Returning from the Immortal World

Chapter 25: Refusing the Toast, Only to be forced to Drink

Chapter 25: Refusing the Toast, Only to be forced to Drink

Su Xiangfei wasn’t the only one who had a foolish expression in the face. The other two classmates behind him also fell into the same predicament.

“Tang Xiu does really go out of the door and tread his step on. He could actually win so much money in the Game Hall. I have visited the Game Hall so many times, but this is my first time seeing someone win so much money in the Game Hall.”

“This is what’s called an idiot’s luck. If Tang Xiu’s brain was normal, he couldn’t have won so much money.”

Su Duanxin and Tan Liquan were watching Tang Xiu with a face full of envy. They wished that the one who had won the money was not Tang Xiu but them.

“What does Tang Xiu have to deserve being envied, huh? His grades are the bottommost for the entire year. With the problem with his brain, not only would he fail to enter university, he would also face problems in the future. Don’t tell me that you think these 20,000 game coins could let him eat and drink for a lifetime?” Su Xiangfei stared at his two followers and spoke out of disdain.

Su Xiangfei didn’t notice that he was talking with a voice mixed with a sour taste.

Although Tang Xiu also noticed Su Xiangfei and the other 2 classmates’ presence, and even heard that they were talking about him; however, Tang Xiu didn’t put their words in his heart, since he simply didn’t have time to pay attention to them.

A few minutes later, Tang Xiu’s vision locked to another slot machine inside the Game Hall.

Judging from this slot machine’s rules to win the prize money, it would need to swallow at least another 100 game coins before it can spit out game coins. But Tang Xiu had long calculated the odds of this slot machine would give.

“100 game coins in exchange for 8,000 game coins, this seems to be a quite a worthwhile transaction.” Tang Xiu murmured and then unhurriedly stood behind the slot machine’s queue.

If Tang Xiu had just entered the Game Hall, he would be reluctant to spend 100 game coins to play slot machines, but Tang Xiu had won 18,000 game coins today and then received more than 3,000 game coins, so he simply didn’t care about these 100 game coins.

Since Tang Xiu’s action had stirred up the Game Hall and attracted a lot of people’s attention, it made many people subconsciously encircle around Tang Xiu when he began inserting game coins again; even Su Xiangfei’s trio were no exception.

Regarding the onlookers who were standing in a circle and watching, never once did Tang Xiu care about them. He just slowly filled the game coins into the slot machine in front of everyone, and then pressed the spin button.

At first, everyone also had wild expectations from Tang Xiu, since they thought that because Tang Xiu could win twice, and then he would be sure to win the third time.

But when everyone saw Tang Xiu continuously insert coins into the slot machine for 20 times, and didn’t hear nor see any sounds, the onlookers gradually scattered.

“I thought a God of Gamble came here, but I didn’t expect he was also trying his own luck.”

“It’s because we were thinking too much, playing slot machines is, of course, dependent on luck. How the hell could it depend on skills to win? Otherwise, the boss would be in extreme deficit.”

“Bah, pretending to be so unpredictable, as if he’s like the God of Gamble’s reincarnation. Damn, I really wasted my feelings in vain.”


Upon hearing the incoming comments, voices, and complaints in his ear, Tang Xiu mouth slightly pouted upwards even though his face also exposed a trace of a teasing smile expression, because this was precisely the effect that he wanted.

He knew that amongst those onlookers that stood around watching him, not only were real onlookers there, but several employees from the Game Hall must also be mixed in amongst them. And they obviously wanted to watch as to how he used his tricks to hit the jackpot.

Along with Tang Xiu’s repeatedly losing game coins, nobody suspected anything about Tang Xiu’s jackpot winning.

But this fact also made Tang Xiu alarmed, this Game Hall was obviously not like how its boss had shown the generosity on the surface. On the contrary, this Game Hall was very stingy and narrow-minded, and it seemed that the Game Hall’s background was even more complicated.

When Tang Xiu had inserted 113 game coins into the slot machine, it finally exuded pleasant cheers, and then a large number of game coins sprayed out.

“What the hell, it couldn’t be, right? He hit the jackpot again?”

