Reborn Girl’s New Life

Chapter 676 - Knock Some Sense Into the Xue Family

Chapter 676 Knock Some Sense Into the Xue Family

There had been several versions of what happened to Xia Binger overnight. The whole Yuncheng soon knew it.

And the Xue Family was no exception.

Song Yunxuan and Song Yunying had an appointment to go to the Xue Family, mainly to see her little nephew.

So Song Yunxuan bought some gifts in advance and went there with Xiao Hong.

The Xue Family had been fearing Song Yunxuan because she fixed Xue Tao.

They feared Song Yunxuan so much that everyone in the Xue Family seemed nervous and had a sudden feeling of terror when Song Yunxuan arrived.

When Song Yunxuan arrived at the gate of the Xue Family, she saw Mrs. Xue set her jaw grimly and waited in silence. She chuckled, calling her, “Mrs. Xue?”

Mrs. Xue would like to diss Song Yunxuan right away.

But just at that moment, Mrs. Xue heard her husband coughing.

Mrs. Xue was wise enough to know her husband was telling her to watch her mouth. She swallowed her anger, pretending to be nice to Song Yunxuan and inviting her to the living room to have tea.

Song Yunxuan naturally did not refuse that. After taking a sip of flower tea, she asked Mr. Xue, “Mr. Xue, how is my brother-in-law?”

Mrs. Xue couldn’t help it, snapping, “How fine can he be…”

“Ahem.” Mr. Xue coughed again, cutting her wife off, “Tao is doing good lately. But as he has broken some bones, he had better stay in hospital for a bit longer.”

Song Yunxuan was satisfied with Mr. Xue’s answer, nodding, “That’ll be great. I also care about him.”

Hearing Song Yunxuan’s words, Mrs. Xue felt angry and couldn’t help clenching her fists.

Now she could hardly appear to be nice.

Mr. Xue knew well about his wife’s temper, so he said to Song Yunxuan when seeing his wife could hardly control herself, “Yunxuan, your sister and my baby grandson are upstairs. Feel free to visit them.”

Song Yunxuan knew that Mr. Xue was trying to send her away, but she didn’t take it to heart. She took a look at Mrs. Xue’s face that was dark with rage, replying, “OK. Then I’ll go see her. It’s been a while and I really miss them.”

Mr. Xue nodded and asked a nurse to lead Song Yunxuan upstairs.

After Song Yunxuan got upstairs, Mrs. Xue finally blew up, scolding, “She was just shedding crocodile tears! If not for her, how could Tao have been like that?”

Mr. Xue frowned, replying, “Enough.”

“Enough? Did you see how Song Yunxuan treated us? It’s like she’s the master of our family. She can come and leave whenever she wants to!”

Hearing that, Mr. Xue said icily, “Or what do you want? Xue Tao’s mistake aside, we still have no evidence to prove that Song Yunxuan was the one who hurt him.”

Their own son got beaten up and they suspected Song Yunxuan.

But when they followed the clue, they found nothing related to Song Yunxuan.

Song Yunxuan was above suspicion.

Since they had no evidence and Song Yunxuan was above suspicion, how could they turn against her?

Hearing her husband’s words, Mrs. Xue couldn’t help frowning, “Song Yunxuan was such a merciless chick. Who else could do this to our son except her?”

“There are a lot.” Mr. Xue rubbed his brows, reminding his wife wearily, “Our son has got into lots of trouble and offended many people. Think about it.”

Mr. Xue’s words silenced Mrs. Xue.

But after remaining silent for a moment, she still said stubbornly, “But I’m sure Song Yunxuan was the one that hurt my son. Except her…”

“OK. Enough.” Mr. Xue cut her wife off, saying flatly, “No matter who hurt Tao, let it pass.”

“But…” Mrs. Xue was still not reconciled, wanting to continue.

But Mr. Xue narrowed his eyes, saying, “Only Song Yunxuan and Shao Tianze could be the suspects. But think about it. Who can we afford to offend, Song Yunxuan or Shao Tianze?”

Hearing that, Mrs. Xue completely became silent.

It was true that the Xue Family could afford to offend neither Shao Tianze nor Song Yunxuan. In that case, what was the point of keeping investigating it?

Mrs. Xue clenched her fists without saying anything.

Meanwhile, Song Yunxuan also asked about how Xue Tao was doing when entering Song Yunying’s room.

“How on earth is Xue Tao doing lately?”

Hearing that, Song Yunying knew Song Yunxuan must have asked Mr. and Mrs. Xue the same question.

Thus she said, “What did my parents-in-law tell you?”

“They said he was doing good, but he had to stay in hospital for treatment.”

Song Yunying nodded, replying, “That’s true. I also visit him often.”

