No Way People Find Cultivation Difficult, Right?

No Way People Find Cultivation Difficult, Right?

It’s the 3rd of March of the Immortal Martial era.

Under the Sect Leader’s unremitting efforts, the Qingyun Dao Sect finally welcomes its eighth disciple, Ye Ping.

In order to make Ye Ping stay and to earn his respect, everyone in the sect resorts to all sorts of tricks to deceive him.

They boast and pretend to be peerless Sword Dao experts, geniuses in cultivation, alchemy, refinement, divination, alchemy arrays, treasure appraising, and sons of destiny.

For the sake of maintaining the image of geniuses, they teach Ye Ping all sorts of nonsensical things.

They make Ye Ping try to gain an epiphany out of a random sword mark.

They take out a random big pot and make Ye Ping refine supreme-grade pills with it.

They take out a random copper coin and make Ye Ping deduce the ultimate heavenly secret.

They initially hope to just delay the time that Ye Ping discovers the truth so that he would stay in the sect for a while longer.

However, to their surprise, their new little Junior Brother… manages to learn everything.

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Chapter 287 (END) - Big Brother, I Got It!

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