Picked up by the Protagonist of a Tormented! MC Novel

Volume 5 Chapter 14

Translator: Kleep

TLC: Sen

Disclaimer: Honestly, I don’t know if it’s necessary to put this, but I will anyways. This chapter is decidedly darker in tone. There are only two chapters left in the main story afterwards, so it certainly won’t drag out. I personally liked how the author handled everything. I’m sure that some disagree, and that is just fine.

As soon as Zeno finished speaking he averted his gaze, not daring to look at Xi Wei face to face. In fact, his heart was fiercely pounding, and he could not bring himself to meet Xi Wei’s hostile eyes. He couldn't bear even a brief glance at the hatred that came from someone he cared about.

Still, Xi Wei deprived him of his wish, “First rape, then kill?”

Zeno nodded with the same difficulty as if he was facing being cut by the other's knife-like gaze.

Xi Wei’s wrath was punctured by such a careless answer, and his desire to kill became less intense.

He leaned close to Zeno’s ear and spoke in a gentle and soft tone that made his hair stand on end, “Since you asked for this, I can't help but agree.”

Zeno opened his mouth in an attempt to say a few words, but he felt only pain in his neck, and then he had lost consciousness.

Xi Wei lifted him into a princess carry and walked over the debris on the floor towards the door. By lucky coincidence, Suji had located the cuckoo feathers and returned. When she saw Xi Wei, she was stunned, then pleasantly surprised, rejoicing, “Master, you're back!”

Xi Wei’s eyes appeared serene but deep, and he glanced at Suji. Suddenly, he recalled that she was actually his servant, so he casually spoke, “You, follow me.”

Suji had absolutely no objections, happily packed up her things, and followed Xi Wei to the Mercenary Guild.

All the way, Suji excitedly reported the things Zeno had done in the past few years. Her feelings of worship were clearly exhibited in her speech.

Xi Wei seemed to grow more unhappy the more he listened. The more capable Zeno was, the more stupid he was revealed to be. He actually raised a wolf when he thought he was bringing up a rabbit, so it served him right to be bitten in the end. He almost lost his life.

Even so, he didn’t interrupt Suji, in order to reveal just how blind he used to be.

As Suji explained, she mentioned events four years prior, and Xi Wei suddenly asked, “You said Zeno was seriously injured four years ago and was in a coma for half a year?”

Suji nodded. Recalling the situation at that time, she still had lingering fears, “At that time, I thought the little master would never wake up again.”

Xi Wei frowned slightly. Could it be that those three people had turned hostile and fought after he fell? No wonder Zeno’s body was incomprehensibly weak. It was basically inferior to even ordinary people. The magic elements in his body were scarce to the extreme. A magic apprentice would be able to perform stronger elemental magic than he would. If that was the case, he thought it was deserved, but Xi Wei still felt an unstoppable desire to kill the most suspicious one, Belle.

Xi Wei was disgusted by that part of himself. Even though Zeno had ruthlessly betrayed him, he was still unable to immediately take Zeno’s life. Even more, the one he wanted to hack to pieces was actually Belle, who had hurt Zeno.

Suji was insensitive, so she was unable to perceive Xi Wei’s emotional instability. She continued chattering away on her own. The Mercenary Guild was not too far away, allowing for a speedy arrival.

Xi Wei carried the person in his arms to his new chambers, but no one was even aware of it. After obtaining the Stone of Destiny, his control over space and breath had reached perfection. As long as he didn’t want them to, no one could sense him.

Xi Wei had been back for three days. Thunder gave him the other half of the token that was previously returned by Zeno, and he was formally recognized as the president's successor. With his current abilities, there wasn't a single person who would speak against him. After acquiring the Stone of Destiny, Xi Wei's power truly allowed him to be considered the peak of the continent.

Stemming from Xi Wei's request, Thunder temporarily concealed that information.

As a result, Zeno was completely ignorant about it, and he could only reap what he'd sown. Everyone else thought he was Xi Wei’s best friend, never considering that things between them were so complicated.

