Princess Medical Doctor

Chapter 616.2 - Firmly believe, everyone will get hurt (Part 2)

Chapter 616: Firmly believe, everyone will get hurt (Part 2)

“Wangye is not in the army, but you must have also heard that the black-armored guards in on their way to attack us. Please don’t worry, wangye will be back soon. We only need to stick to it until wangye comes back. And before wangye is back, I will fight with you all.”

Lin Chujiu said the same thing as what Mo Qingfeng said. However, everyone present couldn’t believe it. There were doubts on their faces.

As the princess, Lin Chujiu chose to stay in the army when the black-armored guards attacked. It can be seen that this battle will be very dangerous. If Xiao Tianyao was here, they might last, but… …

“Why did wangye suddenly leave the army at this time? And why did wangfei suddenly appear here? Also, what can you, the princess, a weak woman, can do in the army?” This question was not directed at Lin Chujiu, but the soldiers were a little uneasy in their hearts.

They have fought against the black-armored guards before. They have seen how powerful the black-armored guards were. If they could, they don’t really want to fight with the black-armored guards again.

Lin Chujiu didn’t dare nor want to talk about Xiao Tianyao’s injury. So she simply said: “This princess and the prince are both ordered by the sage to handle errands in secret. You can’t ask more.”

Lin Chujiu knew that she was lying and using the emperor as a shield. Afterward, when the emperor learned about it, she might get into trouble. If things get serious, she might be sentenced for imposing a fake imperial decree, but… …

She really has no other choice now.

If she won’t mention the emperor, how could she explain to these people her arrival and the whereabouts of Xiao Tianyao?

If she tells these people the truth, these people will probably panic more and might also be disappointed in Xiao Tianyao.

Xiao Tianyao temporarily received an errand to do was more trustworthy than Xiao Tianyao, who was severely injured, and then suddenly left all of his subordinates.

Sure enough, after hearing Lin Chujiu’s explanation, the soldiers didn’t ask anymore. They were convinced by Lin Chujiu. At this time, Xiao Wangye was not in the army, but feel more secured because Xiao Wangfei was in the army.

But of course, someone still mentioned why Lin Chujiu pretended to be a man in the army. However, as soon as this person talked about it, the leader of Jinwuwei blocked him: “It’s wrong for wangfei to conceal her identity and entering the barracks? Don’t you know how many wounded soldiers wangfei has treated in the past few days?”

Without waiting for anyone to answer, the leader of the Jinwuwei Army continued to say: “In just four days, wangfei has cured more than 800 people in the wounded camp and saved the lives of more than 800 brothers. But here you are, accusing wangfei of disguising herself as a man and entering the barracks?”

As soon as these words came out, the soldiers shut up immediately. They could no longer say that it was not good for Lin Chujiu to enter the barracks. They all knew that Lin Chujiu has been treating the wounded soldiers in the barracks. If they knew that Lin Chujiu was Xiao Wangfei, they wouldn’t really dare to let Lin Chujiu give them treatment.

Moreover, they were all people facing danger all the time. No one can guarantee that they will not get injured in the future. Lin Chujiu’s medical skills were recognized by Doctor Zhu. They may ask her for treatment in the future.

With Mo Qingfeng and the Jinwuwei Army’s support, Lin Chujiu successfully convinced the soldiers. Although it was still impossible for everyone to listen to her command, some people still listen to her words. Especially the Jinwuwei Army.

Xiao Tianyao gave an order to the leader of the Jinwuwei Army before he left. So the leader of the Jinwuwei Army was respectful to Lin Chujiu. And he would never fail to follow Lin Chujiu’s orders.

Therefore, when the eldest prince, Xuanyuan Zhi appeared outside the barracks with the black-armored guards. Lin Chujiu didn’t hesitate to order the Jinwuwei Army to accompany her to meet Xuanyuan Zhi… …