Rebirth: Ghost Exorciser

Chapter 1090 - Ghost Substitute, Meeting Shi Ran Again

Chapter 1090: Ghost Substitute, Meeting Shi Ran Again

Fang Yinglong quickly hung up. Chi Shuyan narrowed her eyes. From this angle, she could clearly see Shi Ran’s face turn even paler, and there was something in his eyes. He probably knew more than she had thought.

Seeing the other party’s unsightly face, Chi Shuyan didn’t force him to speak. After a long while, Chi Shuyan heard the young man ask, “Are you really… a Celestial Master?”

Chi Shuyan was about to speak, when the door was kicked open. Wei Panyang and Jin Ming came in. They were about to speak, but when they saw Chi Shuyan, their faces changed.

Wei Panyang couldn’t help but be the first to curse. “You brat, did you take some drug from this female swindler last night, so you said those words to Yinglong? Do you have to be so f*cking stupid? You still believe a swindler’s words? Are you a f*cking adult or three years old?”

Chi Shuyan: …

After Wei Panyang cursed, his face turned black when he saw that the “female swindler” sitting next to Shi Ran still didn’t leave.

Jin Ming also chimed in, “Young Master Wei is right. Those female swindlers usually target brainless people like you! She says she’s a Celestial Master, and you believe her. Young Master Wei already exposed her last time, yet you still believe her? I advise you to apologize to Yinglong quickly!”

Hearing the name Fang Yinglong, Shi Ran subconsciously shuddered.

Chi Shuyan took in Shi Ran’s reaction, and her eyes flashed thoughtfully. As for the two young people calling her a swindler, her ears hurt when she heard them. She couldn’t help but cough softly.

She was still here. If they had something bad to say about her, they could do it behind her back!

At that moment, Wei Panyang said to Chi Shuyan coldly, “Master, the three of us have something to talk about, so we won’t keep you for now!”

Wei Panyang called her “Master,” but his tone was mocking and lofty, his words anything but respectful.

Chi Shuyan didn’t plan to linger. Not to mention that she had only applied for leave for one class, she was being mocked by these young people for being a swindler. Her head hurt and her heart was tired. She couldn’t be bothered to waste her time, and got up to leave.

Seeing that Chi Shuyan was about to leave, Shi Ran suddenly looked up at her. Chi Shuyan said indifferently, “If you want to find me, I’m free at noon and in the evening! You’re welcome anytime!”

Wei Panyang and Jin Ming’s faces turned ugly when they saw that this woman completely ignored them and continued to “dupe” their friend. They were even more certain that this woman was the one who had suddenly said last night that Fang Yinglong was going to die. It was obvious what her motive was.

Before Chi Shuyan could leave, Jin Ming suddenly asked mockingly, “Master Chi, was it you who taught Shi Ran to tell Yinglong last night that he was going to die? If you spread rumors about us so blatantly, we’ll call the police! Why don’t we make you known to the police so that you really can become famous?”

Jin Ming originally thought to threaten this female swindler a little. She was young, and would immediately give herself away. Who would have thought that she would be so versed in the ways of the world? She stared at him expressionlessly. For a moment, Jin Ming felt a little guilty. Then, he suddenly heard her say, “You’re going to die!”

Jin Ming: …

Chi Shuyan glanced at Jin Ming expressionlessly, then at Wei Panyang. Seeing black cadaveric qi gradually gather on his forehead, she frowned slightly and said lightly to Wei Panyang, who had also mocked her, “And you!”