Special Agent's Rebirth: The Almighty Goddess of Quick Transmigration

Chapter 10

Ye Shaohua put her luggage in a small apartment not far from the capital's university, then she went to the capital's university to inform them of her arrival.

The academician of the computer department waited for her at the entrance of the laboratory, and took her to the entire lab. Many people passing by turned around and looked back. “We can consider it as waiting for you to come back, so how is our lab? Are you not interested in staying?”

Talent is very important to a country, especially one like Ye Shaohua. The academician was very familiar with Gu Jingyun, so she knew what Ye Shaohua was doing in M country. That's why she wanted Ye Shaohua to come as an exchange student at any cost.

“Academician, let's put off this matter until some time later, you know that my base camp is in M country.” Ye Shaohua smiled.

“If you want to, I will report it directly,” said the academician, who also looked at her. “Moreover, there is young master Gu, are you afraid that your base camp will not be returned?”

“He really didn’t have anything to do with this.” In fact, if Ye Shaohua wanted to move her base camp back home, there is still a way, but this can’t be said directly to the academician. She still had other things to do. “You probably don’t know. After I left, the FBI was dispatched. I almost couldn’t come back here… but if you want to cooperate with Galaxy, there is a way.”

The academician’s face was a bit heavy, and when she heard Ye Shaohua's words, her face showed a smiling expression.

They originally invited Ye Shaohua because of the technology of Galaxy Network, but she didn't think that Ye Shaohua would be so simple.

In fact, the academicians knew that every country can’t wait to catch talents like Ye Shaohua, if it was not forced, M country would not let her back.

She still wanted to say something to Ye Shaohua, but she did not expect that Ye Han who was looking for her(YSH), arrived. The academician looked at her and had to leave with regret.

Ye Shaohua narrowed her eyes and said nothing. Ye Han directly hugged her and put his pitch-black head on her shoulder.

“What’s wrong?” In two years, Ye Han grew taller than before, and Ye Shaohua was not short among women. Now, she was able to reach his chin.
Ye Han knew that this was a public place, so he released Ye Shaohua not long after, his nose and eyes were red.

Today, he was supposed to help Ye Shaohua arrange a place to live. However, Ye Ke took advantage of Ye father's disease to make her dad a mere figurehead. She also completely controlled Ye clan's source of income, and she said something strange to him.

“She said that I will still eventually want to betray her, she just started to become strong,” Ye Han sat on the stairs, buried his head in his knees, his voice hoarse. “But how is this possible, she is my sister ah.”
He sometimes felt that Ye Ke looked at his own eyes and could not wait to eat him.

Ye Shaohua patted his head, her brows wrinkled. Ye Han did not do anything, this Ye Ke… After being reborn, perhaps she became crazy?


On the other side, Ye Ke returned to the capital's university.

When she came back, she heard a group of people around her discussing the exchange student. she also knew that the academician had specially waited for her news.

Ye Shaohua’s information was not entirely secret. Some people had also heard some things. For example, Ye Shaohua is the student representative 1 of Stanford CS department. In the past two years, she had won numerous awards, and the International Computer News even had specially opened a whole page for her.

Ye Ke had to pay attention to this exchange student. In the past two years, she had received a lot of attention and appreciation. So, when such a person suddenly appeared in the university, she subconsciously compared with this person.

But she did not think that she would see Ye Shaohua seating on the stairs at the door of the laboratory. There was also a laboratory senior, who was somewhat polite to Ye Shaohua.

Ye Ke fiercely pointed at Ye Shaohua, she associated things together and realized: “You're the transfer student?”

Perhaps because her face was terrible, the senior and the academician who just came out paused.

“Ye Ke, you just came, I will introduce you to the new members of our lab. Ye Shaohua, Ye student, you two have the same surnames,” the academician pushed her glasses and looked very happy. “Right, student Ye Shaohua and the people of Galaxy Network are acquainted, it will help us deal with the joint project with Galaxy.”

She didn’t say more, talking about this Ye Ke's face became even more ugly.

Galaxy Network Company had always been in M country, Ye Ke couldn't even reach their lowest employee, but Ye Shaohua actually knows the people of Galaxy?

People in the IT industry couldn’t deny the potential of Galaxy. In the future, the IT industry will be completely led by Galaxy. Only by cooperating with Galaxy can you find a place in the IT industry.

Especially Ye Ke, she knew her own weight. When she had no advantage in her previous life, she was nothing, so she urgently needs to cooperate with Galaxy.

How difficult could it be to cooperate with Galaxy?

Not to mention that their boss is a dragon which you could see the head but not the tail[2], Ye Ke once tried to attract the attention of Galaxy in the hacking contest, but she did not expect this opportunity to be taken by Y .

And now she heard that Ye Shaohua, who had never been in her eyes, is connected with Galaxy Network? !

This is not the same as last life. She isn’t only capable to play Go? Why is she also learning programming?

Ye Ke's face changed very quickly. She thought that she had already left Ye Shaohua behind her, but she did not expect that the other person had almost climbed to her shoulder.

It shouldn’t be like this. Ye Ke squeezed her hands. She was reborn again just to defeat Ye Shaohua, instead of being humiliated by Ye Shaohua to the soles of her feet again!

“Ye Shaohua, you must have never thought that but the current Ye family is in my hands.” Ye Ke took a deep breath and approached Ye Shaohua.

Although she did not think that Ye Shaohua was different from her own imagination, but thinking of Ye family in her hands, Ye Ke suddenly had some sympathy for Ye Shaohua.
“So?” Ye Shaohua blinked and couldn’t understand the meaning of Ye Ke's words.

“So, don’t feel that you can enter our Ye family through Ye Han. There le a lot of people in the world who cooperate with Galaxy Network. There is no shortage of you. Think about it, what would Galaxy Network do for you alone, without our entire Ye Family?" There are not many people in the capital who know Ye Shaohua's identity, so Ye Ke thinks that Ye Shaohua is just an ordinary student, but she was noticed by the Galaxy Network because of her good talent.

Now that she is in control of the entire Ye Family, Ye Ke, who was worth hundreds of millions of dollars, was angry and frightened. But, in front of Ye Shaohua, there is still a sense of superiority that cannot be said.

“Ye Shaohua, I decided, I will continue to stay in the lab.” Ye Ke looked at Ye Shaohua, her eyes were deep.

Originally, she was supposed to take over Ye clan’s business today. She was going to tell the academician that she was leaving the laboratory temporarily and specifically take care of Ye clan, and not to let Ye clan fall into Ye Han's hands.

But now because of Ye Shaohua’s appearance here, she gave up the idea. In the last life, Ye Shaohua stepped her on the sole of her foot. The strong enthusiasm [to step on Shaohua] did not allow Ye Ke to leave the laboratory at this time. She wanted to stay here.

Ye Ke’s nails were embedded in the palm of her hands. She wanted to program all the remaining top-end software in her mind. She wants to take hold of this life's capital and rise to new heights.


1. 首席 : chief (representative, correspondent etc).
2. 神龙见首不见尾 : to maintain an air of mystery, to not reveal oneself; to play cat and mouse; to remain aloof.

Translator’s note

Ye Ke, You’re just hurting yourself at this point…