Secrets of His Royal Highness: Pampered Consort

Chapter 6

Chapter 6

Ming luo can’t believe her luck. As soon as she started to settle down in her room a knock came. She gestured for Zi yan to see who it was. As her Mistress has given her orders she went out .

“Is the newly appointed Imperial physician Yi here? The princess has sent this servant to have Imperial physician Yi look at this cat.” A maid came and she look very arrogant.

Ming luo was coming out when she heard this aloof voice. She look at the maid and there was no one else around. Ming luo could see the pride in her. But she thought back to the maids word. Cat?? For god sake, I was studying to be surgeon not a VET!! 

“What is going on here? Zi yan , explain.”Ming luo spoke as if she look down on everybody in this world . Ming luo thought,  if she talk so weak then shouldn’t she be label as an easygoing (easily bullied) person? Of course not, I , Ming luo will never let that happen.

Zi yan was about to answer when the maid who came interrupted “This nubi will say instead. This is the second princess beloved pet but it has been sick for a week and it refused to move. Its name is Miaomiao. The princess has send this servant to let imperial physician Yi to have a look.” 

Ming luo can’t help but feel helpless about this situation. She didn’t want to be an imperial physician but this who knows emperor gave out an edict.she is stuck here and if she’s not able to even cure this cat then shouldn’t she be sentence for making a fool out of the nations father , the emperor. 

Ming luo just gestured for the cat to be hand over to Zi yan . Then she look at the maid ” Keep this cat with me for two days and you can come for it.” Ming luo didn’t wait for a respond because it was a statement not a request. 

Ming luo has been staring at this cat for about half an hour. 

(I’m using hour for people to understand better cause it’s quite confusing when we used sichen

This cat hasn’t move a single muscle since it came. She turn to Zi yan and she’s just minding her business as her maid. 

“Zi yan bring me some warm water to wash this cat.” Ming luo said and she finally saw this cat flinch. Fabulous..does this cat understand human language? Zi yan make a bow to Ming luo and exited the room.

Ming luo was having her guard down since nothing was really happening but who knew that as soon as her maid leave, this cat will be fully active and ran towards the window. Ming luo was just closing her eyes when she saw the cat jump from the window. The hell!! Ming luo was so shock. She didn’t even want to sleep now. She ran outside. She look around the surrounding for Miaomiao. 

That fatty cat will be the end of me. She saw Miaomiao running . After some twist and turns she caught the cat going in some building. She was really inattentive towards her surrounding cause if she was she would have seen the signboard hanging on the building and of course the ugly stare of the maids.Why? Cause she really wasn’t behaving like a lady. Who would run inside the palace like a mad dog.

She was really fast . She didn’t really paid attention towards the guards. If it was normal time , the guards would’ve reacted faster but now they were scared silly because of the crown prince’s roaring. Their five senses were numb. 

Ming luo was raging towards this cat.”Miaomiao , just you wait till I skinned you alive!!”

With Ming luo screaming. They finally came back to their sense and fortunately they stopped her right befor she entered the study but unfortunately the study door was now open because of the cat barging in. The crown prince expression was terrifying right now. It was really dark ,they feel their legs giving out . Several guards fell on their knees and some even faint because of fear. 

Some guards have gone to war and their aura was frightening  but compared to this demonic crown prince who has the label demon all over his body , It was really nothing. It was as if the emperor didn’t even exist . They were frightened to the point they didn’t remember the emperor was standing right behind the crown prince because they were all begging for mercy from the crown prince instead of the emperor.

Ming luo heart was also at chaos . It’ll be a lie if she said she was not afraid. But she didn’t appeared as sorry as the other guard although she was most likely the initiator of this chaos . Ming luo was added to the shock when she look at person standing before her. He was the CROWN PRINCE!!! Seriously! 

She had to say right now he was even more scarier than her 56 old bachelor professor. Ming luo didn’t beg for mercy or anything but she just kneel down.

Ji wen, look at the crowds before him. All kneeling and begging for mercy. And he look at the girl at the door. She kneel down but didn’t say anything. But this wouldn’t make him change his decision. They dare to disturb me then they have to bear the consequences. 

“Be quiet. Do benwang have to say it again?” Ji wen swept his glance over the kneeling people. “You people are to be flogged 60 times if not just go drink the poison and die….” 

Ming luo heart skip a beat. 60 times!! Karma! This is karma. (Remember chapter 4 when she flogged the servant because she let the servant take all the blame) This is surely my karma. Wouldn’t I die if I’m flogged 60 times even if I don’t die I’ll be disfigured. Its better to just drink the poison and die beautifully when my body is still intact. The palace flogging tool is definitely more terrifying than the fu. A trace if panic flash through her face. But she have made her decision. The poison! 

Ji wen turn to look at Ming luo. Her panic didn’t escape his eyes as well as her resolution. Unconsciously , the corner of his mouth hooked up. “And you….” He look at her expression as he said this . She look more shocked. What does this guy have more for me? He was satisfied with her reaction “benwang will put you under house arrest till benwang say so.” 

He walk passed as she continued to kneel . His sweet fragrance invade her nose. She instinctively look up at him. The dim sun shinning upon him make him more majestic. He look like he descended from the heavens. He tilted his head to look at her . She couldn’t see his expression because of the sunlight but she knew it he was smiling. 

Somehow it made her feel warm inside……


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