My Vegetative Partner Opened His Eyes in Anger After I Ran Away

Chapter 55 - Happy Ending

Chapter 55 - Happy Ending

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He had a daughter?!

This news was like a heavy bomb, and remorselessly smashed into Tang Wan’s head. Tang Wan was so moved that he couldn’t fall asleep that night. His daughter took after her father. Her father’s original form was also a big tiger. His daughter would be a tigress, would she really be able to find a partner in the future?

With Zong He’s temper, who would dare to come to their home? The most terrible thing was that she also had a tiger brother. With two tigers keeping watch in the house. If the partner comes, they must not be caught by one big and one small tiger.

This news wasn’t unacceptable to Zong He, but it held some interest for him. Thinking of a cute and sweet little girl, the Marshal felt that he could raise her.

Lin Bo didn’t sleep well either. How could he raise two cubs at once? He had originally prepared for one child, and he would have to buy another set of items tomorrow for a girl. Excited, Lin Bo couldn’t sleep.

When Zong He got up the next morning, the entire household was quiet. The Marshal, who was the father, was unexpectedly the calmest one. Zong He called for Tang Wan, but Tang Wan was so sleepy that he couldn’t open his eyes. He hugged his pillow, not wanting to get out of bed, “Let’s not take photos. We can just sleep at home.”

Zong He patiently coaxed: “You can sleep on the way there. We’ll return after we finish it.”

Tang Wan still didn’t open his eyes. Zong He looked down at him for a while, bent down, rolled Tang Wan up in the quilt, and quickly carried him up the battleship.

When he was deposited onto the battleship’s bedroom, Tang Wan was tightly wrapped in the blanket. He seized the opportunity to sleep, not even bothering to open his eyes.

After two hours and passing through a wormhole, they finally arrived at their destination, known as the most beautiful stars in the entire Empire — the Blue Galaxy.

After Tang Wan woke up, he could already see the azure sky through the battleship’s windows. It was clearly daytime, but he could see the stars in the sky twinkling in a rainbow of colors. This type of magical cosmic phenomenon shocked Tang Wan, a country bumpkin who had fallen more than 1,000 years behind, awake. Tang Wan instantly returned to his senses, staring at the scene outside with wide, inquisitive eyes. He was deeply moved: “The universe really is a work of the gods. Just how did it form?”

Zong He smoothed his messy hair and gently said: “It’s not important. What’s important is to give you the most beautiful memories. When we go back after taking photographs, you can place it wherever you want.”

Tang Wan smiled happily, his eyes curving, with a pair of dimples on his face, sweet as honey, “Must you set up such an elaborate situation?”

Zong He properly told Tang Wan about the solemn nature of this event, “This is a very sentimental event, we must look fondly upon it.”

“Alright, I’ll listen to you. Life should have a sense of ceremony!” Tang Wan delightedly got up and changed his clothes. They were taking a picture; only like this could it have a familiar atmosphere.

The photographer had been called by Zong He from the Imperial family. He had a wide variety of skills in photography, and he was especially good at capturing scenes. Every photograph he took was like a major movie. With the current photographic technology, it would be printed out almost simultaneously with when the photograph was taken. Tang Wan considered each one to be a treasure, and he put them away. Such a beautiful scenery was hard to come by. The photographer took photos for a full two hours, and hundreds of photographs already filled Tang Wan’s pockets. Tang Wan looked at his watch and rubbed his stomach. He was a little hungry.

After a discussion, they stopped taking photographs and went back to the battleship for a meal. In the afternoon, Tang Wan directly followed Zong He to the military department and waited for him to finish the work he had on hand. Then they went to the hospital to pick up the children and bring them back home. At the thought of the two little babies. Tang Wan’s heart melted with the warmth. As soon as he thought of his daughter, Tang Wan was weary. It was two polarizing feelings.

Tang Wan was in Zong He’s office and waiting for him to handle his work when he picked out a picture and uploaded them to Weibo: En, it could be said that it has a couple’s appearance.

It was a very beautiful picture. Zong He was sitting, with Tang Wan sitting on Zong He’s armrest, hugging his neck, and smiling sweetly, a sea of stars behind them. The mysterious dark eyes and the fiery golden eyes were well matched. It was the kind that would be difficult to separate, and they truly did have the appearance of a couple.

The fans simultaneously excitedly licked the screen and kicked over Tang Wan’s dog food. Tang Wan was a PDA maniac. Even if it did have the appearance of a couple, both with attractiveness indexes off the charts, would it really be good for you to spread it out?

Tang Wan smiled wickedly and sent another one: This is a couple’s appearance.

Fans: ……you really did send another, do you still have more?!