“How could he be so awesome?”

“If we also count the baldy who won the prize money before, this dude has hit the jackpot for 3 times today, this luck is way too ridiculous!”


After Tang Xiu hit the jackpot, the previously scattered crowd once again flocked to his side and looked at him with burning hot eyes.

It had to be said that of Tang Xiu’s first jackpot was but only luck, then Tang Xiu’s help for the baldy to hit the jackpot could be called as a coincidence. But Tang Xiu’s third jackpot’s hit definitely couldn’t be explained as only luck and coincidence.

“Eldest Brother, you are my Eldest Brother. Can you teach me how to play the slot machines?” When Tang Xiu was cleaning up the game coins leisurely, the baldy suddenly squeezed out from the crowd and grabbed Tang Xiu’s arm as he began to beg excitedly.

Previously, when Tang Xiu was on that slot machine, this baldy only grabbed dozens of game coins and had long spent all of it, then he suddenly saw that Tang Xiu won again. This baldy started to see Tang Xiu just like a celestial being, and immediately pestered Tang Xiu without hesitation.

Regarding this baldy’s brazen and familiar behavior, Tang Xiu subconsciously knitted his brows and was slightly regretting helping that baldy before.

But Tang Xiu also quite appreciated this baldy’s fervent and frank attitude, so he didn’t make things difficult for him and instead joked and teased him, “Ah, the casino certainly will lose its brilliant light because of your baldness. If you can keep your hair, you also will be able to win.”

Having finished his words, he didn’t wait for the baldy for the answer. Tang Xiu got up and left.

Behind Tang Xiu, the baldy slowly stroke his smooth and slippery bald head as he saw Tang Xiu leave and looked at his back, while his face showed a thinking expression.

“I’ve won 30,000 game coins from this Game Hall. In the end, should I continue playing, or quit while I’m ahead?” After he exchanged more than 8,000 game coins in his hands for paper money again, Tang Xiu glanced at the Game Hall’s boss, whose face was fully covered with a tense expression, as if he was falling into a tangle.

“Little Brother, this is my little regard, please receive it.” When Tang Xiu had yet to make up his mind, the Game Hall’s boss—Li Kanglong—quickly took out a stack of paper money from the drawer and handed it to Tang Xiu, with a face full of a pleading expression.

Tang Xiu was frozen for a moment and then understood the boss’ thought.

“Are you insulting me, or insulting yourself?” Having swept the paper money on his hand, Tang Xiu asked with a disdained tone.

It was because Tang Xiu saw that the stack of paper money in the hands of the Game Hall’s boss was too thin, and he could easily determine that the money in his hand would be no more than 2,000 yuan.

If Tang Xiu were to continue playing in the Game Hall, he certainly could sweep away the entire Game Hall, of which wouldn’t amount to 2,000 game coins, but it possibly could be 100,000 to 200,000 game coins.

But the Game Hall’s boss actually wanted to use 2,000 yuan to kick him out, which made Tang Xiu unable to throw away his previous thought and vanish, and instead gave birth to a trace of anger out of nowhere.

“Brat, if you’re smart and tactful, then take our boss’ money and get the fuck out. Otherwise, not only must leave behind all the money you have won in the Game Hall, but you also must stay here.” Just when Tang Xiu’s words had just finished, a gloomy and probing-like voice suddenly sounded in his ear.

Tang Xiu turned around and followed the voice’s direction and saw from the side a tattooed youth with sinister and fierce look was glaring at him like a tiger watching its prey.

There were also several punk-styled youths standing next to the tattooed youth. These punks’ hair cut was peculiar as well as clad in exaggerated attire, and they faintly blocked the game hall’s entrance, encircling Tang Xiu in the middle.

“Boss, is this your way to entertain the patrons?” Tang Xiu looked at the boss’s face with a proud expression and asked in a sharp and stern voice.

“What? Do you have any complaints?” Li Kanglong sneered.

“I was thinking that I also wanted to quit while I’m ahead. But since the boss says otherwise, then it seems that I have no better options than continue playing.” Upon seeing the Game Hall’s boss’ expression that seemed like wanted to eat him, Tang Xiu couldn’t help but let out a sneer, and then turned around and walked to the center of the game hall.

