Rebirth of The Golden Marriage

Chapter 15

Rebirth of The Golden Marriage« 重生 之 金色 婚姻» Chong Sheng Zhi Jin Sen Hun Yin

Chapter 15: Exchanging the Wine

  The atmosphere in the room changed, Zhan Hong Tu face was still ugly, and Zhan Yi Ning looked fearful. Even Wang Bing Yan had the feeling of being a dog hugging it tail. Wang Bing Yan smiled and said, "Little Aunt, how come you suddenly came back?"

  Zhan Hong Ying casually jumped from the ground and landed more than one meter away near the bar, she squatted on the bar chair and patted her pants casually and said, "If I didn't come back, how would I know that you are bullying my big nephew Ah?" She asked Zhan Yi Fei, "Little Fei which one  is your wife?"

  Zhan Yi Fei pointed to Lin Yu Tong.

  Zhan Hong Ying looked at Lin Yu Tong up and down. "It's okay, although I don't know much from Little Fei, but he is cheerful and talkative at first glance, kid, you're name is  Lin Yu Tong, right?"

  Lin Yu Tong said with a wide-eyed smile: "Hello Aunt."

 Zhan Hong Ying nodded. "I heard you outside when you spoke. I like your character. Unlike people who are courageous in their conduct yes?"

  Zhan Hong Tu eyebrows twisted, but he did not speak again. With any negative emotions, he don't want to, but he doesn't seem to dare, "Hong Ying, what are you doing back here... at this time?"

  Zhan Hong Ying said with a smile: "Nothing, I just came to see who would dare to hide things from me and here I came and saw that there was a big twat trying to kick my nephew out the Zhan Family."

After she said that no one dared to talk, she said with satisfaction: "It's good, it looks like there is no rejection of the marriage, then let's talk about it, we're the only the fifth generations of The Zhan Family. What should we do?"

  Wang Bing Yan and Zhan Yi Ning heard this and even if they were pissed off but still they couldn't say anything.

  The next conversation was finally a bit like a family. Although Zhan Hong Ying has been basically talking to Chen Su Ning during the period, the two opposing mother and daughter basically have no opinions, or they do not dare to have opinions.

  Zhan Hong Ying's meaning is very simple. Zhan Yi Fei's wedding must be very grand. "Didn't the boss of Xu's family spent more than 300 million yuan when his son got married? And, they have little money compare to The Zhan Family."

  Wang Bing Yan frowned. "You are simply trying to say we should use 500 million yuan's, where can we come up with so much cash now? Ah? There are so many investment projects in the company this year. Most of them are slow long term investments. You do not know how difficult it is to do business these days."

  Zhan Yi Ning didn't dare to speak loudly, but still couldn't hold back and said, "Yes, that's way big. Personally, can't he use his savings, can't his family pay? They really want to make it impossible for the family to pay for it?"

  Zhan Hong Ying looked at Wang Bing Yan and her daughter "Is there something that concerns you enough to talk about here?"

  Zhan Hong Tu felt that he lost face in front of outsiders. He yelled "Hong Ying, how to speak it? anyhow, that's your sister-in-law and that's your niece."

  Zhan Hong Ying said sullenly, "The Zhan Family has Yi Fei only as a child, and I promised my sister-in-law twenty when she died, that you do not know better than anyone else? Do not make me repeat. I do not want to remember the past, and that is good enough for the likes of you. "

  Zhan Hong Tu ego was bruised, but eventually he relented, he agreed Zhan Yi Fei The wedding money will be paid by him, but it is not all taken, and he is also qualified to take the money. He said: Yi Fei is the first son like t The Lin Family son. It doesn't make sense for only for The Zhan Family to pay for the wedding. But considering that The Zhan Family is better than The Lin Family, I am going to pay 60%, or 300 million. In addition to that take the money from the project in Rongchen because your wedding must be more important than the investments."

  Lin Yu Tong can't help but frown, because he remembers Zhan Yi Fei accidentally said to him  that the project in Rongcheng has entered the third phase of investment, and the first phase of the second phase has begun to make profits. He is not sure what the specific project is. Knowing that it is related to shipping, but now if he takes money from it does that mean giving him a dress to others? Also, they are doing the project , so he can't take out two hundred million in the Lin's home, and they really don't want to take it, so why should this money let Zhan Yi Fei out?