Tang Wan smiled and sent several more: I do!

Fans: ……Fine then, we’ll just lick the screen!

When Zong He finished, it had already turned dark and Tang Wan suddenly became nervous, “Zong He, are we going to pick up the children?”

The corners of Zong He’s lips curled, “We don’t have to.”

“No! Are you a father?!” Tang Wan was provoked and lost his nervousness. Their father didn’t really like two children. If he didn’t take them home and love them, they would just be like orphans.

When the pair were about to leave, Tang Wan received a call from Lin Bo. Usually, Lin Bo would never call them. When they were outside, Lin Bo would remain and watch over the home. He never urged them back. This time, Lin Bo had gotten impatient and asked Tang Wan, “Did you two go to the hospital? Have you picked up the children?”

“We’re going, immediately going.” Last night, he looked at Zong He between laughter and tears, “Lin Bo already can’t wait.”

Zong He sighed. The elderly man was so old, but wasn’t tired at all.

After boarding the aircraft, Tang Wan asked: “I was wondering if you wanted to tell your mother about the children. After letting the Imperial family know, the Empress might tell your mother.”

Zong He coolly said: “As you wish.”

Tang Wan pursed his lips and laughed wickedly, “Right, tell her that her son and a country bumpkin from a trash planet cultivated a pair of children, and now she can’t control anything.”

Zong He rubbed Tang Wan’s head. His mother could be considered meeting a nemesis. Normal people would have an anger-induced headache from her, but only Tang Wan didn’t care for those nobles’ insincerity, and could give his mother an anger-induced headache. After such a long period of peace, he didn’t want to deal with them.

“In the future, we can just send gifts for the New Year so that we don’t have to go. With the show of etiquette, we can live out the rest of the time in peace.”

Zong He gave an “en”, smiled, pulled Tang Wan in his embrace, and kissed his forehead. Their home was complete, and it would become better and better in the future.

By the time they arrived at the hospital, it was already completely dark. The director uncle was devoutly keeping an eye on a one meter square box. As soon as Tang Wan arrived, he understood. The two children had already been placed into the large incubator. However, he couldn’t see anything now. Tang Wan’s heart skipped a beat, seizing up. He was unexpectedly moved to tears.

These were his and Zong He’s children. It was a continuation of their bloodline. He had passed thousands of years, experienced death, and then was in the body of a person who had to die. He had gone through so many trials only to end up at Zong He’s side. How predestined affinity had it taken to end up by Zong He’s side for a lifetime? Now, he had a family and children; he was living so well. Tang Wan couldn’t stop his eyes from turning red. The heavens must have pitied him for his difficult previous life and compensated him.

Zong He originally wasn’t very moved, the one who had always wanted a child was Tang Wan, wanting a child that looked just like Da Zhuang. It very quickly became Tang Wan’s mantra. Zong He had simply thought Tang Wan wanted one as compensation. He wouldn’t have thought that Tang Wan would unexpectedly cry when meeting their children.

Zong He’s eyes softened, pulled Tang Wan closer, and lightly patted him on the back. The corners of his mouth were also curved up, “Idiot, let’s take the children and return home.”

“En!” Tang Wan nodded energetically. The two words “return home” were his favorite. To have this family in this life was his biggest blessing.

— — — —

The two babies were so small that they couldn’t be seen with the naked eye. After Tang Wan brought them home, he could only use a microscope to look at the cells in the artificial womb. In this way, Tang Wan wanted to go observe them several times a day, every day. He crouched on the ground, holding his face praising his son and daughter’s unrivalled cuteness. Zong He frowned repeatedly. Tang Wan had let him see, but he couldn’t see what was so cute about the cells. Tang Wan’s eyes……fine, it would be alright if he was happy.

Lin Bo bought a countless number of infant products, both useful and useless ones. In other words, a large pile of things. He cleared up the two babies’ rooms, one decorated in blue, and the other decorated in pink.

When Tang Wan saw the pink room, he still dissociated a little. He wanted to cry when he thought of alternating black and gold fur against the pink girl’s room.

It would be good if his daughter was human. No matter who she grew up to resemble, she would be a little beauty. The tigress really……couldn’t be married off!!

Under the entire household’s expectations, the two babies could finally leave the incubator three months later.

The director of the Imperial Hospital came to his home to prepare to open the box. The Emperor and Empress had heard the news. Seeing Zong He’s indifferent expression, his cousin, the Emperor, pushed him to the front, “This is a memorable moment. My wife will record you, so smile.”

Zong He collapsed: “Gē, no fur.”

“What?” His cousin was stunned. He understood what Zong He meant, but he couldn’t help but laugh. This source of unhappiness was a bit strange.

