Priceless New Bride: Accidentally Offending The Dangerous CEO

Chapter 22 - Makes Me Lose My Appetite

Chapter 22: Makes Me Lose My Appetite

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“I said, you and your family disgust me and make me lose my appetite. You guys aren’t fit enough to dine with me and my husband. Do you get it, Miss Luo Xinya?” Luo Anning gibed dauntlessly while wriggling her wrist out of her hand with finesse.

“Luo Anning, how dare you! Atrocious!” Luo Xinya barked angrily before raising her arm in a bid to slap Luo Anning who was glaring at her coldly with a menacing smirk.

Luo Xinya, you asked for this so do not blame me!

Just as she was about to slap Luo Anning a deep and alluring voice sounded in the air and caused her to freeze. “Miss Luo, it’s not good to get violent in public.”

Luo Xinya barked angrily, “Who’s the nosy person? Let go of me. Otherwise my father will teach you a lesson!”

The man had an extremely handsome and dashing face. He was dressed in a black tailor-made suit which made him look extremely suave.

The youngest person in history to become the mayor of S City, Feng Churui, who came from a powerful family.

Luo Anning laughed in amusement as she thought to herself, Luo Xinya’s brains must be fried. She actually had the nerve to give a warning without even taking a look at who he was. She ought to take a good look in the mirror and see who she was.

Feng Churui smiled and said, “You’re really humorous, Miss Luo. However, if you’d like to teach me a lesson, you’re welcome to do so at the government administrative bureau.”

Upon hearing his words, Luo Xinya panicked and retracted her hand awkwardly. She spluttered, “Mayor Feng, I… I didn’t know it was you. I didn’t mean to offend you just now. Please… please don’t take it to heart.”

Feng Churui ignored her and instead whipped out his handkerchief to wipe his hand. He then turned to say to his secretary, “Call CEO Luo on my behalf later. He’s really good at taking care of his daughter.”

Extremely perplexed, Luo Anning thought to herself, I do not know him, do I? Why did the almighty Mayor Feng Churui want to stand up for me?

Besides, we are on such crowded streets.

“Mayor Feng, I was wrong… I apologize. I’m sorry, I’m really sorry!” As soon as Luo Xinya finished speaking, she hurriedly scurried away with her assistant.

As soon as Luo Xinya left, Feng Churui gazed at Luo Anning and asked with a graceful smile, “Are you alright?”

“I’m alright, thank you for standing up for me, Mayor Feng,” Luo Anning said smilingly without being wishy washy at all.

“Good to hear,” said Feng Churui who then nodded, seemingly having no intentions to stay any further.

Luo Anning stopped him in his tracks. “I’m rather curious as to why you defended me even though we don’t know each other, Mayor Feng.”

She does not know me?

Feng Churui frowned and said warmly like a friendly diplomat, “Yan and I are childhood friends. Since I saw you getting bullied, I can’t sit back and do nothing.”

He is just trying to say that he saw me getting bullied by Luo Xinya and only helped me on the account that I am Rong Yan’s wife, right?

Luo Anning felt relieved. Since he was not exactly helping her out of goodwill, she did not need to return the favor anytime soon.

“I understand. Mayor Feng, you must be very busy. I shall not disturb you any further then. I’ll make a move, goodbye,” Luo Anning said politely with a nod before turning around to leave.

“Interesting… ”

Staring at Luo Anning’s back, Feng Churui smiled and thought to himself, it turns out the wife that Rong Yan cannot tolerate, is such an interesting person.