Those few punk-styled youth were merely only blocking the Game Hall’s entrance, and they absolutely didn’t even expect that Tang Xiu still had the mood to continue playing the slot machines in this kind of situation. For a moment, they couldn’t help but stand still and stare blankly.

Until Tang Xiu had finally slipped into the crowd, Li Kanglong, the tattooed youth and the others could only reveal a ‘how could it be?’ expression on their faces.

“From what background does this brat come from? He really got the balls. How did I never hear there was such a character on the streets?” Recalling Tang Xiu’s neither humble nor arrogant manner just now, and coupled with Tang Xiu’s words when he turned away, an uneasy feeling suddenly gushed out from Li Kanglong’s heart.

“Boss, the Ensemble Heroes Street is our turf, while you and the City Council’s Public Security Division’s Chief Wang Hao are sworn brothers. Don’t tell me that you are afraid of a smelly brat that has even yet to grow his hair?” Having heard the boss’ whisper, the tattooed youth spoke in a disdaining tone.

“Who said I was afraid of him? I’m just curious about the identity of this brat. He can still talk and laugh even though he’s surrounded by us. Either he’s really awesome or not, but we haven’t heard of such a character on the Ensemble of Heroes Street. So he IS obviously one. Why the hell all of you staring at me? If you let him take the advantage to slip away out of chaos, all of you get the fuck out!”

Li Kanglong fiercely stared at the tattooed youth, immediately straightening his chest, and then yelled his orders out loudly.

On the other side, the baldy youth thought for a long time before he came over and responded to Tang Xiu’s jokes at him before. When he chased him to the counter at the office, he happened to see the conflict between Tang Xiu and the Game Hall’s boss.

Having eavesdropped the conversation between the Game Hall’s boss with the security guards, a happy smile emerged from the baldy’s face.

“Li Kanglong, I heard that you want to deal with my Eldest Brother, eh?” Not waiting for the security guards to be dispersed, the baldy youth then went over to the counter while smiling and greeted Li Kanglong with a condescending tone.

“Y-y-you… you are Young Master Long, you honor me to visit my small shop…” When he heard someone was shouting his name in such exceptionally arrogant manner, Li Kanglong couldn’t help but carefully look and size up that person. However, in the next moment, Li Kanglong’s eyes instantly turned wide while surprise and excitement covered his face.

Because this person’s background was really big, and even a few words from him could decide the life and death of Li Kanglong’s Game Hall.

However, the youth in front of him was usually very low-key, to the extent that only a small circle of people knew about his existence. Even Li Kanglong only happened to see this person a few times due to chance and luck. He didn’t dare to continue sizing him up before and was not especially familiar with this person.

But since this person greeted Li Kanglong on his own initiative, and also stared at him with a teasing expression, Li Kanglong absolutely couldn’t think how this condescending person would come to play at his Game Hall.

“Young Master Long, you must be mistaken, even if you lend me 100 gallbladders, I wouldn’t even dare to deal with your Eldest Brother…” Recalling Long Zhenglin’s previous remarks, Li Kanglong hurriedly apologized.

Li Kanglong hadn’t yet finished speaking his words but Long Zhenglin raised his palm and fiercely slapped Li Kanglong’s face, “One thing that I really loath is the kind of people like you who only want to win but can’t afford to lose to others. If others also open a Game Hall and acted like you, then people could only enter and can never get out. Do you think we’re also some fucking idiots, hah?”

Long Zhenglin’s slap to Li Kanglong’s face made him stare stupidly, since he had never thought that Long Zhenglin, who had been usually a smiling like youth from next door, could have such a violent side.

“Li Kanglong, you listen to me, the one who just came to you to exchange coins before, is my Elder Brother. What and how he wants to play here, if you dare to play dirty, I don’t mind playing with you.” Under Li Kanglong’s confused and puzzled eyes, Long Zhenglin dropped his words before leaving quickly.

Upon hearing Long Zhenglin’s words, Li Kanglong felt like he was struck and killed by lightning, while that tattooed youth’s group was also completely taken aghast.