Reincarnation Of The Strongest Sword God

Chapter 3240 - Chapter 314 - True Swordsman

Chapter 3240 - Chapter 314 - True Swordsman

Chapter 314 – True Swordsman

World Creation?!

Wu Xiaoxiao’s eyes widened in disbelief when she saw the miniature world’s shadow descending upon the forest.

World Creation was an ultimate technique that only an incredibly small number of Tier 5 magical class NPCs could perform. Meanwhile, any Tier 5 player capable of executing World Creation would be invincible among players of the same tier.

Although there were some peerless geniuses in the Greater God’s Domain capable of using World Creation at Tier 4, their World Creation was incomplete. They could only exert a limited suppression on their opponents using the power of the world they created. They couldn’t prevent their opponents from using the mana in the affected area.


In comparison, a player who could perform a complete World Creation could not only influence their opponent’s ability to use ambient mana, but could also suppress their opponent’s Life Rating. This was why Tier 5 players who had mastered World Creation were known to be invincible at Tier 5.

Life Rating was the foundation of all creatures in God’s Domain, and players were no exception.

So long as a player’s Life Rating was weakened, not only would they face a serious reduction in Basic Attributes, but even their Physique would plummet. It was essentially an overall reduction in combat power. In a fight between two Tier 5 players, adding World Creation to one side was enough to separate the two players into two different levels.

Meanwhile, as soon as Shi Feng’s World Creation took effect, Unforgettable Leaf’s overall parameters instantly fell to the Tier 3 standard.

At this time, Unforgettable Leaf most likely couldn’t even beat an ordinary Tier 4 expert, let alone escape from the miniature world Shi Feng created.

World Creation was more like a super-large magic barrier than a normal Mana Domain. Meanwhile, the walls of a complete World Creation were something even Tier 5 players would have to expend significant effort to break through. With his Life Rating reduced to the Tier 3 standard, there was no way Unforgettable Leaf could do anything against it.

While Wu Xiaoxiao was looking at Shi Feng’s World Creation in disbelief, the spectators in the plaza were also experiencing a moment of shock.

“What happened? Why did the magic mirror stop working? What happened over there?”

“I remember that the magic mirror can only observe areas up to a certain distance. If the selected area is too far, the magic mirror cannot observe it. But we are all on this floating island in the Ancient River Secret Land right now, so it shouldn’t be possible for them to be outside the magic mirror’s viewing range.”

“No! There is another possibility! The magic mirror can only observe scenes in the same world. Since the magic mirror can’t locate them, they should be in a different world from us.”

“That shouldn’t be possible, right? They’re currently in the competition area, so how can they be teleported out of the competition area? Moreover, the magic mirror shouldn’t show a blank image even if they get teleported out of the competition area. It should continue showing the battlefield.”

“No, no, no! There is one other possibility that can block the magic mirror’s viewing without leaving the competition area.”

“Could it be… Do you mean…World Creation?”

The many players in the plaza started voicing all sorts of speculations when they saw the magic mirror suddenly failing to display the battle between Shi Feng and Unforgettable Leaf.

Unforgettable Leaf was ranked 32nd among the Myriad Forest Empire’s younger generation geniuses. He might not be as strong as the Ancient River Kingdom’s Ten Great Paragons, but nobody could stop him out in the fields if he focused on escaping.

Meanwhile, should Unforgettable Leaf successfully get away, Shi Feng’s group of three would have to be very concerned in subsequent rounds of the Rookie Competition.

The Assassin class’s strong suit was not direct combat. Instead, the class shined in assassination techniques. Relying on these assassination techniques, an Assassin could even kill players of a higher tier. After all, if a Tier 5 player received a vital hit from a Tier 4 player and got heavily injured, unless there was a massive difference in levels and Basic Attributes, it was entirely possible for the Tier 4 player to deal enough damage to kill the Tier 5 player before the latter could recover.

Previously, Unforgettable Leaf had fought Wu Xiaoxiao head-on from beginning to end. He never showed the Assassin class’s true capabilities and simply thought of having Wu Xiaoxiao watch how Shi Feng got killed. Otherwise, with Wu Xiaoxiao’s vastly inferior combat standards, Unforgettable Leaf could have long since killed Wu Xiaoxiao.

“Commander, do you think Black Flame has really mastered World Creation?” the female Cleric from the Purple Melody Alliance asked Desolate Fury when she saw the magic mirror’s black screen, her eyes full of yearning.

World Creation was a goal all magical class players in God’s Domain dreamed of achieving. Anyone who could master World Creation would be highly valued by the various hegemonic powers. They would also be given an Elder’s seat immediately if they joined a hegemonic power, even if they were only at Tier 5.

