Reincarnation Of The Strongest Sword God

Chapter 3452 - Chapter 526 - World-Shaking Battle

Chapter 3452 - Chapter 526 - World-Shaking Battle

Chapter 526 – World-Shaking Battle

“Who are you people? Which power are you from? What did Black Flame promise you?”

Looking at the three figures hovering before him, Wraith Saint couldn’t help but voice his confusion to calm his restless heart.

After all, the three new arrivals were simply terrifying!

Golden Masters were apex existences in the Greater God’s Domain, and not even apex powers would be willing to offend one without good reason. Yet, now, three Golden Masters had appeared before him. Normally, this was something that would only happen in Higher Wars.


What was a Higher War?

That was a battle that only pseudo-apex powers and above could participate in. Meanwhile, these battles had long been regarded as legends in the Greater God’s Domain.

If not for the three Golden Masters before him being at Tier 5 and equipped with relatively subpar equipment, he would have probably turned around and fled already.

At this moment, Wraith Saint wasn’t the only one disturbed by this sudden turn of events. Nightmare Chaser had also stopped his clash with Ink Qilin and stared at the three figures hovering in front of Wraith Saint in shock, confusion, and terror.

While the average player might not understand what it meant to be able to fly in the current Miniature Ancient World, as a veteran Tier 6 expert who had fought in countless battles in the Greater God’s Domain, Nightmare Chaser knew what it meant.

Golden Masters!

Three Golden Masters!

What kind of sick joke was this?!

“Which power are we from? Promise?” Desolate Fury, Cross, and Leroja couldn’t help but be confused when they heard Wraith Saint’s questions. Then, Desolate Fury nonchalantly answered, “Stop blindly guessing. All three of us are members of the Asura Mercenary Alliance.”

“Members of the Asura Mercenary Alliance?” Wraith Saint couldn’t help but look at the three Golden Masters as if they were liars.

Before deciding to attack Abyssal Star City, the Hades Society, Primal Empire, and Sacred Tribe had conducted a thorough investigation on Zero Wing and the Asura Mercenary Alliance. However, based on their findings, apart from the Shimmering Sword Laura Crader, everybody else couldn’t be considered a noteworthy adversary.

Yet, now, three Golden Masters had suddenly appeared and declared themselves members of the Asura Mercenary Alliance. Not even a fool would believe their words.

When the two sides in mid-air suddenly stopped fighting, both Asura and the three upper-ranking hegemonic powers’ members couldn’t help but be stunned and confused.

“What’s going on?” When Midsummer and Wu Xiaoxiao saw Wraith Saint and Nightmare Chaser seemingly backing away out of fear, they couldn’t help but grow confused. “Why do they seem afraid of Commander Fury and the two others?”

Midsummer and Wu Xiaoxiao were no stranger to Desolate Fury, Cross, and Leroja. They had met all three in the Ancient River Kingdom’s Rookie Competition.

As for the trio’s strength, while it was true that they were powerful experts, that was only among experts of the same generation operating in the Ancient River Kingdom and its surrounding countries. But compared to powerhouses such as Wraith Saint and Nightmare Chaser, who were famous throughout the Greater God’s Domain, there was still much to be desired from the trio.

Yet, Wrath Saint and Nightmare Chaser were now behaving warily against the trio. This was simply unbelievable.

Meanwhile, the members of the three upper-ranking hegemonic powers reacted differently from Midsummer and Wu Xiaoxiao. It was especially true for Daylight and Death Stride.

A force of three Golden Masters was no laughing matter.

This was more than just a problem of facing three powerful experts. Before deciding to fight these three individuals, they also needed to determine which powers these individuals represented and whether they could afford to slight these powers.

“Dammit! Everyone, attack! We’ll take down Abyssal Star City first!” Nightmare Chaser commanded after seeing that the three Golden Masters refused to reveal their origins. So what if they have three Golden Masters? Do they really think they can stop an army of 50,000?!

Personally, Nightmare Chaser did not wish to make such a reckless command when they had three Golden Masters as opponents. After all, even if these three Golden Masters were only Tier 5 players who did not possess a single Legendary item, the mobility they could achieve in the Miniature Ancient World was still far superior to a foreign Tier 6 player like himself. Not to mention, the destructive power the trio previously displayed had undoubtedly reached the Tier 6 standard already.

The problem was that they couldn’t afford to continue this stalemate. The Miniature Ancient World was a crucial location for the Hades Society, Primal Empire, and Sacred Tribe’s plans in the Void Sea, and who knew what the powers backing the three Golden Masters were planning?

So, rather than wait and see how things played out, the better choice to make would be to eliminate the Miniature Ancient World’s strongest native power, the Asura Mercenary Alliance, as quickly as possible. Once Asura was out of the picture, even if the powers backing the three Golden Masters decided to make a move on the Miniature Ancient World, they would have difficulty doing so.

“Kill them all! Leave no one alive!”

Daylight and Death Chaser promptly relayed Nightmare Chaser’s command to the army they led.

Immediately, dozens of Tier 6 combatants and over 50,000 Tier 5 experts swarmed Abyssal Star City. And because Abyssal Star City’s defensive magic array was no longer in operation, nothing stopped the three upper-ranking hegemonic powers’ members from invading the city.

Meanwhile, to prevent the city’s destruction, Asura’s members had no choice but to step out of the city to meet the three upper-ranking hegemonic powers’ members in battle. Fortunately, they had the assistance of the city’s Cannon Towers, Magic Towers, and Tier 4 and Tier 5 NPCs to even the odds to a certain extent. However, this also led to an exceptionally fierce clash between both sides.

The battle involving tens of thousands of Tier 5 existences shook the land outside Abyssal Star City. On this battlefield, even the fourth-floor experts normally regarded as invincible became insignificant existences, and one mistake could easily lead to their demise. Only the Tier 5 experts with Tier 6 combat power were not afraid of being surrounded and could dominate their surroundings by themselves. As for the other Tier 5 experts, at least a hundred of them died every second.

Initially, when the various spectating powers saw how the battle was developing, they thought that Abyssal Star City was doomed for destruction. After all, there was a significant difference in numbers between both sides. While both sides might seem evenly matched right now, it remained a fact that Asura had less lasting power than the three upper-ranking hegemonic powers. Not to mention, Abyssal Star City’s defensive magic array was already destroyed. So, it was only a matter of time before Asura’s side lost.

However, everyone quickly noticed a peculiar situation occurring on the battlefield.

A group of 20-plus experts from Zero Wing was cutting across the battlefield like a harvester designed for harvesting players’ lives. Not only did every player in this group possess Tier 6 combat power, but they also possessed unbelievably high durability. Even when multiple hostile Tier 6 combatants tried to gang up on one of them, one healer was enough to let the targeted Zero Wing member withstand the combined assault.

In contrast, the three upper-ranking hegemonic powers’ Tier 6 combatants fared as if they were made of paper. When targeted by several of Zero Wing’s Tier 6 combatants, they would get killed in seconds, even with multiple healers healing them…

However, what astonished everyone the most was Gentle Snow’s performance. She fought as if she were a true Tier 6 Berserker God on the battlefield, and nobody could last more than one hit against her greatswords. Even when multiple Tier 6 combatants surrounded her, she could still reap a life with every swing of her dual greatswords.

In only several minutes, Gentle Snow had claimed the lives of over a thousand Tier 5 experts. Her strength was so devastating that even Nightmare Chaser had to abandon his fight with Ink Qilin and focus on eliminating Gentle Snow first. Only, the outcome of the clash between Gentle Snow and Nightmare Chaser frightened everyone once more.

It turned out that…the two were evenly matched…