One Birth Two Treasures: The Billionaire's Sweet Love

Chapter 2686 - Bring her back.

Chapter 2686: Bring her back.

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“Why don’t we secretly abduct the woman and force her to do an abortion? She won’t be able to stir up any trouble once the baby is gone!” She proposed another solution.

“What’s her background like?”

“Results showed that she’s just a mere commoner from the modeling industry, while her family members are all migrant workers. A poor wretch like her can never step past the Mu family’s threshold.” She smugly revealed this fact, believing herself to be a cut above the other based on her being a Song.

“We must do something about this as soon as possible. Things won’t be in your favor if we drag it for too long.” Her mother told her worriedly.

She nodded gravely in return. “It’d be best if we could get rid of the fetus without anyone’s knowledge.”

With the two reaching a consensus, the mother-daughter pair began putting their plan together.

That night was bound to be a sleepless night for them.

Meanwhile, Mu Yancheng had also received news about the woman he was looking for.

“Sir, I’ve found Ms. Qingxue’s whereabouts!”

A solemn voice belonging to a male boomed through the speakers.

Upon hearing this piece of good news, the young man jumped from his seat in agitation and walked to the window. “You found her? Where is she!”

“She’s currently in Yan City; we only managed to track her down through the Internet. A few days ago, she had her checkup at a county hospital’s ob-gyn section, and her results came out well. We’re still tracking her precise location, but we’ve got a rough idea of the area. If there’s no mistake, she’s probably in Yan City’s Black Dragon Pool Village.”

“Yan City…”

His heart squeezed at that!

The name of that city sounds exactly like mine.

That woman…

“Yes. Yan City is an undeveloped city. We’re unsure of how she made her way to the city, but she probably changed many rides before she ended up there. It’s likely that she deliberately avoided planes and train rides—transportations requiring identifications—and took public buses all the way, instead.”

“D*mn it!” His hand tightened its hold on the phone.

No wonder I couldn’t find her even after going through all the passenger records for flights and train rides!

It turns out that that woman chose to ride public buses to hide from me, instead!

What exactly does she want?

There should be a limit to her wilfulness!

Her abrupt departure nearly drove him mad; the more he thought about it, the angrier he got. He could not wait to get his hands on that infuriating woman so that he could teach her a good lesson.

“Work fast and report to me the moment you get hold of her precise location.”

“Roger, sir.”

“Wait!” he hurriedly shouted. “How’s the fetus in her womb doing?”

“Her medical records revealed that she had shown signs of a miscarriage some time ago, but according to recent records, everything is fine with the fetus.”

His heart thumped in shock.

She nearly got a miscarriage!

What on Earth has she been through for that to happen?

Just why did she leave my side so desperately?

He then issued an order to his subordinate. “Find her. She must be found at all costs! Once she’s found, bring her to me immediately!”