Rebirth to a Military Marriage: Good Morning Chief

Chapter 2541(End) - Miao Jing and Zhai Yaohui (42)

Chapter 2541: Miao Jing and Zhai Yaohui (42)

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“Anyway, you don’t have a partner and aren’t thinking of getting married yet. Why don’t we recommend a partner to Miao Miao and let her get married first? Miao Miao’s child will be no different from a biological grandchild to your mom and me. In that way, we will definitely stop urging you to get married as soon as possible. It’ll be a way out for you too, and you’ll be able to focus on your career in the military.”

It was the perfect solution. He was truly considerate of his son as a father, or rather, he couldn’t go easy on his son as a father.

“Fine…” Zhai Yaohui’s expression was dark and he no longer wanted to talk to his father. “If there’s nothing else, I’m going to hang up.”

“Okay, go on. By the time you return the next time, you might have a little nephew! Do you think Miao Miao’s first child will be a girl or a boy?”

Before Old Zhai could finish his words, he heard a muffled yet amusing sound coming from the other end of the call. “You ingrate! Wait and see what I’ll do to you!”

“What’s wrong?”

Grandma Zhai asked worriedly.

“Don’t worry. That rascal will definitely find a way to come back as soon as possible to marry Miao Miao. Having grandchildren? I want to have my own biological grandchildren!”

Grandma Zhai was elated. “Are you serious? But Yaohui has only been back in the military for a month. Is it right for us to call him back for Miao Miao’s sake when it’s such a critical period for him now? We’ll be wronging Miao Miao if Yaohui blames her for having failed to be promoted this time.”

“My son isn’t the kind of irresponsible man who will push the blame to women. Only by solving his personal matters will he be able to serve the country and people better. It isn’t too good to remain single for his whole life either. Then, the organization would eventually have to step in and help resolve his personal matters.”

If his son were to return and get married, his leaders would no longer have to worry about his son’s marriage. What was wrong with that?

“Will Yaohui really be able to return?” That sounded incredulous! Was her son really the kind of man who would give up everything else for a woman?

“Of course!” Old Zhai answered with absolute confidence.

Like father, like son.

He had joined the army to fight against the Japanese soldiers so as to protect his wife and son.

If Yaohui was no longer able to get promoted just because he returned to hold a wedding and get married, that simply meant that he was not capable enough.

Anyway, throughout his long career in the military, he had never heard of anyone ever being passed over for a promotion just because he got married.

On the other hand, the leaders in the military grew even more concerned about one’s personal matters if they were talented.

A father should know his son best.

Not only did Zhai Yaohui return after three days, but Old Zhai had even received a call from the military before Zhai Yaohui returned. “This? Oh, alright. I understand. Of course, how could I not know that my son’s getting married? My daughter-in-law is my close friend’s daughter. That female comrade is outstanding and good. It’s the Zhai family’s blessing that Yaohui is able to marry her. It’s true that her family background is average, but she’s a good lady. Yes, that’s the case. You can just approve it.”

“Getting married?” Grandma Zhai asked.

“Yaohui submitted a marriage report to the military.”

Grandma Zhai was in a panic. “He submitted it? No, how could I as a mother not know that Yaohui is getting married? Besides, who is he marrying?” She was in a daze.

“Who? Who else? Of course, it’s Miao Miao! Miao Miao’s name was on the report. I already said that that rascal was only putting on an act. Now that he knows that another male comrade likes Miao Miao, he can’t continue pretending anymore!”

A bast*rd like that should be stimulated at times too.

The first person who had been provoked in this matter was Zhai Yaohui. Of course, the second was naturally Miao Jing.

Miao Jing widened her eyes and stared at the solemn man in a military uniform in front of her. “Brother Zhai, what did you say? The wind was blowing too strongly and I didn’t hear you clearly.”

Zhai Yaohui unbuttoned his top button. “I’ve already submitted the marriage report. Take your identity card. Let’s go get our marriage certificate now.”

