Secret Marriage: Reborn as A Beautiful Model Student

Chapter 21

Chapter 21: Aunty Zhu’s Ploy (1)

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Ye Tianxin knew that her grandmother was thrifty.

If she openly suggested going to town for a medical check-up, her grandmother would definitely refuse to go.

However, if she made it sound like she was asking for her grandmother to accompany her to the interview, then her grandmother would definitely agree to go with her.

“So, does one need to go through an interview for acceptance into Capital University?”

Grandma hadn’t heard of anyone having to go through an interview in order to gain acceptance into Capital University before. But then again, no one in the vicinity of the town of Jiameng had ever made it into Capital University.

“Not Capital University. It’s an art academy where graduates become actors.”

Hearing the word “actor,” Grandma asked Ye Tianxin, “So, upon graduation, would you be able to act in television dramas?”

“Oh, yes, and also act in movies and theatre. Grandma, actually, I was worried about not being able to get into Capital University. That’s why I’m going to the interview at the Film Academy. It’s my back-up plan. What do you think? Is it a good plan?”


“Tianxin, you’ve truly matured. I can see that you’ve thought through this very carefully.”

Ye Tianxin’s eyes turned slightly red and a little teary. In her past life, she had been so wild that now just a small positive change in her was enough to make her grandmother so happy.

Her grandmother had aged.

Her face seemed more wrinkled than before.

Ye Tianxin sighed. Time, why are you moving so quickly? Please slow down and decrease your pace!

Give me a chance to be a filial granddaughter to my Grandma.


“Oh yes, Tianxin. Wait here.”

Her grandmother went into her room and returned with a bank deposit book, which she handed over to Ye Tianxin. Under the pale yellow light in the yard, Ye Tianxin noticed the numerals in the deposit book.

“Grandma has been saving up to pay for your college education. I’m not sure if this is enough. If not, I’ll sell this house…”

The amount in the deposit book barely added up to fifty thousand dollars. It was money her grandmother had saved from making and selling insoles for shoes, stitching every insole by hand. The deposit book felt like it weighed a thousand kilos in gold to Ye Tianxin, who clutched it in her hand.

Shoving the deposit book back into her grandmother’s hands, she said with a huge smile, “Grandma, I won’t need the money in this account for college!”

“Where will you get the money from, then, if you don’t intend to use this money that I’ve saved up?” Grandma asked.

Holding her grandmother’s hands, Ye Tianxin, looking serious, reassured her. “Scholarships! Grandma, did you know I can get scholarships? I heard that if I get accepted into Capital University, the offices in the township, county, city, and province will all grant me award money. Also, most importantly, Capital University might also waive my college fees!”

Grandma found all this a tad unbelievable and asked, “Will there really be award money?”

“Of course! Didn’t someone from our school get a scholarship from the city last year? So, Grandma, you have to have confidence in me!”

Her grandmother was so happy she couldn’t stop laughing. “Okay, good. That’s good.”

Ye Tianxin finished eating her noodles and wanted to wash her dish, but her grandmother refused to let her. They argued for a long time before Ye Tianxin eventually went ahead and washed her own dish. After she put away the cleaned dishes, she sat down by her grandmother’s side.

Noting that Ye Tianxin was watching her stitching the insole in her hands, Grandma said, “Tianxin, if you’re tired of studying, go watch some TV and relax instead of watching me stitching insoles. You’ll hurt your eyes.”

“Grandma, I don’t want to watch TV.”

The television set they had was an old model, a black and white set. And television programs were scarce, the Capital Station being the only station from which they could receive any programs.

“Tianxin, after your college entrance exams, Grandma will buy you of one of those notebook computers so that you won’t have to go to the internet cafés anymore.”

Based on what her grandmother said, Ye Tianxin knew that Auntie Zhu had most certainly been to see her grandmother again.

“Grandma, notebook computers are expensive. Don’t they cost more than ten thousand? After school this afternoon, I did visit the internet café, but not for fun. I went online to fill out an application. Grandma, in future, please don’t believe what Auntie Zhu tells you. All she wants is our house!”