As the future president, it was only natural that Xi Wei received preferential treatment from the Mercenary Guild. He was granted one of the independent magic spaces on the fourth floor.

Xi Wei concealed Zeno there, and no one knew.

Zeno had been knocked unconscious. He did not wake up for several hours due to his weak constitution.

When he came to, he found the surrounding environment utterly unfamiliar. It was pitch-black, without so much as a magic stone lamp. Zeno blinked, and it took a while for him to adapt to the darkness. Then he remembered that Xi Wei was back, and immediately felt both happy and yet sad.

Since he was lying down for a long time, Zeno's limbs were a little stiff. He tried to move, but found that he was strongly restrained.

His wrists and ankles were bound with thin chains. They even wrapped around his waist. His body was secured to a bed, just like the character 大. It was no wonder he was so uncomfortable and his whole body was stiff.

Zeno didn't even need to think to know whose masterpiece it was.

He sighed silently, hoping that he wouldn’t have to die too wretchedly. He psychologically prepared for four years, so he could remain unperturbed no matter what happened.

It was an unfamiliar environment, but Zeno judged the conditions as pretty good. The bed was soft and cozy. Even though the chain suppressed magic, his treatment as a traitor to Xi Wei could be considered top-notch.

Zeno found joy in his sorrow.

Xi Wei was not there, and the small space was silent. Zeno found the way he was tied up was difficult to bear, and the position made him feel like he was facing execution by being pulled apart by horses1.

He didn’t know how much time had passed when there was suddenly a light shining on his face. Zeno's eyes couldn’t adjust immediately and he squinted them against the light. There was a person standing, backlit, in the doorway. Zeno couldn’t see his features clearly, but he intuitively knew it was Xi Wei.

Xi Wei pulled the door closed behind him and walked to the bedside. Zeno couldn’t see anything and grew a little panicky within his heart. He involuntarily swallowed, then cautiously opened, “Xi Wei?”

Xi Wei didn’t answer him. He touched Zeno’s face with one hand, tracing over his eyebrows and continuing down to his lips. The strength used was a little heavy, rubbing his skin until it was painful. It had likely already left red marks.

Zeno was afraid of provoking him, so he could only endure the pain.

Xi Wei appeared to bend over, buried his face in Zeno’s neck, and rubbed against it a few times. Suddenly, he opened his mouth and took a piece of flesh between his teeth, then bit down fiercely. On the one hand, Zeno felt pain. On the other, he shivered as he felt the beads of blood welling up be immediately licked clean by Xi Wei.

That silent and strange atmosphere lasted for a moment, then Xi Wei released the tender flesh on Zeno's neck, and opened his mouth to speak coldly, “First rape2 then kill? Eh?”

Zeno shuddered silently. Although it was difficult, he still continued according to the original script and said, “Don’t tell me you don't dare?”

Xi Wei paused, probably stunned by that fearless answer that gave the impression he wasn't afraid of death. Zeno had never provoked him like that. Furthermore, under his current circumstances, was he genuinely not afraid to die?

When Zeno saw that he didn’t react, he once again poured oil on the fire, “It's not like I have many days left to live anyway. You don't dare, not even towards a person who's been put into checkmate?”

His tone was arrogant, not in the least bit repentant. The anger and the pain of betrayal by the one person he trusted once again ransacked Xi Wei's heart. At last, Xi Wei could no longer endure. With a flick of his wrist, he tore off Zeno’s shirt.

It turned out that the obedience and lovableness from before were all faked. These were his true colours—vicious, arrogant, and wantonly brash.

Although Zeno couldn’t see, that didn’t mean that Xi Wei couldn't. Even though there was no light, he could see the entire scene before him. Xi Wei had no option but to concede that he was still tempted.

A man who was about to die could do whatever he pleased without worrying about anything. Zeno owed him this. Zeno was in his hands, and there was no way to escape. He had complete control over this person. If he wanted him to live, then he would live. If he wanted him to die, then he would die. That sort of unprecedented sense of security somewhat captivated Xi Wei.

