Sword Spirit

Chapter 174: Sky Blade Market

Chapter 174: Sky Blade Market

Lu Xuan’s journey was swift, killing quite a few ferocious beasts on the mountain before finally walking out of the mountain.

Now the closest city to Lu Xuan was called Unparalleled City. Without a doubt, Unparalleled City was the Unparalleled Empire’s capital.

Standing on the road, Lu Xuan was a bit lost. Although he said he was coming out to gain experience, he didn’t actually know where to start and didn’t have any headway. Then he shook his head, there was no need to think.

He was resolved to see the entire Sky Sword Continent. Since he had come out, then naturally he would take a look at the Unparalleled Empire’s capital. Since he was small, he had stayed in the small Qing Mountain Village. The biggest city he had gone to was only Lin City, but Lin City was only a normal city in the Heavenly Martial Empire. Naturally it couldn’t compare to a capital.

Moreover, the corpses of the many ferocious beasts he had killed were all stored in his storage ring. Now he wanted to take and sell them. After coming up with this idea, Lu Xuan started heading straight for Unparalleled City.

After going for two hours on the road, he finally saw Unparalleled City’s city walls. It deserved to be Unparalleled City’s capital. Before even entering the city, just the majestic city walls were something Lin City couldn’t compare to.

Outside the city gates, quite a few people dressed as martial artists were going back and forth. It was evidently quite lively. Entering into the city, it was even more bustling. Various kinds of markets were everywhere, sounds of noise never stopped entering the ear.

Lu Xuan prepared to first get the ferocious beast materials off his hands, so he naturally went to first find a spirit materials shop. He pulled aside a martial artist who was passing by and asked: “Brother, may I ask where the biggest spirit material shop is in Unparalleled City?”

Suddenly being pulled aside, this martial artist seemed a bit unhappy, however, he then discovered that he couldn’t see through this person’s cultivation. Obviously, the person in front of him’s cultivation must be higher than his. Immediately, the unhappy expression went by and he cupped his hands and said: “There are many spirit materials shops in Unparalleled City, but if we’re talking about the biggest, naturally it’s the Sky Blade Market. The Sky Blade Market is operated by the Sky Blade Martial Pavilion, that is say, they’re backers are the Sky Blade Sect. The things in there are very complete, but the prices aren’t low. If brother’s finances aren’t bad, then you can go take a look.”

Lu Xuan currently had body refining sixth level large success strength. Even placed in the Wind Sword Sect’s inner sect it would rank highly. Placed in the secular world, amongst his peers, he was like a crane among chickens. The martial artist in front of him was only body refining fourth level, naturally he couldn’t see through Lu Xuan’s strength.
(TN: Like a giant among dwarves)

Hearing this martial artist’s words, Lu Xuan’s mind raced. Sky Blade Market? Sky Blade Sect as a backer? Then maybe they would be able to eat the treasure grade blade in his hands.

Right now, the most valuable thing on his body wasn’t the ferocious beast corpses but was the treasure grade weapon he had gotten from Xu Wen Yang. However, in the secular world, an upper grade iron grade equipment was an incomparably valuable existence. Where could they see a treasure grade level weapon. Normal markets absolutely wouldn’t be able to eat it.
(TN: When they say eat it, it’s being used like they can afford to pay the cost to buy it and then resell it usually. Like a pawn shop or something. Not omnomnom)

Lu Xuan then asked: “I’d like to sell a few things. Does the Sky Blade Market, other than selling items, does it also acquire various materials?”

Seeing that Lu Xuan’s strength was stronger than his own, but his words weren’t domineering at all, this martial artist’s feeling improved a lot. He patiently explained: “Naturally they acquire. Seeing brother like this, you must have come back to the city after hunting right? However, Sky Blade Market’s vision isn’t average. Fifth level ferocious beasts and under materials will not be acquired.”

Hearing this, Lu Xuan slightly smiled. It’s good that their vision wasn’t average. If it was too average, that would make him disappointed.

No longer having anything else to say, he cupped his hands to this martial artist and said: “Thank you brother for the information. I know what to do now.”

This martial artist returned the gesture. Watching Lu Xuan’s leaving figure, he couldn’t help but secretly admire inwardly. Looking at Lu Xuan’s appearance, he couldn’t be that old, but his strength already surpassed his own. This talent was extraordinary.

He was body refining fourth level and he couldn’t see through Lu Xuan’s strength. Obviously Lu Xuan was at least body refining fifth level or higher.

Bidding farewell to this martial artist, Lu Xuan asked along his way and quickly arrived at the so called Sky Blade Market.

This Sky Blade Market indeed wasn’t ordinary. It’s location was in the best spot on the street and the space it took up was three times larger than ordinary markets. A three-story building, it was like a crane among chickens.

A dark red plaque hung on the top. A flying dragon and phoenix were carved along with two large words, Sky Blade!

Although the two words were drawn very simply, it gave off a very majestic qi aura, very atmospheric. Lu Xuan secretly nodded inside. The person who wrote these two words definitely must have been strong, but that was expected. These people were blade cultivators and most likely were people from the Sky Blade Sect. Since he had come, Lu Xuan’s confidence in the Sky Blade Market was even fuller.
(TN: Sorry, couldn’t translate a line in here that well. Didn’t really know what author was trying to say.)

Entering into the Sky Blade Market, very quickly someone came to greet him. Lu Xuan glanced. This salesman was impressively also a cultivator, however his strength wasn’t that high and was only body refining second level strength.

