rivers were filled with vicious traps?

It was all over. Although a loss did not matter, the players' interest in Skeleton would dwindle, meaning Solon's future plans were meaningless.

Why in world is this happening!

Wang Zheng's Wargod No. 1 continued to hide in cover, silently waiting…

However, looking at humans in general, when one neared success, they would inevitably slack off, especially if one was in an extremely dominating position.

At this point in time, Old Hat, the one who had been previously destroyed, excitedly shouted out over the communication channel, "Brothers! Be careful, that Brittleskin is Skeleton. He is definitely hiding somewhere waiting for an opportunity to strike. Don't be complacent; when we win this battle, we will be famous!"

F**k, this is why the opponent's ID seemed so familiar. It was actually Skeleton! Didn't he only play 1v1? We've struck a gold mine!

The four enemies who had initially slacked off immediately snapped to attention. They renewed their assault on the fort with greater effort and watched their surroundings more vigilantly.

Wang Zheng's four teammates sighed in sadness. If they had known this earlier, they would not have fought so recklessly. Hell, as of now, not even a god could save them.


[1](Direct TL, meaning is actually to break his winning streak)