He ran his slightly calloused hands heavily over every inch of Zeno, leaving behind savage marks starting from the neck. Zeno stretched out his neck, but his hands and feet were fettered, preventing any further movement. It was unclear whether he was in pain, or if it was something else.

There was no foreplay, no kissing. There was no happiness whatsoever at the moment of invasion. It was purely punishment, but Zeno had a sense of accomplishment. At that moment, he truly felt that it was worth dying.

Gradually, voices began sounding out.

A wet and sticky sound filled the room, and Xi Wei simply pressed forward into the deepest parts of his body. Being forced to bear it, being forced open, over and over. At the outset, there was only pain. Later, it changed to a pleasure that penetrated his bones, and Zeno's voice also changed from being laced with pain to muffled moans.

Xi Wei paused his frantic movements all of a sudden, then immediately resumed with greater intensity.

Zeno lost all concept of time. At first it was painful, then it was pleasurable, and finally he became numb. His present constitution was quite poor, but it was offset by the ring automatically replenishing his energy. He couldn't delicately faint even if he wanted to, so it was all very effective as a punishment.

That type of penalty also had an incidental effect. The hibernating power of the demon catalyst within Zeno's body was transformed by the ring and all wrapped up nicely and sent over to Xi Wei during their intercourse.

After an unknown period of time, Xi Wei finally let him go. The bed was in complete disorder, Zeno felt as if his whole person had been dismantled and reorganized. He was panting roughly and his eyes were unfocused.

He would never have expected that after so many years, his virginity would be lost under such circumstances. Looking back over a decade ago, Zeno absolutely never would have foreseen there'd come a day when he'd nearly die from excessive ejaculation. Don't bring it up, he would only be able to cry. He shouldn’t have challenged the ability of a protagonist. Even if he had been with a chick, he still wouldn't have been able to hold out, not to mention that he was bottoming. It was very sad.

Although it was a little unreasonable, he did offer himself up as a sacrifice-like thing. Perhaps the demon catalyst was born to be an offering, regardless of whether it was voluntary or forced.

However, the current state of affairs didn't allow him much time to think. Their agreement was first rape, then kill, and it was only halfway done. The latter half was the key: win or lose, it all ended there. If Xi Wei killed him directly like that, there was nothing more to say. It would be his loss.

As expected, Xi Wei didn’t leave after doing the deed. Rather, he slowly wrapped his hand around Zeno’s fragile neck. The place where he'd bitten until he'd drawn blood was faintly discernible between his fingers. Zeno felt that his breathing was inhibited even before he'd regained his breath. His cough was stuck in the throat. Having lost his magic power, he was not much better off than an ordinary person.

Xi Wei slowly tightened his grip, his face expressionless, watching as the person before him gradually turned blue in the face. Zeno cut a sorry figure. If he died under such circumstances, it would really be an embarrassing death. No matter how great the grudge, it should have been resolved. Yet, for some indiscernible reason, Xi Wei asked, “Why?”

Xi Wei never asked why. Whatever reason the betrayer had would never make their actions a bit more pardonable. But he once again made an exception for Zeno.

Perhaps he didn’t care about other people’s reasons. Zeno was the only one he felt unwilling towards. He'd practically given him everything. He had raised him since he was a little dumpling who couldn't speak. Whatever Zeno ate was fed to him personally by Xi Wei. The clothes he wore were personally dressed by Xi Wei, and every word he spoke had personally been taught by Xi Wei.

Zeno had genuinely spent morning and night in contact with him. Although strictly speaking it was only a brief five years, it was practically the most secure five years of Xi Wei's life. He had poured out all his meager trust and emotion, but nevertheless Zeno chose to betray him. Together with those two women, he had pushed him down into the bottomless abyss, just for a ring that he didn’t even care about. Sure enough, the world was so filthy and hypocritical, ugly and abominable. It made a person really want to…really want to destroy everything. Such an ugly place, what reason was there for it to exist?

The angrier Xi Wei felt, the colder his expression became. “Was it all to get that useless ring? The power of that ring that you wracked your brains to snatch, has all been recaptured by me. It’s nothing but an ordinary storage ring now. Don’t you have anything to say?”

