Pampering you to the bone: Good Morning, young Master Jue

Chapter 19

Chapter 19: Chapter 19. Buying clothes

Author: Leisurely and leisurely MACHINE TRANSLATION

Mixed with fresh blood, Shi Jue’s movements were lively and fierce as he swept across Xia Weiyang’s lips.

After a moment, his lips parted.

Shi Jue’s long tongue swept across his lips as he stared maliciously at Xia Weiyang, who was still indifferent.

Suddenly, he felt a sense of defeat.

This was the first time in his life that he had been provoked to such anger.

Sitting back in the driver’s seat, Shi jue raised his head and placed all the weight of his body on the back of the seat. He took a deep breath as helplessness flashed across his eyes. Defeat.

He did not know why, but he always had a different feeling when he saw Xia Weiyang.

Every time he wanted to ignore her, he was inadvertently provoked again.

A moment later, Shi jue started the car again.

Along the way, neither of them spoke. Shi Jue stubbornly refused to look at Xia Weiyang anymore.

“Get out of the car. Go in and choose a piece of clothing. ” In the empty space in front of a high-rise building, Shi jue stopped the car and threw a black card to Xia Weiyang.

Taking the black card, Xia Weiyang only glanced at it. She got out of the car wrapped in a long man’s windbreaker.

Fortunately, Xia Weiyang’s height was very high. Otherwise, Shi jue’s windbreaker would have been dragged to the ground.

It was past nine o’clock now, and some shopping malls were already closed.

However, the shop at the bottom of the building was still brightly lit.

Opening the expensive and luxurious door, Xia Weiyang entered the shop and first glanced at the clothes in the shop.

The rare customers instantly attracted the two female clerks behind the checkout counter.

Looking at Xia Weiyang, her hair was messy, and her lips were torn. She was wrapped in a man’s clothes, and she couldn’t help but want to bend her heart.

“manager, did that woman just come out of the hotel? Look at her. She’s wearing a man’s clothes. Could it be that she’s completely naked inside? ” The female shop assistant said. Her face was full of disdain as she looked at Xia Weiyang with disdain.

“She’s completely naked. I don’t know. I want to know if she has money to buy the clothes here! Could it be that she stole the man’s money and ran out on her own? ”

The manager was indeed the manager. Her first reaction was that it was related to her work and money.

“Aiya, then she’s stealing! ” The female store manager was shocked. “store manager, regardless of whether she has money or not, we can’t let her buy the clothes in our store. If the man she’s having an affair with comes to us and wants us to accompany him, won’t we BE FINISHED? ”

“You’re right, you go. ” The store manager nodded in complete agreement.

“Store Manager” the female store manager looked at her store manager resentfully.

Why was it always her turn to do bad things!

“I’m the store manager. ” So, she had to listen to me.

The female store assistant helplessly praised her shoulders, but when she saw Xia Weiyang, she instantly became spirited, like a rooster that was about to fight.

“Miss, I’m sorry, we’re closing, ” the female store assistant first said politely.

Xia Weiyang glanced at her. Who was she lying to? She didn’t even clean up after closing time. There was no movement at all. Ignoring the female store assistant, Xia Weiyang randomly picked a dress that she liked and reached out with her small hand.

Suddenly, a fair hand stopped Xia Weiyang in front of her.

“Miss, to tell you the truth, the clothes in our shop are not for sale to you. ”

“The reason. ” Xia Weiyang’s eyes flashed with anger.

The female shop assistant sneered and sized up Xia Weiyang with her colored eyes. “If you have money, of course we will sell it to you. But, you stole the money from the man you had sex with. It’s not enough. We don’t want to block the disaster for you. ”

Suddenly, Xia Weiyang’s small face darkened and she stared at the female shop assistant coldly.

Her mouth really deserved a slap!

The female shop assistant couldn’t help but shiver.

What? This woman’s Gaze was so scary, but why should she be afraid when she was right.

Straightening her body, the salesgirl raised her head and said arrogantly, “what? Since you dare to do it, why are you afraid of others saying otherwise? I won’t sell it to you today! ”

“Xia Weiyang, you’re really cheap, cheap! ”

Suddenly, a voice that Xia Weiyang was extremely familiar with but felt heartache came in.