She Became a Heartbreaker After Entering the Novel

Chapter 22

Chapter 22: A Daughter’s Privilege

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At Lemon Entertainment.

It was located at one of the office buildings in the center of the city.

Ning Meng had arrived at the parking lot of the office building. Right after she parked her car, she stopped in her tracks. She had no idea which floor Lemon Entertainment was on. Just when she wanted to ask Ning Wentai about it, she saw a man walk past her car.

“Hello, can I ask for some directions?” Ning Meng asked with her voice raised.

The man then stopped walking and turned around to look at Ning Meng. The moment he turned around, it was as if the entire dark parking lot was lit up. This man was born to perform on stage. His extraordinary good looks and his haughtiness were comparable to one of those famous international stars.

“Ning Meng, what kind of dirty tricks are you trying to pull again?” the man said in disgust.

Feeling puzzled, Ning Meng thought for a while and asked, “Lin Qingbei?”

The man did not answer her. All he did was nod his head. He then turned around and continued to walk away from her.

“I hear that you want to cancel the contract. Is it because the company did not treat you well enough? We can discuss the benefits that you’ll receive from our company…” said Ning Meng while tailing behind him.

Upon hearing that, Lin Qingbei stopped once again.

“What now? Are you going to use the company resources to force me to become your boyfriend? Let me tell you that this dirty trick is not going to work on me!”


She now finally realized that the old her had actually forced Lin Qingbei to become her boyfriend.

“No. I sincerely wish that you will stay in our company…”

After all, she knew that Lin Qingbei was going to become a famous singer. In the novel, the author mentioned that his single album could make an unimaginable amount of profit. That was why Ning Meng must not let him cancel the contract no matter what.

“Ning Meng, you mentioned that you are now a changed woman. It has only been two days and you are here harassing me. You are never going to change the way you behave!” Lin Qingbei declared with a cold smile as he took a good look at her.


Immediately, she ran to Lin Qingbei and attempted to stop him from walking away from her.

“Lin Qingbei! It’s true that I have wronged you before! But, you have to know that you are worthy!”


Rendered speechless, Lin Qingbei did not know how to reply her.

After a short while, he started to walk away from her again and said, “There is nothing else I want to say to you!”

Unconsciously, Ning Meng wanted to grab his hand. But, she suddenly remembered the rule that Huo Beichen set. She then retrieved her hand to stop herself from getting into more trouble. Before she realized it, Lin Qingbei was long gone. This made Ning Meng anxiously chase after him.

The doors of the elevator were opened and Ning Wentao walked out from the elevator. Lin Qingbei then took the opportunity to enter the elevator.

“Meng Meng, you are here!”

From the moment he saw Lin Qingbei, Ning Wentao had not laid his eyes on him. He focused only on Ning Meng.

“I knew that you would come here as soon as possible the moment I told you that we have some fresh meat here. Your father knows you best! Hahaha…”

“That is not why I come! Lin Qingbei is the reason why I’m here! You cannot let him to cancel the contract!”

“Why do you still care about him? He is just a small-time singer! He has only one million fans and he dares to say that we are not treating him well! He did try to fight for himself but I will not allow him to have what he wants! Does he really think that he can get famous without us?”

It was normal that Ning Wentao looked down on him. After all, he had just gotten into this industry not too long ago.

“I don’t care. We must keep him!”

Ning Meng did not know how to explain herself. So, she had decided to use her daughter privilege to make her father listen to her.

“Fine! Fine! Fine!”

Just as expected, Ning Wentao yielded to her.

What they did not notice was someone recording their conversation from afar.