“…” Miao Jing forced a smile out. “Brother Zhai, are you kidding? You have a fiancée.”

A joke like that wasn’t funny at all. It was mean.

“Firstly, military marriages are protected. Secondly, it’s illegal to get remarried. Thirdly, I don’t have a fiancée.”

What Zhai Yaohui was trying to say was that he didn’t have a fiancée, much less any history of ever getting married.

If there was something wrong, the person who would be punished due to this marriage would be him.

Since he had already made the decision to get married to Miao Jing, he would naturally take full responsibility.

Miao Jing could rest assured since military marriages were protected and it was against the law to get divorced.

Miao Jing’s expression darkened. “Brother Zhai, I don’t understand why you’re suddenly telling me all this. But since you’ve asked me, I have to give you an answer. I’m sorry. I won’t marry you.”

No one but Miao Jing could understand how complicated and painful it had been for Miao Jing to decide to move out of the Zhai family’s house.

The Zhai family was the first that ever treated Miao Jing sincerely and kindly.

As such, all three members of the Zhai family held special places in Miao Jing’s heart.

Old Zhai always mentioned her getting together with Zhai Yaohui. As a normal young lady, Miao Jing could only constantly remind herself that it was impossible between her and Zhai Yaohui since he was so outstanding and that she had better not hold Old Zhai accountable for his words. Otherwise, she would eventually embarrass herself.

Even though she maintained a cool expression on the surface, Miao Jing couldn’t help but think of the thousands of possibilities and waver. What if…

It was only when she left the Zhai family’s house that Miao Jing stopped thinking about all these hypothetical scenarios.

Only Miao Jing herself understood just how moved she was when Zhai Yaohui suddenly showed up in front of her, saying that he wanted to get married to her, because she had been maintaining her distance from him.

Zhai Yaohui wouldn’t accept Miao Jing’s rejection.

But at the same time, Zhai Yaohui wanted to protect his dignity and refused to admit that he had feelings for Miao Jing. With just one glance, he knew that Miao Jing felt the same way as he did and had feelings for him too.

Instead of wasting time by arguing with each other, Zhai Yaohui strode forward and lifted Miao Jing. Then, he explained to Miao Jing’s colleagues. “I’m sorry for disturbing all of you. I’m Miao Miao’s partner, and I’ve been busy in the military. I’ve finally gotten the time recently to submit my marriage report. I’m going to get my marriage certificate with Miao Miao now. We’ll treat you to wedding candies another day.”

Years later, even after her three grandchildren had been born, Miao Jing never forgot how Zhai Yaohui had lifted her up with her stomach on his shoulder. It had felt awful as the blood rushed to her head.

At the thought of this, Miao Jing couldn’t help but slap Zhai Yaohui who was lying beside her. “Don’t you think you were too much? I didn’t even need you to be as romantic as young people nowadays or to give me a romantic proposal. But you were no different from a robber at that time. I refused to marry you but you carried me away!”

Miao Jing couldn’t help but suspect that she had only signed her name on the certificate because of how dazed she had been.

By the time she received the certificate, it was too late to regret anything.

Zhai Yaohui was confused. Their grandchildren were already in university. Why was Miao Jing suddenly bringing up the past?

He hugged Miao Jing and flipped over. “Your son has been asking me if I have been half-hearted lately. That’s why you’ve been turning your attention to his wife and children. Since you can’t fall asleep, let’s do something that will improve our relationship as a couple.”

He didn’t even give Miao Jing the chance to refuse, acting just as domineering as he had been when he had carried Miao Jing to get their marriage certificate. They were an old couple, but they were still loving and sweet.

Miao Jing, who was being pressed under him, thought that this was not bad, after all. Her happiness might have come a little later in life, but at least, it had eventually come.

‘Zhai Yaohui, do you think you can be gentler and tell me earlier that you like me in our next lifetime?’

‘Miao Miao, if we have a next lifetime, I’ll definitely tell you that I like you and want you to be my wife earlier.’.