Quick Transmigration Female Lead: Male God, Never Stopping

Chapter 2510

Chapter 2510: God! Mary Sue world (Part 52)

When Jin Yi Xuan said this, his eyes still turned to Luo Qing Chen from time to time.

In front of all these rumours, she didn’t say a single thing and just walked in front of director Li Yuan.

Qiu Kai standing on the side whispered to Ye Su, “Big sister Ye Su, what do we do? If she chooses, there definitely won’t be a chance that she’ll choose me or Fan Fan yo play Ye Nuan Yang!”

Ye Su gritted her teeth as she stared at Luo Qing Chen standing not far away.

Qiu Kai was right, there was a 90% chance that she lost the bet from this morning.
Right now, she could only pray for a miracle or an unexpected accident.

“Damn!” Ye Su angrily muttered, “When did she hook director Li Yuan, when did she get such a good opportunity!”

Ye Su’s whispers were heard by sister Mi who came back from her pleasant surprise.
She replied with a proud look, “Some people! They can’t eat the grapes and still call them sour! Instead of saying this, it’s better you think about how to write your resignation letter to Star Group!”

“You……” Ye Su was almost angered to death and adding in sister Mi’s words, her face was already half green from anger.

On the other side, Luo Qing Chen had sat down beside director Li Yuan and was watching the clips of the people who had auditioned.

To be honest, if she were to judge Gu Fan Fan from a fair and impartial view, not to mention her acting skills, she couldn’t even read her lines.

Director Li had asked them to act out a scene from “Time” of the supporting female lead Ye Nuan Yang at the train station.

The senior who she had loved unrequitedly for several years was about to chase the one he loved. Ye Nuan Yang had followed behind him the entire time.

It’s a pity that she fell onto the platform and started bleeding.

The senior looked back, but he didn’t stop. Ye Nuan Yang’s tears started falling drop by drop as she said in a desolate voice, “Thank you for taking away all the fairy tales of my youth.”

This scene gave cues for actors, but there was only a single line.

Gu Fan Fan’s acting wasn’t good in the beginning, but even her reading sounded like she was just reading from the script.

When it came to Gu Fan Fan, director Li Yuan had skipped over it without even watching the whole thing.

Actually, any veteran actor or senior director could tell with a single glance if an actor was in the role or not.
“Director, is there a need to put her on the pending list?”

Seeing director Li skip over it, the assistant on the side asked this.

“Your acting is better than hers.”

Although director Li Yuan’s voice wasn’t loud, many people had still heard it.

Even the people standing at certain angles could see that it was Gu Fan Fan, so they all turned in her direction.

“They……Why are they looking at me!” Gu Fan Fan was surprised as she felt a bit confused.

Jin Yi Xuan could understand what was happening and quickly explained, “It’s because you’re beautiful and you’re the female lead of “Youth”, so naturally they will look at you!”

He lowered his voice so that others couldn’t hear him, but Gu Fan Fan was much more assured when she heard his words.

But she didn’t see the frown on Jin Yi Xuan’s face.

Luo Qing Chen had been sitting beside director Li Yuan looking at the auditions. When it came to Qiu Kai, she took a serious second look.
After all, she was still a second rate star. Qiu Kai’s expressions weren’t bad, but…..she had too many small movements!