Zeno knew what Xi Wei wanted to hear. No matter how frigid he appeared, he still held a glimmer of hope within his heart. He hoped that Zeno had no alternative due to some secret trouble.

Zeno leaned back his head and tried to escape from the iron-like hold, but it was simply futile.

Physiological tears flowed from the corners of his eyes, and those teary eyes stared at Xi Wei with a trace of begging. Zeno choked out two broken words, “Ba … Ba.”

Xi Wei jolted, and his hands unconsciously loosened a little.

Fresh air poured into his lungs, and Zeno began to choke and cough.

Boundless wrath struck Xi Wei's heart. The situation had reached such a state, yet he was not willing to utter a single lie, even a lie to save his life?

Xi Wei smashed the headboard with a backhand punch, and the two men fell in between the shattered planks together.

Ultimately, Xi Wei did not kill him, but once again disappeared for a while.

About a day later, only when Zeno felt like he would starve to death, Xi Wei appeared again.

At that moment, Zeno only had a pile of broken planks below his body, his hands and feet were still bound, and he had not eaten anything for quite a while. His body was full of bruises and scattered patches of dried up, white liquid. He appeared both miserable and lascivious.

Xi Wei, who had emerged once again, seemed to be more emotionally stable. He no longer questioned Zeno, nor did he expose any desire to kill him. On the contrary, he brought along hot water, and carrying him over, used it to carefully wash Zeno. In addition, he replaced the ruined bed and even brought food.

For him to be so abnormal, it must be some sort of enchantment. Even if Zeno was any more naive, he still would not think that Xi Wei had decided to call his revenge scheme quits here. He couldn't quite figure out just what Xi Wei wanted to do.

The mood was strange while Xi Wei washed him. When he was washing that place in the back, Xi Wei even reached in with a finger to clean it up. Zeno's face flushed red, but he didn't make a sound because he was afraid of provoking him.

When he rubbed his finger, he pushed against a certain point. That caused Zeno's whole body to instantly go stiff, letting out a suggestive cry. Did Xi Wei intend to directly kill him by bedding him or something? The way things were going, not even his soul would be able to endure it.

Fortunately, Xi Wei was not so perverted. He had merely pressed there by accident.

After being washed, he was carried back to the bed. After staying silent for a while, Zeno posed a question into the darkness with fear and trepidation, “You … what do you plan to do?”

He thought that Xi Wei truly knew how to deeply torment someone. When confined to darkness for an extended period of time, a person's psychological state would always become vulnerable.

Xi Wei shot a glance at him, then leaned in and spoke in a cold and threatening voice, “What? Just yesterday you were arrogantly provoking me, but now you know to be afraid? Rest assured that I won’t kill you for the time being. I have a better idea, don't you want to hear?”

When he mentioned a better idea, his tone was a little odd and quite chilling. Zeno couldn’t help trembling. To put it simply, he felt an ominous hunch sinking down in his stomach.

The author has something to say:

It wouldn't pass the audit so I could only change it up here and there~

Zeno is such a cutie. So strong. My heart does hurt for Xi Wei though.

Also. ALSO. I have a recommendation for you all. OMG do I ever. I am in love. This novel just came out and the translator released a ton of chapters. It’s so so good. SO FUNNY!!! If you have read (also super worth a read!!) and liked Chen Liguo, you will love this main character. It’s so well written/translated, so funny. Just. Read it. Now! Or like, when you have time. and MC is just a freakin deadly Queen/Sugar Daddy. He is super rich, and he’s so excited and just flaunts it everywhere and gahhhhh go read it.

  1. A method of quartering. There were various ways to do it, but a common one was to have a horse tied to each limb of the individual and then they would all run outwards, eventually tearing the person apart. It was not terribly effective, but certainly cruel. ↩
  2. It was originally 'X' in the raws, but I took the liberty of guessing. I kinda wanted to say 'fucked' but felt it was better to stick with Zeno's wording ↩