Song Yunxuan sat on the sofa and a family servant was serving her tea.

After taking a sip of tea, Song Yunxuan asked Song Yunying, “Where’s my little nephew?”

“He just fell asleep in the cradle. I’ll carry him over.”

With this, Song Yunying got up, preparing to fetch the kid.

Song Yunxuan stopped her, “Don’t bother. Let him sleep. I can see him when he wakes up.”

Song Yunying nodded and sat down beside Song Yunxuan.

Song Yunxuan took another sip of tea.

Then she asked Song Yunying, “The old couple didn’t give you a hard time, right?”


As Song Yunxuan got Song Yunying’s back, Mr. and Mrs. Xue dared not to cold-shoulder Song Yunying even if they wanted to because neither of them could afford to offend Song Yunxuan.

Thinking of this, Song Yunying sighed. Not until now did Song Yunying realize that she must have Song Yunxuan’s support to live a comfortable life in her husband’s family after all these years in the Song Family.

She had mixed feelings and looked up at Song Yunxuan.

Song Yunxuan was drinking tea at the moment, not noticing Song Yunying’s countenance.

Thinking of Xia Binger’s misfortunes, Song Yunying said, “I heard that Xia Binger went to the Chu Family to stir up trouble.”

Hearing that Song Yunying mentioned Xia Binger, Song Yunxuan said, “Just a fool who died young.”

The comment was pertinent.

Song Yunying knew Xia Binger very well. Besides, before Song Yunxuan came to Yuncheng, Xia Binger was the hottest star enjoying great popularity. Many playboys were interested in her.

Among which, the man she was dating was also interested in Xia Binger.

Just because of this, Xia Binger made her sick.

“How did Xia Binger die?”

Though Song Yunying knew Xia Binger died, she didn’t know how she died. Thus she asked Song Yunxuan curiously.

Hearing the question, Song Yunxuan turned to look at Song Yunying and gave her a smile, replying, “She was obviously killed by the man who incited her to frame me.”

Song Yunxuan said faintly. However, Song Yunying pondered over Song Yunxuan’s words, guessing, “Are you saying she was killed by Shao Tianze?”

“Yep.” Song Yunxuan nodded.

Just at that moment, there came a noise from the cradle.

Hearing that, Song Yunxuan walked over to the cradle. No sooner had she got closer to it, she saw that Song Yunying’s kid was rubbing his eyes with his little fists. It seemed that he was about to wake up.

Song Yunxuan had favored kids ever since she was reborn.

Now seeing that he was about to wake up, Song Yunxuan reached out and patted the kid on his chest, hoping that he could go back to sleep.

Song Yunying also saw that her baby was rubbing his eyes, whispering, “He may be awake.”

“This soon?”

“He’s been asleep for a long time, off and on. Kids are always like this. When they are full, they go to bed. Even if they wake up and play for a while, they will fall asleep again.”

Hearing Song Yunying’s words, Song Yunxuan chuckled and then waved to the kid in the cradle, whispering, “Can I hold him?”

“Sure. You are his aunt.”

Getting Song Yunying’s permission, Song Yunxuan reached out and held the baby who was slowly waking up in her arms.

She had thought the kid would cry when he woke up.

But for some unaccountable reason, the kid blinked cutely and collapsed into giggles when Song Yunxuan held him and patted him on the back.

Seeing the kid smiling at her, Song Yunxuan felt happy, “Why is he so well-behaved? He is not being naughty at all.”

Song Yunying also felt strange, replying, “That’s odd. The kid always kicks up a fuss when he wakes up.”

Song Yunying felt strange and nipped her kid’s cheek.

The kid’s eyes were very beautiful, which looked like Song Yunying’s, but looked more like his father’s.

Song Yunxuan looked at the kid and couldn’t help lowering her voice, asking Song Yunying, “Does the Xue Family like him?”

“Xue Tao doesn’t like him, but his parents like the kid. My father-in-law often comes to tease him.”

Song Yunxuan nodded, saying, “You should keep an eye on the baby.”

Song Yunxuan wanted to remind Song Yunying that the kid was not the Xue Family’s flesh and blood.

Song Yunying’s face clouded when she heard that. Then she replied, “Yes.”

Seeing that, Song Yunxuan tried to set her mind at ease, saying, “No need to be too worried. I’ve got your back. As long as nothing happens to our family, the Xue Family dares not to do anything to you. I’ll come here to knock some sense into Xue Tao once in a while and remind him to behave himself in the future.”

Song Yunying’s kid was not the Xue Family’s flesh and blood. She had to think of a way to cover up the truth. Otherwise, things would get tricky if someone knew it and threatened to make it public.