Secrets of His Royal Highness: Pampered Consort

Chapter 10

Chapter 10 : Disguise  (3)

Ji wen look confused and glance at the direction where the girl when away. He coldly spit out “Irrelevant. ”

The response maybe rude but for Chen Yi and Ji wu it was like a mountain was lift off their shoulder. Chen Yi face especially bright like the spring blooming “Yes,yes irrelevant. Brother we will now take our leave.” He urged Ji wu to follow him and quickly sped away.

Ji wen look at them going away. A young girl appears in his mind right at the door of the imperial study. Her appearance, pure and fresh , Cunning and crafty at the same time look so innocent and beautiful. Thinking till here, a smile appear on his face which was really not a innocent. Evil!

He again look at the direction where she head off to. He subconsciously blurted the words “well..vaguely.”

Behind him , the eunuch hear him say something but didn’t hear properly. “Your highness, something wrong?”. Ji wen recover his line of sight. “Nothing. To the training hall.”


Walking in the busy street, one man and woman. Everyone were drumstruck in the street , cannot help but look at the man appearance. Fine clothes , noble temperament and even the way he walks can’t hide his elegance. And their eyes directed to the woman, although beautiful but the clothes are dull and appears really clumsy. Often step on the man robe when walking.

“Oh..I’m sorry . That you walk too fast.” Ming luo heart was seriously in chaos ,who is he? Why did she even follow him? This is really ridiculous..this man looks handsome and gentle but she felt there’s something about him that makes her feel goosebumps. She just doesn’t feel safe and even more feels more dangerous. 

The man finally turn to her stop his footsteps. “Silly girl, I know what you’re thinking . Don’t worry, I’ll find the less painful way.” Ming luo shocked. His tone was magnetic but all the more makes your heart afraid.

What does he mean? Less painful way? For exactly what? She feels like she has to run right now. She nervously look at him. Eyes full of confusion and vigilance. 

Ye Tian look at her eyes. Tone full of overflowing gentleness like he was talking to his most beloved woman.”I was just joking. Didn’t know I would scare you this much.” Ming luo remain silent. At the same time the passerby ladies and even married women were all looking at her full of criticism and hatred.

Oh..I don’t know this guy…I don’t know this guy.please spare this little life….

Seeing Ming luo still hadn’t respond , he look at her like he could read her thoughts, really. His eyes showing sadness. “Okay fault for playing a bad joke. I will walk together with you, not too fast pace ..happy ah?”

Not happy!

“Hey, which family young master is he?”

“Probably a dignified family. Just too bad the girl he like is just..    so-so”

“Ah..So handsome..what witchcraft did this girl used”

“People can be blinded by looks humph..”

Ming luo listen to their whispering.  What witchcraft? I look so-so? Yeah, surely people are blinded by looks! “You…you…do as you please.”

Ye Tian hear it and smile magnificently . People were blinded for a while. Ming luo also just walk looking quite frustrated. Nobody in the mixed notice the evil smile and murderous glance he made.

Just feel a little cold and startled.Ming luo look at him with hostility. “Is there something ?” He asked sweetly.



Back in the palace…

“You bastard. Wait until I catch you, I’ll kill you.” Ji wu roared. Chen Yi was running ahead. “Haha..his highness Wu is being impatient. Totally, the disadvantaged of being short.”       Ji wu sneered.”Who’s short? Probably you!”

“Okay..okay , just hope that the girl is alive or else both of us might perished without a trace.” Chen Yi shouted at him. “You were the one who pick her. Out of thousands of prisoners you just had to pick her.” Ji wu angrily said as he chased after Chen Yi. 

“I remember brother didn’t remember her just this morning,what makes him remember her all of a sudden .” Chen Yi told Ji wu and he swept his towards the row of servants. “Traitor….all stop!!”