Rebirth on the Doors to the Civil Affairs Bureau

Chapter 1

Chapter 1 Let’s get Married


Yu Dong felt that her body had been pulled in all directions, and her eyes were dry and painful.

She seemed to have fainted and was dehydrated. What happened to her? Using her remaining strength, Yu Dong opened her stinging eyes and at first glance, saw a tall man in front of her, standing against the back-light preventing Yu Dong from seeing him clearly.

The man seemed to be saying something over and over again and Yu Dong was confused for a while before she finally processed what the other person was saying.

“Are you OK!”

Yu Dong, stared uncomprehendingly for a while, only to realize that something was wrong. She clearly should be wearing her newly bought pajamas and lying in her luxury apartment. How did she suddenly end up sitting in such a strange place? Looking around, seeing four big words above her caused Yu Dong’s confused brain to instantly crash.

‘Shanghai Civil Affairs Bureau’ !!!

What happened?

Yu Dong intended to brush herself off and stand up, but because her body was too weak, her sudden movements caused her to stumble.

“Are you alright!” the man hastened to hold Yu Dong.

Yu Dong finally saw the man’s appearance. He looked neat and had a warm presence, and his pair for gold-framed glasses could not prevent his faint concern from appearing in her line of sight.

This person shouldn’t be recognizable but why does he seem familiar?

“You…seem to be familiar.” Yu Dong couldn’t help but say.

“That’s probably because when you were abandoned by your boyfriend half an hour ago, I  happened to be abandoned by my girlfriend next to you. We seem to be riding the same boat, looking at how our relationships ended.” The man laughed bitterly.

(T/N Riding the same boat: to be in the same unpleasant situation.)

“…” was abandoned by her boyfriend? At the door of the Civil Affairs Bureau? Yu Dong looked down at herself and saw a pink suitcase, fuck. Was this the day she eloped to Shanghai 10 years ago to marry that scum man only to be miserably abandoned?

July 7, 2007 !!!!!

Yu Dong took a look at the phone in her pocket and the date displayed on the familiar Nokia phone confirmed that she wasn’t wrong.

This was the only black mark in the history of Yu Dong, that is, her disregard of her parent’s opposition at 22 years old. She dragged her suitcase overnight to Shanghai to meet with her then boyfriend and agreed to meet at the door of the Civil Affairs Bureau to register.

As a result, the ex-boyfriend met her at the gate of the Civil Affairs Bureau and broke up with her.

As for what was said, it was so long ago that Yu Dong just doesn’t remember. She only vaguely remembers something about his parents vehemently opposed to him marrying a woman who had just graduated and wasn’t from Shanghai.

Therefore he merely gave her 10,000 yuan as a breakup fee.

Then after being stunned by his words, Yu Dong stood there stupidly under the scorching sun and ended up having heatstroke. She then fainted and was sent to a hospital. A nurse explained that a man brought here there and also helped her pay the medical expenses, but didn’t leave a name.

It should be the person in front of her now.

“Are you Ok, is your head still dizzy? You might have heatstroke, do you want to go to the hospital to have a look?” The girl in front of him didn’t speak for a long time, and with her faraway expression, he couldn’t help but worry.

“What’s your name?” asked Yu Dong.

“Xia Feng!”

Xia Feng? 2017’s most influential youth in Asia, the young doctor who has conquered cancer? With many big names queuing up to have a glimpse of this superstar of the medical field ???

“Are you a doctor?” asked Yu Dong.

“How did you know?” Xia Feng wondered.

“You look like it!”

“Are you saying all doctors look the same?” Xia Feng laughed.

“You just said that you’ve also been abandoned?” asked Yu Dong.

Xia Feng looked at this girl who moments ago, had just been heartbroken and could only cry. How suddenly had she swept away the expression of grief and anger, and became excited.

Xia Feng nodded.

“Why were you abandoned?” asked Yu Dong.

“I wanted to get married, but my girlfriend didn’t agree. I told her that if she didn’t meet me at the
Civil Affairs Bureau and got the certificate today, we would break up.” Xia Feng said unhappily.

The fact that he met someone with such similar circumstances perhaps gave him the desire to talk to open up to a stranger.

“Why are you so anxious to get married?” Yu Dong said.

“My mother is in poor health. She has to undergo surgery in a few days. She wants to see me married before the operation.” Xia Feng smiled bitterly.

“Then you’re unmarried, and have just lost your girlfriend?” Yu Dong clarified.

“Yes!” He didn’t know what he was going to say to his mother.

“Do you have a house?” Yu Dong suddenly asked.

“Hou-…yes!” In order to get married, Xia Feng bought a house six months ago and renovated it in his girlfriend’s preferences.

“Then why don’t I marry you!” Yu Dong suddenly proposed.

“You…” Xia Feng thought he had misheard.