“What would this guest like to buy? This shop’s weapons, dan medicines, spirit materials are all here and can absolutely fulfill your request.” The salesman asked Lu Xuan with a smile, acting very professionally.

“Do you guys acquire spirit materials here? I have some materials I’d like to sell.” Lu Xuan said directly.

“Spirit materials? Of course we take them, however, this shop will not want any low level spirit materials. The lowest has to be at least fifth level ferocious beasts or higher materials. Does this guest have them?”

Lu Xuan nodded. As he had come out of the mountain, although he hadn’t met any ferocious beasts that were too powerful, but there were quite a few fifth level and up ferocious beasts. The highest level was an eighth level ferocious beast. At the time, in order to get it, Lu Xuan had spent quite a bit of energy.

Seeing Lu Xuan nod, this salesman’s mind was apprehensive. It looked like Lu Xuan’s age wasn’t high. Actually having the strength to kill fifth level ferocious beasts. That was amazing.

His smile was then even wider. He said: “Guest, please wait. I’ll go ask for our manager to come over.”

He was only responsible to guide guests that wanted to buy. Matters of acquiring naturally had specialized managers responsible.

Not letting Lu Xuan wait too long, very soon, a middle-aged manager walked over. Lu Xuan glanced at this person and was inwardly shocked. This Sky Blade Market indeed wasn’t an average market. An ordinary salesman was body refining second level and now the manager that came out actually had body refining sixth level strength!

Body refining sixth level. If placed in a place like Qing Mountain Village, they could be a honored like the Long family, but here, they were just an ordinary manager.

However, this manager saw Lu Xuan and had an even larger shock. He discovered Lu Xuan’s age was young and was actually body refining sixth level large success strength and was even stronger than him by a bit.

It should be known, he was already over forty and Lu Xuan looked only about sixteen or seventeen. This level of talent, even if placed in the Sky Blade Sect, wouldn’t be seen often. At the same time, he also began to try and figure out Lu Xuan’s identity. Thinking back and forth, he was most likely the child of a cultivating clan.

As he thought, his movements weren’t slow. There was a smile hung on his face as he began to say: “Little brother, I heard the salesman report that you had spirit materials you wanted to sell?”

Lu Xuan nodded his head: “That’s right.”

“Since little brother has come to our Sky Blade Market, naturally you know that this shop doesn’t accept low level spirit materials. May I ask little brother what level of spirit materials you have on your hands?”

Hesitating slightly, Lu Xuan didn’t hide it and said: “I have quite a few spirit materials, but the highest is an eighth level ferocious beast corpse.”

As these words came out, this manager was overly surprised. Eighth level ferocious beast. This was an extremely powerful ferocious beast.

Compared to a martial artist, ferocious beasts had the natural advantage of their physiques. Eighth level ferocious beasts were even stronger than average body refining eighth level martial artists. Could it be that this young man in front of him actually had the strength to kill eighth level ferocious beasts?

That wasn’t right. He was only body refining sixth level. Perhaps some backer had acted to help to kill it. It seems like indeed it seemed like a clan’s child was correct.

For a moment, countless thought flashed through the manager’s head. ** this line not only needed to be able to see and hear clearly, it needed a head that could think fast.
(TN: I’m guessing it should be something along the lines of: This line of work)

No matter what, an eighth level ferocious beast’s value wouldn’t be low. He didn’t dare to tarry and said: “Young hero, please follow me upstairs. Let’s go to the second floor and then talk.”

Obviously, in this Sky Blade Market was divided into different levels. Ordinary items and martial artists could only stay on the first floor. Only those with enough strength or those that wanted to buy better things could go upstairs.

Lu Xuan didn’t refuse. In a while, he also wanted to discuss the matter of a treasure grade blade. There were too many people on this floor. It wasn’t easy to bring up here. With so many people here, a man’s wealth could lead to his own ruin. He still understood that.

Under this manager’s guidance, the two of them began going to the market’s second floor.

Seeing that there were people going to the second floor attracted the attention of some people. The first floor of the Sky Blade Market was enough to fulfill an ordinary martial artist’s needs. To be able to go up to the second floor meant their strength was extraordinary or they came from a wealthy family.

“Tsk tsk, body refining strength going up to the second floor. It seems this kid is pretty wealthy.” A middle-aged person dressed like a scribe rubbed his chin.

“What’s up big bro, are you thinking of something?” A burly man carrying a long blade on his back next to him whispered and asked.

“Either way we can’t stay in this Unparalleled City any more. Getting a bit more money’s not bad. You go back first and watch over that lass. I’ll take care of this kid.” This middle aged scribe said. Then as if he was a bit worried, he repeatedly advised: “Be a bit more obedient. Don’t touch her. At that time, if you mess up my big plans, see if this father doesn’t beat you to death.”

“Hehe, don’t worry big bro. Although that lass is pretty, this old second isn’t an ignoramus.” The burly man chuckled then left the Sky Blade Market, leaving only the middle-aged scribe still squinting at the second floor. They originally had come to the Sky Blade Market to buy some dan medicines. They hadn’t thought they would see such a fat lamb.

Currently, Lu Xuan had arrived on the second floor with the manager. The second floor was much more peaceful than the first floor, also, the interior was completely changed. There weren’t any shelves or counters, only individual rooms.

“Young hero please come in. In order to guarantee customer privacy, my Sky Blade Market’s second floor is absolutely safe. Everything is discussed in the room. If you need anything, there are naturally people who can get it.” The manager opened a room and invited Lu Xuan in while also not forgetting to praise him a bit.