Seized by the System

Chapter 1166 (END) - Grand Finale

Chapter 1166: Grand Finale

Ten years later.

The Chaotic World.

Fang Ning strolled along inside a marketplace, a youth dressed in a long shirt by his side. Behind them, a black dog trailed along carrying a golden book on its back, gasping heavily.

“Lil Gu, I can’t believe you guys are still alive,” Fang Ning made an offhanded remark, “I thought you were all dead.”

The youth in the long shirt gave a slight smile, “It’s all thanks to the blessings of the grandmaster and the Ambassador.”

“Well, as long as you guys follow the path of benevolence and stop preying upon the weak, your fortunes will certainly stay lucky.” Fang Ning said with affected airs.

“The Ambassador is right.” Gu Buwei answered in a nonchalant manner.

Fang Ning was not bothered, whether the other listened to him or not; his future had little to do with him.

“That Mortal Monument’s whereabouts, are you sure that it’s here?” Fang Ning pointed towards a public square in front of them. A glimmer of light could be vaguely seen amid the crowd.

“According to the grandmaster’s calculations, it should be here.” Gu Buwei assured.

“It seems to be pretty popular, let’s go have a look.” Fang Ning was elated. Now he was able to complete the task assigned by Sir System.

As Fang Ning walked up, the crowds scattered.

“It’s the Immortal, make way for the Immortal.”

“This baby’s finally going to have a master.”

“Who else but the Immortal possesses the virtue to own this treasure.”

At this moment, a ray of light manifested before Fang Ning’s eyes.

The source of the light was not from a stone monument, but an intricate Jade Figurine which was emitting light all over it, hindering its features.

At this time, a middle-aged man dressed in fine clothing placed his hands together and said to Fang Ning, “Immortal, this stone figurine appears to be very powerful. It is knows everything in heaven above and the earth underneath; it even claimed that it would go home with the person who could answer its hundred questions. We tried but found that we were unable to answer even a single one.”

“Oh, then I shall attempt to give it a try.” Fang Ning feigned and said.

“Yes, yes, who else but the Immortal could take possession of it?” The people collectively answered.

Fang Ning stood confidently before the other.

Then in his heart, he called out to Sir System. This was the authority held by the World Ambassador, the ability to call across the world.

“What’s up? Messing around during work, are you? Don’t slack off.” Sir System responded impatiently. Clearly, seizing the world was not an easy task.

“I’ve found that Mortal Monument of yours, it’s right before me.”

“Well then hurry up and bring it back.”

“It says a person needs to answer 100 of its questions before it’ll go home with said person.”

“A b*tch is what it is, does it think whatever it says goes? Its Axiom Daddy still owes me tens of thousands of Merits in IOUs; we’ll just take it as mortgage. You should just take it away, when you’re back I’ll concoct it.” Sir System said unabashedly.

“That actually makes sense.” Fang Ning said in realization.

Sometimes things were just like that. The wise man would fall into a fixed way of thought, unlike the dumb ones who would get straight to the point and easily solve the problem.

So Fang Ning skipped the talking and spiritually sent a telepathic message towards the stone statue. With a wave of his hand, he gestured for the Black Dog to come up front.

In the next moment, Black Dog bit onto the stone statue’s leg and dragged it off easily without a hitch.

Everyone was flabbergastered.

“Everyone, I will thus return to answer this treasure’s questions. Farewell.”

“Farewell, Immortal.”

“The Immortal is the Immortal, after all. We couldn’t even get an inch close to it despite all our hard efforts.”

“That celestial hound’s power is astounding; even the hundreds of people hired by Old Master Zhao couldn’t move it.”


In the System Space.

Fang Ning stared at the Jade Figurine, which seemed to have lost its brilliance. Upon closer inspection, It almost looked like it was a forgettable, ordinary face.

“Sir, what does it do, exactly?”

“Ask it, don’t ask me.”

So Fang Ning asked it.

“Even though you obtained me from the Heavenly Axiom as a mortgage, I will not help you if you don’t answer my one hundred questions,” said Jade Figurine flatly.

“Uh…” Fang Ning was speechless.

“Let me do it,” urged the System impatiently.

“Wait, let me try again by finding someone else to persuade it. It’s still a child, after all.” Fang Ning stopped Sir System.

Before long, the Divine Monument’s green-skinned frog, the Earthly Monument’s macaw appeared before the Jade Figurine. As soon as they saw it, they huddled up to it.

“Number Three, you’ve finally fallen into their evil grasp…”

“How, how could they say that?” The System exclaimed in aghast.

“Calm down. They’re just stating the facts.” Fang Ning attempted to soothe Sir System.

“I think they just lack punishment.”

“Wait, why aren’t you punished by the Maxim for saying things like this?” asked Fang Ning in surprise.

“This means the Maxim is supporting our decision to educate them this way. As the saying goes, ‘Filial piety is born of sticks and canes.’ Spoiling your children is equivalent to killing them. I’m only doing this for their own good.” The System answered with utmost earnestness and logic.

After a long while, the Mortal Monument finally said in defeat, “Alright. My ability is omniscience. Any question anyone has ever asked, I can answer them.”

“It doesn’t seem that impressive, the great green insect can do that too,” the System retorted, unimpressed.

“I can also show you everyone’s past experiences…” The Mortal Monument added hastily.

“That’s more like it. After all, the giant green insect is pretty expensive to feed.” Satisfied with the answer, the System replied, “I shall give you the position of Central Advisor, anything to do with the reconnaissance of the Lower Realm, I’ll have them revert to you.”

Fang Ning then immediately asked, “My mission is complete, so can I go home to my family now?”

“Of course, I always keep my word. I shall allow you to appear in your family photos at once,” promised the System.

“…” Fang Ning almost wanted to get on his knees at this point. He quickly asserted, “Cut the crap. If you actually try to digitalize me, beware of suffering a system meltdown.”

“I was just kidding, why are you so scared? I’m not an Evil God System,” said the System sheepishly.

“Try not to make jokes like this. I want to live for a couple more years.” Fang Ning had really been taken aback initially. If he was digitalized and framed up in a photo, he would have been seized for life…

“So scram, your wife is waiting for you in the Draconic Realm. Remember to come back to work after visiting your family.”

“I knooooow.”

Fang Ning drawled out his sentence and wisped his way into the Draconic Realm.

(Book End)