Reincarnation Of The Strongest Sword God

Chapter 3301 - Chapter 375 - Level 5 Affinity

Chapter 3301 - Chapter 375 - Level 5 Affinity

Chapter 375 – Level 5 Affinity

“Zero Wing’s Acting Guild Leader?” Frey was a little surprised by the Guardian Knight’s answer. “Are you talking about the Zero Wing that killed Dira?”

“Yes, that Zero Wing.” The Guardian Knight nodded.

The news of Dira getting killed had long since spread across the entire Starlight Realm, and any power operating in the Starlight Realm would know about it. It was especially so for the powers based near the Sea of Giants now that the Divine Seal Saint had sent the Wind Seal Commander, one of the Four Seals, there to await the opening of the Miniature Ancient World’s World Passage.

“Have that person in the Seven Luminaries Alliance carefully look into this matter. If it turns out to be true, this matter is going to be interesting,” Frey said, her lips curling up a little. “But be sure to do things secretly. We must not let a third party know about this matter.”


“Rest assured, Young Miss. That person is a confidant trained by the Galaxy Conglomerate. He will never leak this information to other powers,” the Guardian Knight assured.

“Good. You should know how important a Great Grandmaster Magician is to the Galaxy Conglomerate. If any mistakes occur, you won’t be able to afford the consequences,” Frey calmly said.

“Understood!” The Guardian Knight hurriedly nodded, cold sweat rolling down his forehead. “I won’t disappoint you on this matter, Young Miss!”

While Frey was looking into the latest Great Grandmaster Magician going by the name of Ye Feng, the Starlight Realm’s various hegemonic powers and conglomerate were also frantically looking into this person. They even offered to give anyone who could provide useful information related to Ye Feng a permanent resident status in a first-tier city.

When this news spread, the entire Starlight Realm instantly went into an uproar.

For ordinary players, just the opportunity to gain permanent residence in a third-tier city was already an unattainable dream. As for permanent residence in a first-tier city, that was something not even mental strength grandmasters would dare to think of obtaining. At most, they could afford to visit a first-tier city for a few days every now and then.

Yet, now, there was an opportunity to gain permanent residency in a first-tier city simply by providing information on Ye Feng. How could everyone not be shocked?

While the Starlight Realm’s players and powers were busy looking into the player named Ye Feng, Shi Feng was focused on creating his Tier 5 Mana Body.

After becoming a Great Grandmaster Magician, Shi Feng not only noticed his Concentration undergoing an evolutionary change, but he also felt his elemental ascending to a new level. Or, more specifically, the Great Grandmaster Emblem he wore had increased his elemental affinity by one level.

[Great Grandmaster Emblem]

A Magician Emblem exclusive to Black Flame.

When worn, it increases the wearer’s elemental affinity by one level, up to a maximum of Level 6.

The Magician class’s Great Grandmaster Emblem is truly incredible. Now that my elemental affinity has reached Level 5, I only need to expend half as much Concentration to manipulate solid mana.

Shi Feng grew ecstatic as he integrated the Great Grandmaster Mana Gathering Arrays he created with his Mana Body one after another.

Elemental affinity was crucial for players in controlling mana.

Normally, players’ elemental affinity would only be at Level 1, while gifted individuals could reach Level 2. Compared to players with only Level 1 affinity, players with Level 2 affinity would have an easier time perceiving and manipulating the various elements.

Although elemental affinity could be artificially increased using various methods, such as using tools and improving one’s Mana Body, there was a limit to the effectiveness of such methods. Even with a Legendary Mana Body, Shi Feng only managed to raise his elemental affinity to the Level 4 standard.

Level 4 also happened to be the highest standard Shi Feng achieved during his previous life, and he had achieved that standard after relying on various tools. This was also the limit for most Tier 6 experts.

So, the fact that the Great Grandmaster Emblem for Magicians could elevate his elemental affinity to Level 5 was incredible. This effect alone made it as valuable as a Fragmented Divine Artifact.

In less than half an hour, Shi Feng finished constructing a Mana Body that was fully made up of Great Grandmaster Mana Gathering Arrays.

“Start the assisted creation!”

After looking at the Mana Body he constructed, Shi Feng chose to activate the Hundred Refinement Building’s Creation Assistance Mode.

This time, the Hundred Refinement Building seemingly got stimulated as divine runes appeared all over the training room Shi Feng was in. At the same time, the density of Eternal Energy in the room plummeted as if to fuel the assisted creation this time.

One minute… Two minutes… Three minutes…

Ten minutes later, the sound of a system notification entered Shi Feng’s ears.

System: Congratulations! You have successfully constructed a new Mana Body. The constructed Mana Body’s strength is at 224% of your current Mana Body and has reached the Tier 5 standard. The created Mana Body is evaluated to be at the Epic rank. Do you wish to replace your current Mana Body with it and get promoted to Tier 5?

Sure enough, I was right! Shi Feng’s eyes brightened when he saw the system notification.

The fact that he managed to achieve the Epic rank on his first attempt at using the Great Grandmaster Mana Gathering Array to create his Tier 5 Mana Body meant that he had made the right judgment. Now, all he needed to do was continuously optimize his Mana Body’s structure, and he should have no problems elevating his Tier 5 Mana Body to the Legendary rank.

Immediately, Shi Feng began varying the number of Mana Gathering Arrays he used across his Mana Body, trying to improve his Mana Body’s mana transmission efficiency and mana density as much as possible. Meanwhile, the more he optimized his Mana Body, the stronger it became.

230%… 235%… 240%…

After numerous experiments, Shi Feng hit a bottleneck after reaching 255%.

It seems this is my current limit. Shi Feng revealed a wry smile as he looked at the Mana Body he had created.

The difficulty of achieving a Tier 5 Legendary Mana Body was much greater than he imagined.

The reason he could no longer improve his Mana Body any further wasn’t that the Mana Gathering Array had become a limiting factor. Instead, it was because of his control over mana.

Currently, he could only manipulate up to 64 Great Grandmaster Mana Gathering Arrays simultaneously. Meanwhile, after integrating 64 Great Grandmaster Mana Gathering Arrays into his existing Mana Body and optimizing its structure as much as possible, he only ended up with a Mana Body that was 255% stronger than his current Mana Body. In other words, it was only at the Tier 5 Advanced Epic standard. If he wanted to create a stronger Tier 5 Mana Body, he would have to increase the number of Great Grandmaster Mana Gathering Arrays in his Mana Body.

While Shi Feng was looking for ways to further optimize his Mana Body’s structure, he suddenly received a system notification.

Regional System Announcement: A Miniature Ancient World’s World Passage will soon open. All kingdoms and empires situated near the Sea of Giants are advised to prepare to resist the incoming beast tide.