Spare Me, Great Lord!

Chapter 22

Chapter 22: The Blood Drive

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At this stage of being in high school and at 17 years old, any talk of protecting the world and preserving peace was all just a joke.

At this point, everyone had an ignorant view of the world and had their own understanding as to what the world could be like in the future. There were some who still possessed a pool of hot-bloodedness, but had also understood that not everything in this world could be accomplished just by relying on passion.

And thus, protecting the world and preserving peace was just a joke for everyone. The things which everyone thought of doing upon becoming a metahuman were not that noble actually.

These students could only witness the others awakening their powers and admire them in envy from afar. But Lu Shu, who had already awakened his extraordinary powers, was considering his plans for the future seriously.

“This is what I think. Since the web had already said that the era of the supernatural is returning, wouldn’t everyone become a metahuman? And that it is only a matter of time?”

“Haha, that would be great!”

Lu Shu could not stand it anymore, “Since you said it is returning, was there a period in history where everyone was superhuman? I guess not… it would be impossible for everyone to awaken.”

“From Li Yao’s distress, +40…”


From just this one statement, Lu Shu had unexpectedly gained a bunch of distress points!

Honestly, Lu Shu did not plan to be such a wet blanket this time but had merely said what was on his mind. A scenario where everyone in the country becomes a metahuman was far too impossible. At the very most, there would only be a few more metahumans in this country.

To be blamed for being honest, how was this reasonable?

Lu Shu was too lazy to care and went back to continue with the test.

After witnessing the strength-type metahumans with his own eyes, there did not seem to be anything out of his expectations. On the other hand, Lu Shu was intrigued by the female student from next door and was curious about her powers.

As for that immoral metahuman student who had violently beaten up his teacher, there would, unfortunately, be more of these people out there in the country. Be it robbery or any other severe crimes, as long as someone who had been bottling up the whole time was given an unimaginable amount of strength, there would most likely be some sort of problem in such a situation.

Written in Mister Lu Xun’s book,”In Memory of Liu Hezhen”, “All along, I would not use the most pessimistic perspective to judge the people of China. But little did I know that it would become as brutal as this.”

This statement was rather biased as Lu Shu felt that “the people of China” should be expanded to the rest of the world. It was not the case that there were villains only in China, but villains all over the world.

In 1974, Marina Abramović, labeled as the Grandmother of Performance Arts, carried out her performance- placing herself under anesthesia, she sat down on a chair and allowed her audiences to use the 72 types of tools laid out to fiddle with her. The tools consisted of a kitchen knife, a bullet, a gun and even a whip.

In the initial hours of her performance, the audiences were hesitant.

When they had realized that Marina would not react at all, they started to cut up her clothes, take pictures of her while she was naked, made cuts on her throat with the knife as they acted like vampires and even fooled around with her private parts.

After the performance, Marina stated, “If you leave it up to the audience, they can kill you.”

Is human nature kind or evil inherently? This topic has been debated for the longest time. Lu Shu did not really care too much about all these and only wished to protect his own conscience.

Now that he had thought about it, if those men in the black coats were acting under the government’s instruction to suppress and control the current situation, this could be beneficial for the common folks.

But Lu Shu did not like to be controlled and preferred to be of his own free will. He hated the feeling of being controlled, much like the flame burning within his chest, which seemed like one of human’s basic instinct.

If there were villains, there would be heroes. However, Lu Shu chose to be neither of them.

Half an hour had passed after the incident where Li Qi had brutally beaten up the teacher when the police arrived. Without taking into consideration what the school principal had to say, they took Li Qi away immediately.

Lu Shu stood atop the building as he looked at this group of policemen’s back view. He could not help but feel that they had unusually sturdy qualities and suddenly realized that perhaps, it would suit them better if they were to wear those black coats instead!

In the afternoon when the language exam had just ended, their form teacher abruptly notified everyone that this afternoon’s exam would be postponed to a day later. And in place of that exam, there would instead be a physical examination for the entire school cohort and even those who had not started school would have to come back in the afternoon to attend this check-up.

This physical examination had popped up too suddenly and they even had to postpone the exam. Furthermore, they genuinely wanted the entire school cohort to participate in this.

What exactly happened? Every student did not quite understand what was going on.

Additionally, the most important thing is that this was the first time the school was hosting such a check-up and the students did not need to contribute anything…

As for Lu Shu, not needing to contribute money for this was considered rather beneficial for him…

Did the one who suggest this physical examination have any connections to the guys in those black coats?

If the government was the first to receive the news beforehand, then when anything happens in the future, they would surely have countermeasures in place already.

Or perhaps this incident with Li Qi had brought some of their plans forward?

But what did this have to do with the physical examinations?

In the past, Lu Shu used to have such check-ups in Fu Li Orphanage and they were just simple tests for their sight, hearing, blood pressure and electrocardiogram, nothing special at all.

When the time came for this afternoon’s check-up, only did Lu Shu realize that he had made a simple, common mistake!

This afternoon’s test had required them to draw blood!

Damn it, the tests at Fu Li Orphanage were far too simple and he had never drawn blood for a blood test before. As such, this resulted in Lu Shu being ignorant of the fact that drawing blood was a common routine for most physical examinations.

God damn it, how poor was Fu Li Orphanage exactly such that they could not even afford a blood test once?!

Since he had not experienced it before, Lu Shu was totally clueless as to what it was all about.

As for drawing blood, Lu Shu felt rather conflicted since god knows what changes could have happened to his blood ever since he lighted up those three stars?

The form teacher, Shi Qingyan, grouped everyone together and gathered them at the field. At that moment, Lu Shu glanced at the girl from the neighboring class and found out that she had a complicated look on her face… only then did he feel a little comforted and poised…

Lu Shu had thoughts of escaping from this check-up since he was healthy anyway and he knew his own body the best. After eating two refresher fruits and lighting up three of the stars within him, Lu Shu’s physical condition was anything but poor and there was no need for any examination.

In the end, he had realized that this examination was controlled very strictly. The person-in-charge had completely followed the name list as he proceeded with the check-up, calling them in one by one…

This group of people wearing white were rather unusual as they mostly consisted of males. Who had ever seen a hospital which consisted of nurses who were all male?

These people could not possibly be those guys in black coats right?!

Lu Shu whispered to himself in his heart. If only he was not that well-informed about what was happening, then he would not be over-thinking it. But he was, and he could not help but imagine the worst.

He told Shi Qingyan, “Teacher, I need to go to the washroom, I’m rather urgent.”

If he could not hold it in, they would not possibly force him to go through the physical examination right?

At this moment, a nurse in charge of the examination behind Lu Shu said, “Since you urgently need to go to the washroom, we’ll draw your blood first. Come on, it won’t even take a minute…Xiao Liu, draw his blood first!”

Lu Shu suddenly felt unwell at that moment, haha, what a smart alec!