“You see, you’re looking for someone to marry to ease your mother’s heart, I also want to get married. We’re right in front of the doors to the Civil Affairs Bureau, and with all our papers too!” Yu Dong exclaimed while holding up her household book.

“And the most important thing is that we just broke up with our exes. This is fate, ah!”

Right up until they left the Civil Affairs Bureau again, holding a newly registered red book, Xia Feng remained dazed, still wondering how did he end up getting married?

Did he just pick up a wife at the doors of the Civil Affairs Bureau?

Xia Feng silently looked at the girl who was drinking a big cola next to him, her face tender and looking like she just left school.

“Coke is bad for your health!” Xia Feng reminded her.

“I just cried so much, I’m short on water.” Yu Dong drank half a bottle before stopping. “Husband I’m hungry, go find a restaurant to eat in.”

Husband? Xia Feng’s body stiffened.

“Help me with my suitcase, I didn’t know Qipaos could be so heavy.” Yu Dong rudely instructed.

(T/N MTL didn’t understand, so I just put in what Google believes to be the usual wedding clothes

[Qipao] )

Although Xia Feng was somewhat uncomfortable, he was raised to be helpful towards women, and this was still his wife.

The who went to a hot pot restaurant nearby and ate a spicy hot pot.

Finally, in front of Xia Feng who had an unspeakable expression, she picked up a glass on the table and said: “Come and drink this wine. May our future be as hot as this hot pot!”

This weirdo !!!!

After eating rice, Yu Dong took Xia Feng and found a wedding photography store. She went in and declared that she wanted to take a wedding photo today.

The store staff explained that they had to have booked in advance to take wedding photos, and that there were no available makeup artists and photographers on such short notice.

Before Xia Feng could say anything, he sees Yu Dong pulling out a stack of banknotes from her bag and arrogantly saying: “An indoor shoot, with the photo delivered to our home before 12 o’ clock this evening, any extra money can be calculated as overtime pay.”

“Ok ok, I’ll help you get in touch with the makeup artist and photographer, we can shoot during our lunch break!” the clerk walked away cheerfully.

In the end, they simply had the shoot, Xia Feng who was still bewildered left his address, and they finally walked out of the shop.

“Were you scared of my attitude just now?” Yu Dong asked her husband whose face finally showed an expression.

“Why did we have to take wedding photos today?”

“Because we got married today? How can there be no wedding photos at home!” Yu Dong said, deadpan.

Ok, I have no words. Xia Feng silently shut up.

“If you have anything to say, say it. We will have to live a lifetime together. There’s no point in being polite in the beginning!”

Well, although my wife is a bit strange, at least she plans to live with me for a lifetime.

“You don’t have to worry about the money I just spent. That money was the breakup fee given by my ex-boyfriend. Hey !! Even if he doesn’t want me, taking his money and spending it to take wedding photos with another man will surely kill him!”

Not only is she weird, but she’s also vengeful.

“He probably thinks that I would want to save face and try to give his money back, dream on!”

Ok, I guess in comparison… she’s realistic.

“Let’s go home!”

Xia Feng wordlessly took her back to his newly bought house. The moment they stepped through the house, his new wife would gasp endlessly.

“Husband, this is in the city center ah. This location is very expensive. After ten years, the house must be more than 1,000,000 yuan, ah.”

“Wow, the house is so big, there must be more than 100 duplex flats above and below us, after 10 years we can do nothing and be multi-millionaires!”

“It needs just a little bit of decoration, but no matter!”

“But your ex-girlfriend’s things must be put away. I won’t make you throw them, but don’t let me see it, or I’ll lose my temper.”

Is this woman who’s jealous by herself OK?

Xia Feng began to seriously worry about his future.

“You’ll stay here.” Xia Feng led her into a room and put down her suitcase.

Yu Dong looked at the room that was obviously the guest room. She was dissatisfied: “Why don’t we sleep together!”

My, his wife was very avant-garde.

“Forget it, engineering men are so shy. I’ll give you time to adapt!”

Thank you very much!

“I’ll get some sleep first, when the photos arrive just take them and wait for me to wake up and decide where they’ll hang.” When she was done, Yu Dong closed the door.

Lying in bed comfortably, Yu Dong’s only thought was to tell her mother that this time, your daughter is not a leftover woman. Right after graduation, she marries herself to some quality stock.

Sitting in a million dollar mansion!

Didn’t need to be forced into blind dates and be subjected to pudgy and bald men !!!!!

Yes, this woman who even disgusting men didn’t want, finally met a man who looks good and is worthy. Please pack him up, I’ll take him to go.


All exclamation marks are preserved (no matter how much I wanted to remove them).

If you see any errors, please speak up, I’m a complete beginner in translating.

I decided to translate this because after reading the first few chapters, I couldn’t stop laughing at MC and ML’s thoughts (*≧▽≦)ノシ))

Also based on what other people who’ve read the raws say, this story is entirely fluffy, without much angst. So, my kind of story.