Refining the Mountains and Rivers

Chapter 1718B – Acting Pretentious

Chapter 1718B – Acting Pretentious

East Mountain Sect Master’s gaze turned cold, “Sect Master Qin Yu, the Main Sword Masters do not casually detain disciples from other sword sects. This is the answer I am giving you.

“Then, let me also tell you right now that the Main Sword Masters have already given the order to investigate the matter regarding the Sword Prison losing control. According to the evidence that we have obtained, I need you to make your way to the Main Sword Masters to cooperate with the investigation.”

To this, Qin Yu blandly replied, “Evidence? Take out the evidence, and I will then decide if I want to cooperate with the investigation or not.”

Hiss –

Everyone sucked in a breath of cold air, thinking that this Opening Heavens Sword Sect Master was truly savage.

The Main Sword Masters represented the highest authority in the whole of Swallow Mountain. Challenging them would be equivalent to challenging the most important rules that Swallow Mountain had.

And this was something that had never happened in its history. Even the strongest of the ten sword sects, the Frost Cold Sword Sect, did not dare to do something like this.

However, this was without a doubt the scene that they wanted to see the most. Arrogant Opening Heavens Sword Sect, please continue treading on this dangerous and irreversible path. We are waiting to see you guys in a miserable and tragic state!

East Mountain Sect Master narrowed his eyes and invisible sword aura surged in the air, “Opening Heavens Sword Sect’s Sect Master Qin Yu, I am using my status as one of the members of the Main Sword Masters to officially warn you that any action you take to challenge us will be viewed as a form of treachery!”

“Treachery? The likes of you are not worthy to convict me of anything.” Qin Yu looked up at the sky at a forty-five degree angle, feeling that his performance was not perfect enough.

In terms of pretentiousness, he was still greatly lacking. There were many areas in which he could improve.

For example, his tone could be a little bit more bland, and his eyes could be lowered a bit so that he was looking at the faraway mountains while he was also looking at the sky to give off an imperceptible aura. Hmm, he could also turn his body a little sideways. It would be more effective if he showed his side profile to the audience instead.

Sect Master Gu was the true expert in this!

As for why he was acting so pretentiously…Rourou told him that the more arrogant he was and the bigger a commotion was stirred, the more benefits he could reap in the end.

Qin Yu had confirmed that she was not spouting nonsense, so what was there to hesitate about? Who did not know how to act pretentiously?

Therefore, I have to act pretentious now!

East Mountain Sword Sect’s face turned ashen, “Very good!”

Hong –

A terrifying sword aura exploded from his body. It charged towards the clouds and tore them to pieces.

“Today, let me have a good taste of Sect Master Qin’s power.”

Hu Zhiming was dumbfounded.

He never would have thought that his Sect Master would escalate the situation to this point.

He was challenging the whole Main Sword Masters with just his abilities alone…stop fooling around, he would never achieve his goal at all. He was simply seeking death!

At this moment, what made him especially annoyed was that Zhang Xiashan and the other disciples who were beside him had faces full of excitement, as if they were going to break out in squeals at any time. Have these brats lost their minds? A huge disaster was about to happen and they were still so unaware!

We’re doomed, this time, we’re completely doomed.

At first, the great sword sects were already displeased with them because of what happened in the Sword Prison. Now they had a perfect reason to act out, so why wouldn’t they hold tightly onto this opportunity?

Challenging the Main Sword Masters…Gu White’s expression was calm as he looked at Qin Yu. He thought to himself, ‘Truly, one will meet people more powerful than themselves even as they become stronger.’

Looking back on his life, even though Gu White was always surrounded by extraordinary people, he had never met someone on this level.

Qin Yu was truly more outstanding than anyone else he had ever met!

As for how this matter would turn out in the end, Gu White felt that it was too early to draw a conclusion.

Qin Yu frowned internally as he looked at East Mountain Sect Master. He thought to himself, ‘Now that I’m done acting pretentious, do I really still have to fight a big battle?’

Opposite him, East Mountain Sect Master’s tone was cold and bone-piercing as he said, “Sect Master Qin Yu, do you think that I am not qualified to fight you?”


Frost Cold Sword Sect.

Sect Master Sword Peak.

