Shoujo Grand Summoning

Chapter 1556: Nobody is more important than you girls...

Chapter 1556: Nobody is more important than you girls...


The door was forcefully shoved open in the middle of the night.

A petite figure ran into the night while leaving tiny droplets of tears in her wake.

The young lady opened the gate with the fastest speed she can muster before running into the streets.

As for where she really didn't think much about it.

She just wanted to get away.

Another individual came bursting out of the door. He looked at the escaping girl.


Wu Yan didn't use teleport spells to catch up. He could outrun her but he slowly chased after her.

Miyu heard him and stopped in her tracks.

Actually, she wanted to continue running but she planted her feet after Wu Yan called out to her.

Wu Yan caught up with her.

He slowly approached the lithe girl.

The girl slowly voiced the question bedeviling her.


She asked.

Wu Yan stopped.

He helplessly replied.

"Miyu, you're misunderstanding..."


Miyu continued her questioning.

"You're saying you didn't actually want to leave?"

Wu Yan stayed silent.

That was the answer, she reckoned.


Miyu asked.

"Why're you leaving?"


He shook his head before admitting it.

"Actually, I am not from this place."

"Couldn't you stay?"

Miyu started sobbing.

"Don't you want to stay here?"

"These two months have been great to me. I won't say it's the best but I enjoyed my time here."

He continued.

"If you ask me why, I really don't have a reason to skip town."

"Why, then?"

He saw droplets of tears dropping off her chin.

"I don't want you to go."

Wu Yan felt pained.

He doesn't know how highly Miyu held him.

She is a strong, calm, and introverted girl. There are not many who can move her so much. There are not many who can make her care enough to shed tears during departure.

She probably won't cry at her own death. This is how much she treasures the people in her life, above her own.

Wu Yan became soft when girls cried. More so, he wasn't prepared to see her cry.

It must have come as a huge shock.

Wu Yan can't stay in this universe forever.

At least, not right now.

"Look, Miyu..."

He explained.

"You're misunderstanding me. I might be leaving but I will be back. For you, it will be just a short instance."

Once he leaves, the universe will go into stasis.

By the time he returns, not even one second would have elapsed. He can also summon Miyu as his summon.

Similarly, it would only be a difference of less than a second when they last saw each other.

To her, it's not the duration.

"So, you're still leaving?"

She raised her voice.

"You said you would become my pillar of support. You said you would carry my burden with me. I meant what I said that night, I am happy to have you in my life..."


Miyu wailed.

"Why are you leaving?"


"I don't have a family, I only have Illya and Kuro as my friends. Luvia is the closest person I can call a relative."

Miyu said.

"I have a brother in the past but he's not here with me anymore. When Illya, Kuro, and the others entered my life, I was happy."

"More than that, more than them, you're the one who gave me the support I craved. You're the one who gave my life meaning..."

Miyu cried.

"It was you... It had to be you..."

"Wu Yan-nii!"

She glomped him before turning his shirt moist with her tears.

"Please don't go..."


Wu Yan felt conflicted.

He didn't think she held him in such a strong light.

He allowed her to cry as he tightened his arms around her waist. The thought to stay emerged for just a second before he dismissed them.


He gave her another hug.

"I must go, even if it's for a moment. I must leave..."

Her shoulders trembled.

He felt her turning cold.

"There are people who need me on the other side. They're important to me too. They're the lights of my life."

"I can't be so selfish that I would forsake them for one person. I must continue, I must find the path to make everyone happy. I will make that happen, but, I need power, so now... I need to take on the mantle of the selfish villain..."

He shook his head.

"Miyu, can you wait for me just a while? Can you do that for me?"

Miyu grabbed his sleeves. She stopped sobbing when she thought about Wu Yan's words.

"Are they that important to you?"

"Very much so."

He answered without hesitation.

"They're the most important people in my life! Across all universes."

Miyu grabbed his clothes.

"What about me?"

"Of course, you too."

He beamed at her.

"You all mean so much to me."

Miyu slowly let go of Wu Yan's clothes.

They continued hugging as if to enjoy what little time they had left.