  Zhan Yi Fei was somewhat hesitant. Zhan Hong Ying seemed to be considering the pros and cons of doing so, but when Lin Yu Tong thought they would definitely refuse, Zhan Yi Fei nodded and said, "Okay, we'll go with that idea. "

  Lin Yu Tong and everyone felt speechless! 

  This means he has to give up the project, but at least two hundred million to their wedding, what does Zhan Yi Fei think? 

  Only Zhan Yi Fei knew for himself that he didn't want to make the wedding too simple at first, because he knew that he would only marry this once in his life. He doesn't want to grieve himself, he doesn't want to grieve Lin Yu Tong, but he also knows the calculative mind of Zhan Hong Tu. He has always wanted to know how much he has spent in the past years, so if Zhan does not give him 300 million, he is really It's not good to make the wedding too conspicuous, otherwise it would be fun to let Zhan plan to find out the details of his bottom.

  Lin Yu Tong couldn't be as calm as Zhan Yi Fei, because he suddenly thought that since he had already torn open with his family, would Zhan Yi Fei still want to be with him? After Zhan Yi Fei got the cost of the wedding, the role of his shield should be invalid.

  Zhan Yi Fei saw that Lin Yu Tong had been a little unhappy after leaving the Zhan Family. He thought that Lin Yu Tong was thinking about money. When he poured himself a strong drink he poured a glass for Lin Yu Tong and sat down next to Lin Yu Tong. There was a slight reconciliation next to it: "You don't have to worry, I will give up the project in Rongcheng, and I will return to it to my hand next year. This is what I planned. As for the cost of the wedding, the cost is much more than I expected. However, there are other planning costs for the venue and food, which only account for a small portion. There are three hundred millions that can't be used. In fact, most of them are used for buying real estate, buying cars, and sending gifts. I gave you something, isn't it still our own? So we can always earn more."

  Lin Yu Tong suddenly became cheerful, and he said that he would insist on getting married. He could get the money.

  Zhan Yi Fei then touched Lin Yu Tong's cup and made a "clam" sound. "

The main question now is how to make for Zhan Yi Fei lot of money." Lin Yu Tong thought about it, laughed. It's bad, "I have a way."

  Zhan Yi Fei once again touched Lin Yu Tong's glass, and then they both drank. Zhan Yi Fei saw that Lin Yu Tong's thoughts seemed to be solved. He happily poured another glass and said: "I feel that you can handle you drink. I asked you and your friends to eat the last time, but out of them you seemed to be fine."

  Lin Yu Tong said modestly:" I joined in and it is sometimes easy to get drunk in a group. "

  Zhan, Yi Fei gently shool the cup of liquid," Are you that drunk yet?"

  Lin Yu Tong looked speechless, "How is it possible?"

  Zhan Yi Fei poured some wine into each other's cups and said in a serious way: "That's just right, you come to me to practice drinking a cup of bar, so that you don't get time to get embarassed's not good."

  Lin Yu Tong frowned. "Don't you?"

  Zhan Yi Fei looked at him very seriously.

  Lin Yu Tong lost his face and took his hand from Zhan Yi Fei's arms. Before drinking a swig, he said, "We haven't started even planning the wedding yet, you want to drink groom bride wine exchange I really didn't expect you to be such a man."

  Zhan Yi Fei bowed his head and smiled a little, then drank the remaining wine a glass of wine. 

  The two people had a little more drink this night, and they talked a lot. Later, they chatted and fell asleep directly on the living room floor. The strange thing is that there was no sleeping bag, but the next morning Lin Yu Tong was still in Zhan Yi Fei arms when he woke up and Zhan Yi Fei used his body to barricade him to the sofa. 

  Lin Yu Tong secretly bit his mouth, thinking that he would have to stay away from Zhan Yi Fei in the future, or if he always woke up in his arms, he might think more about it. 

  Zhan Yi Fei then opened his eyes and said very naturally: "There are too many things in the living room. I was afraid that it will too dangerous when you roll so I let sleep in the middle, you don't mind..... right? "

  Lin Yu Tong pressed the sofa trying to sit up," you do not mind being taken advantage by me I have a good mind? let let up I have to go cook. "

  Zhan, Yi Fei turned round a bit looking Lin Yu Tong.  After washing his face he walked into the kitchen, his gaze briefly stayed on the pair of glass cups they had used last night, and on his lips there was a gentle smile that he himself had never noticed.