Spare Me, Great Lord!

Chapter 20

Chapter 20: Lu Shu’s strength

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If he was to say that he was absorbing the powers of the stars, then there would be no reason for others not to notice it. Since those powers were probably not channeled to him through simple means, what exactly were those starlights that he had absorbed?

It did not seem to be similar to what others were experiencing.

Being the only one with these powers was a huge issue: there was no one you could discuss this with nor was there anyone who could guide you, it was all up you find out for yourself.

But no matter what, it was a good thing to be able to stay hidden. Although the matters with the Metahumans seemed to have been publicly announced, Lu Shu was uncertain if those men in black windbreakers would continue to go around capturing people.

As he entered the classroom, he was greeted by the presence of his classmates which he never felt close to at all.

For the sophomores, their first day back at Luo Cheng International School had been flagged off with a mock exam. This was to drag the students back to reality since they had been running wild for the past half a month of vacation. Wait till they see their results, only then will they feel despair.

However, Lu Shu was neither worried about the exams at all nor was he ever worried about his studies from the start.

It was as if this was his compensation from the Heavens, being physically frail from young, he was exceptionally intelligent.

During the first exam which was the Language test, there was a huge commotion out at the corridor midway through the test. One student had shouted out loud, “What proof do you have to accuse me of cheating?”

It was so loud that the entire building of classes had heard it.

This building had 7 floors in total with the fourth and fifth floor hosting the sophomores while the sixth and seventh floor hosted the seniors. Lu Shu’s classes were on the fifth floor and climbing the stairs to reach his class would leave him breathless and panting. However, after he had eaten the Refresher Fruit, it seemed to have cured the weakness within him and he could now ascend the stairs without much of a problem.

Furthermore, after he had lighted up two of the stars, his physical abilities were double of an average adult. Even though he still looked thin and fragile, he actually had a lot of strength.

The commotion had obviously occurred on the same floor and Lu Shu was wondering which class did was this student from, how brave…

Shortly after, everyone heard a loud, resounding noise. It sounded as if a wood-like object had been smashed and shattered into pieces as it fell from a height onto the ground.

The commotion at the corridor started to intensify and had become extremely rowdy. Lu Shu’s form teacher walked out of the class to take a look, appearing to not care about the exam anymore.

The form teacher, Shi Qingyan, immediately had a huge change in expression the moment he exited the class as he rushed across the corridor.

At this moment, Lu Shu’s Sophomore Class 3 went crazy. What exactly could have happened that would cause Shi Qingyan to exhibit such an expression?

Suddenly, in the corridor outside of the class, Shi Qingyan extorted, “Stop, how dare you raise your hand against a teacher!”

There was an uproar within the class as everyone looked blankly at each other. Even Lu Shu was stunned. Who was that daring such that he would beat a teacher up on the first day of school?

Being caught cheating was not something very usual but since this was just an insignificant exam, the school would not give the student any demerit points. However, would hitting a teacher not turn it into something very severe?

Someone from the class stuck his head out and took a peek, “Oh damn! Quick, come take a look, forget the exam, every other class is out here looking at this already!”

As such, everyone ran out to see what exactly had happened and Lu Shu was no exception.

The corridor was filled with bystanders and Sophomore Class3 had come out a little later than everyone else. Clueless, they asked around and a male student with a perplexed look on his turned around and answered, “Some guy from Sophomore Class 7 had awakened. He was caught cheating and was able to lift up the rostrum with one hand, flinging it down the building…”


This word was too shocking, someone close by had actually awakened to their powers?

All these jokes had finally become true and it occurred just next to him.

Someone had remembered what The Golden Foundation had introduced on their site about the Metahumans, “So this is the strength-type Metahuman? I can’t even move the rostrum with both my hands!”

“Yeah, I have an old pal in that class and when I asked him, he confirmed that the guy really did lift up the entire rostrum with one hand. Although it looked like it took a lot of effort, this isn’t something a normal human can achieve and even that guy had claimed to be have awakened himself. There’s no running away from this matter.”

Lu Shu was deep in thought. It was not because of his background that he had dared to hit the teacher but rather, it was due to him being frantic as his powers had just awakened suddenly. Or perhaps, he already had a grudge against this teacher and he felt that he was incredible after becoming one of those fabled Metahumans. As such, his mentality had exploded and he could not contain himself.

He was probably thinking that since he was already some sort of a superhuman and he had not witnessed Liang Che getting captured just like Lu Shu did, he felt that he did not need to go to school anymore and he could go out to protect the peace and order of the world.

This was similar as to when a beggar was to be given a large sum of riches, exploding with emotions and going out of control.

Lu Shu had also realized that these pure strength-type Metahumans do not feel their own strength fluctuating. Perhaps, their powers only enhanced the strength of their body’s condition directly.

He could not help but feel that maybe these strength-type Metahumans would, unfortunately, be useless in the future?

Unless they were able to come out with a few special skills of their own, how would these Metahumans who purely relied on their bodily strength standoff against those elemental-types?

Today’s commotion could not be contained and Lu Shu decided to push his way forward towards the scene. He had wanted to close the distance between them and find out what the strength-type Metahumans would look like.

At that moment, the rays of the Sun shone and converged onto Lu Shu. Not to worry, these sunrays had just become fuel for the fire within his heart.

He wanted to find out whether his fellow Metahumans would be able to feel the fluctuation occurring within him as well.

Lu Shu’s strength was now double of an adult as he carefully pushed his way forward.

Someone within the squeezy crowd had become annoyed and turned around, angrily staring at Lu Shu and cursed, “How many times do you wanna push!”

Lu Shu was stunned, “Just once.”

This time was the people around him who was stunned. The girls sneered as the boys found it to be music to their ears.

Lu Shu did not care much as his main concern currently was to push his way forward to take a look. However, the male student in front of him was genuinely mad and wanted to shove him. Upon lifting his hand up, he saw that Lu Shu had already swiftly placed one hand on his chest. Following that, a huge force originated from that tiny arm, as he got unbelievably shoved by Lu Shu. The male student staggered before falling onto the people around him.

“From Zhang Zheng’s distress, +70… …”

The other party had never expected such strength from Lu Shu which was too much for him to resist and since it was done with such speed, he was unable to react as he stumbled from his position.

However, this amount of strength was not something incomprehensible and as such, the other party did not think too much about it.

When he had finally stood up and was about to give chase, Lu Shu had already vanished into the crowd. Lu Shu was definitely able to push his way through the crowd but he could not as he sensed something amiss.

As he made his way forward, Lu Shu had suddenly felt a fluctuation of power right beside him. He unintentionally turned his head around and had surprisingly found out that this fluctuation of power had come from a female student from the neighboring class.

In this one school, including himself, there were three Metahumans?!