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Chapter 1522 Mount Sunn Defence -Part 6

Chapter 1522 Mount Sunn Defence -Part 6

"You really want to take the front seat?" Lynn said as she looked at Page wearing an emergency parachute vest just in case things went awry. Despite the struggle to keep the enemies at the bay, they do have the luxury of taking safety precautions into consideration. (Actually, Jin insisted.)

"I assumed you wished to rampage on the skies. Like jumping over and out of planes while I merely fly this plane as a platform for you to do that." Page said and Lynn honestly did not think of that.𝗳𝒓eℯ𝘄𝘦𝚋𝙣o𝚟𝗲Ɩ. 𝑐𝒐𝘮

"Frankly, I thought I would be more of a service piloting the plane so that you Grey Bears have the expertise to clear the skies. Besides, you did say that you have an upgrade card that could turn the tides."

"I do, but when I consider the fact that you are in this with me as well, I decided to change my plans a little to make sure that everything would go even better." Page said as she climbed up the rocket plane and with her strengthened mechanoid arms, she held onto the edge and leapt into the front seat. This was because the rocket plane was not parked horizontally.

As the name suggested, the plane's nose had already been pointed upwards and in order to seat, they either have to strap in first and put the plane in the vertical position or vice versa. Get the plane to be vertical and the pilots enter in an awkward manner. The latter meant that preparations were already done and considering the strength of the commander and the Grey Bears, Old Fammet had prepared it that way.

He knew that in the event there was a need to escape, Nie and he would not be going anywhere away from this workshop after all the work they had poured into it. Besides, he said the following "How are you going to get things done when the main controls of Mount Sunn workshop are not manned? You think your puny brains could understand the intricacies of the buttons I placed?" Old Fammet grumbled but everyone knew that he too would rather burn and die in his workshop than give it to the enemies intact.

Lynn also jumped and strapped into the rocket plane and the glass cover slowly slid down as if it already knew that its seats were occupied. A convenient measure considering the Mechanoids would be to focus on turning the plane on. With the instructions installed into the Tactical System, all Page needed to do was follow the instructions with quick precision and reaction.

Lynn who was now a Mechanoid realised the joys of computer processing as part of her and embraced it fully as she let the machine in her sense the crazy amount of switches beside and beneath her seats. For a supposed getaway plane, the number of considerations (aka buttons and switches) to fly this plane was surprisingly plentiful. There was no way this was meant to be a one way plane and the Mechanoids believed this 'secret weapon' was meant for greater stuff. Its either Old Fammet did not have the heart to finish it or he did not have the sufficient resources to complete it. To them, they secretly pity that this plane would be remembered as a component of a great firework.

"How are you going to change the plans," Lynn said as she continued flipping the switches while the Tactical System informed the main control room that the rocket plane was prepping its launch.

"The upgrade card that the Tactical System has shown me is that my nanomachines have the ability to infiltrate into the Mechanoids and change their programming. Apparently, it was created after the System learned how to change those deactivated stolen Mechanoids to become ours."

"So you are assuming that I go plane hopping so that I can put the Mechanoids in the planes to our side and get them to commandeer those planes?" Lynn asked as she finished her job.

?α?dαηθνε| "Yes. If I am not wrong, most of the private corpo pilots are humans. They have some strange rule of not allowing Mechanoids to pilot the planes but because of that, you only need to make sure you have one Mechanoid alive and bring the human pilot down."

"They are afraid of the Mechanoids losing control and having nothing to rely on." Page commented as they started firing up the rocket itself, ready to blast off.

Lynn did not say much as she held onto her seat. Even though she had enough field experience by tagging along with Jin in his crazy but weird adventures, this was the time she was strapped to a rocket. Despite her Mechanoid appearance and physical body, she could not help but sweat and the feelings of phantom palpations in her chest.

"You ladies, be careful out there, accelerate first to at least 10000 metres before slowing down. Do not aim for the fleet yet even though I know that they are coming close to Mount Sunn." Old Fammet said as he opened the metal doors there were disguised as the mountain peak for the rocket to launch.

"He basically remodelled the entire mountain to suit his whims and desires." Lynn thought to herself as she held on to the seatbelts while breathing as deeply as possible to calm her 'soul' down.

"Grey Bear 05,06. Rocket Plane. Launching!" Page said as she pressed the ignition and the 'engine' roared tremendously that it caused the entire mountain to shake momentarily as it lifted off from the ground.


"We are spotting a high heat signature!" One of the fighter planes that were escorting the bombers reported back to the temporary outpost.

"Understood. All planes prepare to engage and intercept the threat." The operator said as all she did was echo her commander's orders.

"We do not know whether it's a missile or a plane. It is best that we assume defensive positions until we have more info-"

"Do not let me repeat twice," the high ranking commander said and the receiving side remained silent.

"Are they receiving the order or had they decided to ignore us?" The commander asked and the operator gave the dreadful news that the plane they were communicating with went radio silent.

"Get communications up with the other planes else get visuals and check what was happening!" The commander said and suddenly felt that this lull in communication was a bad sign.