“It should be a complete World Creation,” Desolate Fury said, a hint of envy in his eyes. “Although the magic mirror isn’t a powerful observation tool, it is made using magic that has been passed down from primordial times. An imperfect World Creation isn’t enough to stop it.”

“So what if he knows World Creation?” Lightning Chaser suddenly smiled. “Do you really think he can kill that Unforgettable Leaf with only this much? Have you two forgotten what Unforgettable Leaf’s title is? Even the Sixth Paragon had to expend quite a lot of effort to kill him during the Battle of Geniuses. If not for the dueling arena being overly small, Unforgettable Leaf might have even survived until the end of the round.”

Lightning Chaser admitted that he could no longer afford to clash against Shi Feng.

Shi Feng having strength that surpassed Saint Nine meant the various hegemonic powers would definitely extend an olive branch to him. Even upper-ranking hegemonic powers would most likely try to recruit him.

Although the Extreme Eagle Corporation’s influence and strength in the Greater God’s Domain were above ordinary hegemonic powers, it was still significantly inferior to upper-ranking hegemonic powers. If Shi Feng were to join an upper-ranking hegemonic power, he would most likely be put in a high position. In that case, Lightning Chaser could no longer afford to offend Shi Feng.

However, it was a different story for Unforgettable Leaf.

Unforgettable Leaf was a future executive of the Heavenly Boa Guild. Meanwhile, Heavenly Boa was an existence with great prospects of becoming an upper-ranking hegemonic power in the future. So, Unforgettable Leaf did not have any reasons to fear Shi Feng.

Meanwhile, now that Shi Feng had offended Unforgettable Leaf, with Unforgettable Leaf’s vengeful personality, the Assassin would definitely make it impossible for Shi Feng’s group to advance to the preliminaries’ top 100 if Shi Feng failed to kill him here.

Inside the combat zone…

After Shi Feng’s World Creation took effect, Unforgettable Leaf gradually disappeared from Shi Feng’s and Wu Xiaoxiao’s vision and perception. A moment later, his presence in the miniature world disappeared completely.

“Black Flame! Do you really think I’ll be afraid of you out in the fields?! I’ll let you know why the Seven Luminaries Alliance gave me the title of Undying Shadow!”

Unforgettable Leaf’s voice came from all directions and constantly echoed throughout the woods surrounding Shi Feng and Wu Xiaoxiao, making it impossible to track his whereabouts.

“Void Walk and Shadowless Killing Intent?”

Shi Feng glanced at the swaying trees around him, sensing that Unforgettable Leaf’s presence was everywhere in the surrounding woods. Yet, at the same time, the Assassin was like a ghost that did not exist.

Moreover, Shi Feng could feel the killing intent that filled the air around him. It felt as if a dagger could pop out from anywhere to stab him at any time. If the average person were subjected to this situation, they would have to constantly keep their minds focused on their surroundings. Under such pressure, they would expend Concentration rapidly, and they wouldn’t be able to stay in battle for very long.

Take Wu Xiaoxiao, for example. Even though she wasn’t moving her body, her complexion had turned pale, an indicator that she was exhausting her Concentration rapidly.

“That’s right! I was originally saving this move for when I am competing for the top ten since using it places a huge burden on my mind! But now, I’ll test it on you two!”

When Unforgettable Leaf looked at Shi Feng standing still from the void, he couldn’t help but laugh maniacally.

World Creation was indeed a powerful technique. However, it had little effect on experts who had mastered Void Walk. This was because Void Walk allowed its user to travel out of their original world and traverse in the void, making it impossible for the players in the original world to perceive the user’s location. Players going against a Void Walk user couldn’t even attack the latter. They could only wait for the Void Walk user to leave the void and attack them first.

However, Unforgettable Leaf did not need to leave the void to attack Shi Feng. He simply needed to launch mental attacks from absolute safety.

“Void Walk?” When Wu Xiaoxiao heard Unforgettable Leaf’s unabashed admission, her expression became even more gloomy.

Void Walk was a technique comparable to World Creation. Once mastered, a player could freely come and go from a battlefield.

While Wu Xiaoxiao was falling into despair, Shi Feng suddenly turned to look at a nearby treetop.

“Do you really think a measly Void Walk is enough to keep you safe from me?”

After saying so, Shi Feng suddenly disappeared and reappeared before the treetop he had eyed previously. Then, he unsheathed the Winter of Eternal Night and brandished it against the treetop.

Immediately, over a dozen sword lights formed and converged into a single point, the convergence of sword lights shattering space.

Sword’s Transmigration!

Suddenly, space interlaced, and Unforgettable Leaf in the void had his heart pierced. Unforgettable Leaf wore a look of shock and confusion on his face, but as his HP bar had already depleted completely, he could do nothing but watch as his vision darkened and his body dispersed into countless particles of light…