Problematic Little Sister Fell In Love With Me

Chapter 4

Chapter 4: Chapter 4 It’s Art

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If someone else sat on top of me, regardless if it was a man or a woman, I would definitely throw the person out, without any hesitation. But only Chu Yuan was an exception. I have never bullied her since I was young, never once.

“I… I really didn’t see it?”

‘Why am I stuttering?!’ It was all this bratty girl’s overly intimate posture’s fault. My belly could clearly feel the amazing elasticity of her small butt. It made me unable to tell whether the burning sensation in that area was because of her body temperature or my evil thoughts…

“You must have seen it!” Chu Yuan’s voice raised eight pitches, but lowered again when my body shivered slightly, “You will definitely laugh at me, right?” She said in low spirit.

Unexpectedly, Chu Yuan did not kill me. Instead, she took back both her hands to cover her face and began to sob sadly.

I was completely confused. But then I understood why. No matter who they were, having this kind of secret being discovered by someone else, they would definitely feel extremely embarrassed to the extent that they would want to kill themselves, not to mention that the person, who discovered it, was her stepbrother.

“Why would I laugh at you?” I suspected that I was intrinsically an abject person. No matter how much I dislike her, I still tried to care for her unconditionally.

Chu Yuan was quite surprised. While wiping tears from her face, she asked dubiously, “You won’t laugh at me?”

I nodded with certainty, “No.”

“Why?” Fearing that I might be lying, she was still very vigilant.

“Most people of your age are interested in things like sex. It’s normal. Why would I laugh at you?” For the sake of giving an example, I said, “When I collected those things I was even younger than you.”



“You are lying!” Chu Yuan clutched my neck again, and there was a tendency that she would go crazy again. “You saw it, right? The things I hide are different from yours. Mine is… is… le… les…”

‘Lesbian porn. Look at yourself… It has already been exposed, and you are still embarrassed to say it?’ But I was afraid that she would really kill me if he said that.

So I just said calmly, “That… although the interest is a bit strange, it is not impossible to understand…”

Chu Yuan clearly did not believe it, “You can understand? Why? Most people will think that it is perverted.”

‘… Hello, you know you are talking about yourself, right?…’ I was really speechless. How did she expect me to answer this kind of question…

“Because… It’s… art… Yes, it’s art!” an idea suddenly flashed across my mind, and I quickly said.

“The difference between obscenity and art is different from person-to-person. The result depends on the angle of appreciation. Women are the most beautiful creatures in the world, and the ultimate beauty is unadorned and revealed by nakedness, which is not controversial in art. The love between women is mainly about kissing and touching. As long as we do not subjectively use porn to deny it, we can fully appreciate their feminine beauty. This kind of tension-filled visual impact can bring endless imagination. Soft, romantic, and lyrical, there is an endless temptation. Isn’t this what art is about? I also like to watch it. But I would never admit that I am a pervert. In my opinion, this kind of hobby is no different from a cup of elegant tea or a piece of classical music. It is the pursuit of sensory enjoyment, isn’t it, Yuanyuan?”


I really admired my quick wit. Thinking about that lewd cover, if that was called art, then the sex between a human and an animal would probably be the pinnacle of art!


‘Alas, as the elder brother, I have already helped you as much as I can. Now you are on your own.’

Probably, Chu Yuan also did not expect that I had such great eloquence. She was stunned for a while, and then couldn’t help but burst out giggling, “Preposterous reasoning, you are really good at preposterous reasoning.”

Looking at my little sister’s smiling face, I couldn’t help but be stunned. I did not know that my little sister’s smile could be so beautiful and so feminine.

At the same time, I was speechless again. ‘Preposterous reasoning? Denying my reasoning means denying yourself. You silly brat, I have already given you a way out. Why do you have to ruin it?’

“It is perverted, but you have to give me all those preposterous reasoning; you are such a pervert.” Chu Yuan climbed down from my body, but surprisingly, she still grabbed my wrist.

“Get up,” she said to me.


“You get up first!” Chu Yuan’s face instantly dropped. I had no choice but to follow her order.

“Come to my room.”

“What?!” My mouth was wide open. “Why do you need me to go to your room this time? Eh? Wait a second… Why did you come to my room at this time? Go back to sleep, you still need to go to school tomorrow.”

The bratty girl raised her brows in annoyance and said, “Just follow me and stop talking!”

She was clearly spoiled by me. And what was sadder was that giving her what she wanted has almost become my bodily instinct. Although I did not want to, I still followed her into her room reluctantly. But I was still worried that she might set me up for something bad.


‘At this late hour, I am in my sister’s room? Could it be that she wanted to accuse me of… Does she want to use this to threaten me?!’

With this in mind, I quickly said, “Yuanyuan, you can rest assured that I will not say this to mom and dad.”

However, Chu Yuan had already got on the ground, while sticking her small butt out, pulling a heavy cardboard box from underneath her bed. She then rolled her eyes and patted her bed and said, “Sit down.”

‘Sitting on her bed?’

Thinking the scene that she jumped on top of me earlier, I was even more worried. This was her room, if she did it again, there was no way that I would be able to prove that I was innocent.

“Oh.” I chose to sit down on the floor and look at the box.

Chu Yuan was confused for a second, but she did not pay much attention to my reaction. Carefully opening the box, she pulled out a diary-like thing from it. Before giving it to me, she paused in hesitation, “You need to make a promise first.”


“Promise that you will not laugh at me!”

Seeing the stubborn expression of Chu Yuan, I had to raise my right hand with many questions in my head. “Okay, okay, I promise that I will never laugh at you.”

“Okay.” Chu Yuan put the diary in my hand, and once again solemnly warned me, “You must not laugh, or I will fight with you until I die!”


‘Jesus, what kind of thing is this exactly?’ I gave a perfunctory promise and then opened the diary curiously.

In the beginning, I just glanced at it casually, but gradually, my eyes were wide open. ‘This is… a novel!? A novel that was written by Chu Yuan!’

The novel was about a love story that happened in a seaside town. However, both lovers were girls. Although it was not to my taste, because it was written by my little sister, I still couldn’t help but took a few more glances. But soon, the story attracted me.

The protagonist’s elder cousin did not have the courage to continue the love that was not accepted by the world. She eventually left the town, got married, and formed a new family, leaving the protagonist in the town alone. When the heartbroken protagonist was lost, the other female lead, her childhood sweetheart, appeared.

The story was very hackneyed, but the romance on the beach; the warmth of the town; the joy of the campus; the various characters; the female high school students with distinct personalities; and the fear, hesitation, perseverance, and tenacity of their love… None of them didn’t touch people’s hearts.

The rich vocabularies and vivid descriptions even made me wonder, ‘did this really come from my 16-year-old little sister, whose personality was seriously flawed?’ When I closed the last page, I even had a feeling of wanting to read more.

“How is it?”

Only until this moment, did I discover that my little sister had already sat down beside me.

Seeing that I had finished reading it, she leaned even closer to me and looked at me nervously. The feeling of something soft touched my arm made me look down instinctively. The low neckline pajamas were very loose; the two underripe ridges made my old face instantly become red. With two tender pink dots looming on those snowy white peaks, it almost blinded my eyes.

‘Why is she not wearing anything under!’