The Empress also couldn’t stop her laughter, “The children are hairless. Carlos and Daryl were the same when they were children, both furless. They’ll grow fur in two days; cats grow fur very quickly.”

Zong He wearily shook his head, they simply didn’t understand. He still had a daughter. He was indifferent towards his son, but for a girl to not have fur, she looked just like a mouse.

When Tang Wan heard Zong He’s words, he glared daggers at him, “Who are you to dare dislike your son and daughter?”

Zong He had no choice but to follow him.

With the Imperial family as witnesses, the two hairless and fleshy tigers came out of the incubator and were placed on the small mat. The doctor cleaned the two children and after he examined them and ensured that there was nothing wrong, he breathed a sigh of relief, “The two children are very healthy. The first one I carried out is the older brother, and the little sister is a bit smaller. Now, you can differentiate them based on their size. In the future, the difference would be even more clear.”

Tang Wan was also relieved. He had seen a lot of kittens being born. They were born blind. They just needed good genes, and as they grew up, they would become even better looking. Soon, their family would have two cubs running everywhere.

Three months later, on the day that the Empire was founded, a video was posted on Tang Wan’s Weibo: Take a look and guess, which one is the Marshal and my son, which one is our daughter?

There were a dozen differently colored cats running around on the green carpet. Among them, there was one with particularly eye-catching fur. The fans could see at a glance that it looked like smaller Da Zhuang, with alternating black and gold fur with gold eyes. Compared to cats of the same size, it seemed to be a little stronger; its little paws were bigger than average. At a glance, it could be seen that it was very strong. It was also rather chubby. When it jumped, its fur flowed in waves, incomparably smooth. The only difference from Da Zhuang they could see was that this child hadn’t been weaned. Even if it was small, when it jumped, its butt twisted through the air with a particularly milk aura. If it was said that Da Zhuang was the Marshal’s nephew, this one with the same fur color must be his son.

As for the girl? The people of the Empire excitedly picked out the girl from this group of cats. They finally found a little sister cat beside Mulan, happily letting Mulan lick her fur. The reason that they couldn’t immediately determine that it was the Marshal’s daughter was because the color of her fur was totally different from her brother’s! No one had ever seen a girl that looked like a differently colored tiger. The girl also had long, mottled fur, with stripes formed from grey and silver. Under the sun, it formed a silver halo. Her dark eyes were clear and clever, very much like Tang Wan’s.

The people of the Empire only gave a brief hesitation before noisily crying out: This little cutie is absolutely their daughter!!!

Tang Wan immediately sent a video. Zong He, dressed in a military uniform, returned after a busy day at sunset. Two children excitedly ran up to greet their father. After seeing this scene, Zong He, who had a cold expression, curved his lips slightly. Facing the two children who were madly rushing to his side, he bent down and bypassed the son who was running the quickest and picked up his little daughter, pressing a soft kiss to the top of her head. With a smile, he brought up his daughter and rubbed his cheek against her. The black and gold dumpling on the floor retreated a few steps. Then he suddenly ran and jumped up more than a meter. He clambered up Zong He’s thigh and reached his shoulder, firmly gripping the epaulet on Zong He’s shoulder. The small paws curved and the pointed claws were exposed, slightly scratching his father’s epaulet. His expression meant that he also wanted something. Zong He helplessly rubbed a finger against his son’s head, “Want it? Obtain it yourself.”

The younger sister saw the thing that her older brother wanted and also raised a paw in interest. With a soft expression and without hesitation, Zong He took off his epaulet and handed it to his daughter.

Tang Wan had changed his ID on Weibo, My family has three tigers: What the Marshal means is that whenever our son wants something, he has to get it himself. When our daughter wants something, Daddy only has to have it before he gives it to her. I whisper: In twenty years, would there be anyone who dares to marry my daughter?

The Empire’s people: emmmmm……It depends on whether my son can resist a beating.

Tang Wan told Zong He between laughter and tears: “Dear, our daughter is so good-looking, why isn’t there anyone who dares to marry her?”

Zong He was holding their daughter in one arm, and had their son plopped on his head. He used his other hand to pull Tang Wan closer to him: “Perfect, I’ll support her for my entire life.”

Tang Wan narrowed his eyes, “When they were hairless, you clearly thought that they were so ugly that you didn’t want to see them.”

Zong He snorted, “When? I don’t remember.”

Tang Wan was amused. He put his arms around Zong He’s waist and tiptoed to kiss his son’s head. Then he kissed his daughter and finally pressed a kiss to his family’s big cat’s forehead. For the rest of his life, it would just be enough to have them.

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