Fourteen sword sect elders had been standing here for a long time. There was confusion on their faces. They did not understand what their Sect Master was trying to do.

Suddenly, the elders’ faces changed and the sword aura around them tightened and turned into a huge prison.

“Sect Master!”

The Grand Elder used his aura to propagate his voice throughout the Sword Peak, but there was no reply.

Without giving any more time for these elders to react, countless ‘sharp spikes’ suddenly appeared within the sword aura that was imprisoning them and pierced through their bodies aggressively.

“Ah!” The elders wailed in misery.

What made them even more terrified was that after these sharp spikes integrated with their bodies, they were rapidly stealing and sucking their life energy.

“Sect Master, what are you doing? Stop this at once!” the Grand Elder shouted furiously.

However, no movement could be detected on the sword peak at all.

Taking a deep breath, the Grand Elder gritted his teeth and growled, “Sect Master has gone crazy, we have to break open this prison!”

However, very quickly, the four sect elders turned pale and their faces filled with despair. Their cultivation had already been sealed and they were not able to move at all. Like fish on a chopping board, they could only let themselves be slaughtered without any ability to retaliate. Before all this happened, they did not even have the slightest clue that this would occur.

For something like this to happen, someone must have left behind some hidden dangers a long time ago, perhaps even from the point at which they joined Frost Cold Sword Sect. This also meant that from the very beginning, the sword skill that they cultivated was already tampered with!

“Ah! Why? Why is this happening?”

“I’ve lived for three thousand years and painstakingly cultivated all my life. Could it be that, after everything, I am just a chess piece for someone to manipulate?”

“Sect Master! Sect Master, come out! I am indignant, I am too indignant to die like this!”

“From when I joined Frost Cold Sword Sect until today, I have risked my life and made many contributions for the sect; why are you treating me like this?!”

Angry cries filled with desperation rang out endlessly on the sword peak.

However, the sect’s array had already been activated, forming a small world that isolated the Sect Master Sword Peak from the outside world. The sound of their voices could not travel out at all.

In the internal space of the sword peak, a huge sword array was already activated. Sect Master Han Zhengyang looked excited as he saw a severed hand suspended in the air in front of him.

That was it!

That was it!

This was the sealed item that countless generations of Frost Cold Sword Sect swordsmen were waiting patiently for. As long as he could refine it and integrate it with his body, he could break through his cultivation bottleneck and become the only King realm sword cultivator.

The Old Sect Master looked emotional as well and his eyes shone brightly. The sword aura surrounding his body churned excitedly as he said, “Zhengyang, now is the time, do it!”

Han Zhengyang cupped his hands, “Yes, Grandmaster!”

He raised his head and slapped his hand out heavily.

The Old Sect Master who was looking at the severed hand suddenly widened his eyes and howled angrily.

“Han Zhengyang, what are you doing?!”

Han Zhengyang was expressionless as he replied, “Grandmaster, you said that you were willing to sacrifice yourself to help me get the sealed item. I’m merely fulfilling your wish.”

Hong –

A majestic sword aura erupted and like an enormous tidal wave, the Old Sect Master who was sent flying back landed heavily on that severed hand.


The sound of cracking bones could be heard from the old swordsman’s body. His hunched back instantly became straight, and the folds on his skin rapidly disappeared. In the blink of an eye, his old and dying appearance became one of a middle-aged swordsman who looked strong and healthy.

“Traitor!” he shouted.

Han Zhengyang lifted his hand and the Frost Cold Sword Sect’s Suppressing Sect Immortal Sword appeared in his hands, “Grandmaster, I’ve managed to completely refine the Life Severing Sword.”

The Old Sect Master looked completely devoid of hope.

Hong –

Han Zhengyang slashed the sword downwards and the Old Sect Master’s body was directly severed in half. No longer able to fight against the swallowing power coming from behind him, he was directly grabbed by that severed hand.

The severed hand’s skin started to rip apart and countless red tentacles shot out, wrapping around the Old Sect Master’s body and sounds of swallowing and chewing could be heard.

Han Zhengyang’s eyes were fiery as he bowed and said, “Rest assured, Grandmaster. I will definitely live up to your and our ancestors’ expectations. I will bring glory to our mighty Frost Cold Sword Sect and establish our Sword Dao as the orthodox way of practicing swordsmanship!”